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  • The Jinchuuriki Alliance || REWRITE ||
    124K 3K 20

    What if Konoha's jinchuuriki was raised by other jinchuuriki? What if Kushina's backstory wasn't what it seemed? What if, in her dying moments, Kushina gave her only child away to someone she trusted more than her village, more than the Third Hokage? || Dedicated to @HeloiseFabricante ||

  • Letters we wrote
    182K 7.2K 22

    Sasuke leaves the village to travel the world to atone for his crimes and to see it with his newly gained perspective. But one day, Naruto receives a letter from the Uchiha himself. A letter that would change everything. A short and sweet story. Thanks for reading!

  • Six Years Too Long
    594K 26.9K 30

    The Fourth Hokage's body was never found, but they never suspected that was because he hadn't died. Minato Namikaze wakes up six years after the devastating Kyuubi attack, alone in an overgrown clearing with not a scratch on him. Disoriented and confused, he does exactly what any father would do in this situation. He...

  • Rock Bottom - A Team 7 Story [Completed]
    693K 26K 37

    "You know, the thing about failure is that it only makes me want to try harder." . . Minato and Kushina survived the Kyuubi attack, the Uchiha Massacre never happened, Orochimaru never became a missing nin. What could go wrong? A lot of things actually, Uzumaki-Namikaze Naru...

  • sasunaru | demon world (EDITING SOON)
    812K 26.3K 36

    Sasuke is a single Vampire demon and he is looking for a Mate. Who's the mate? --- Warning: Sexual actions, cursing, perviness

    Completed   Mature
  • love letters (s.u+n.u)
    17.4K 1.1K 28

    [ENDED] It began when Naruto Namikaze-Uzumaki fell in love. With who? Sasuke Uchiha. This took place in 8th grade, when Naruto poured his feelings into a letter. Never planning on sending it, he kept it close. Until Sophomore year, he found out, it went missing. (BASED OFF OF "TO ALL THE BOYS I'VE LOVED BEFORE" by J...

    73K 1K 15

    yay more one shots now most of these oneshots will have a female naruto and most of them will be lemon but if you don't like this kind of stuff don't read it and the reason why its mostly female naru is cause I wanna freshen things up a bit still enjoy

  • A Father's Love
    41.3K 1.5K 5

    Minato is dead. He and his wife died while protecting their only child. He died believing that the village and people he loved would raise, love and teach his son. This is the story of Minato watching his son grow up in a world opposite of the one he imagined. ________________________________________________________...

  • Illusions // SasuNaru Oneshot
    2.9K 125 1

    Sometimes the boy he loved didn't seem like the one he fell in love with. Sometimes loving is about letting go.

  • Lost With You
    10.1K 575 25

    In a world where Naruto puts up a mask his whole life because of the way the village treats him, what happens when Sasuke and him go on a mission and get transported to modern Japan? Without the fear of immediate danger Naruto doesn't need his act, how will Sasuke react? What happens when a romance blossoms in their f...

  • RuSuKu
    112K 4.3K 21

    (PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS: We Are Family) Highest Ranking(s): #39 in Powerful #2 in Unmasked #1 gaalee #1 kakaIru One night, after the worst thing could've happened to three young children they run. They run and don't look back, they all meet each other in the forest, this forest will prove to be memorable. Three children...

  • Stranger Fantasies
    213K 6.1K 45

    Naruto Uzumaki... totally a guy right? Wrong! This dude is actually a chick in disguise, by the order of the Hokage of course. Nothing much has changed about her-- master of pranking people, smart as hell, talented, and a short fiery temper exactly like her mothers. Nothing will get in this girls way, especially when...

  • Calming Love - A Sasunaru Story -
    42.4K 1.4K 14

    Having everyone leave you. No one to smile with. Then out of nowhere, your grandparents show up. Naruto wasn't prepared for this ride, not this time. Naruto will embrace it anyway though. Why? He was meant to love. Love was something he should've always had. Disclaimer: I don't own the art on the cover! 👑 Top Ran...

  • ᴀ ᴅᴏʟʟ ʟᴏᴠᴇ [ꜱᴀꜱᴜᴋᴇ x ɴᴀʀᴜᴛᴏ]
    109K 3.8K 20

    𝔸 𝕕𝕠𝕝𝕝𝕤 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕨𝕠𝕧𝕖𝕟 𝕨𝕚𝕥𝕙 𝕒 𝕣𝕖𝕕 𝕤𝕥𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕠𝕗 𝕗𝕒𝕥𝕖.

  • Blue Sky || HeissenSaudade » vonlane
    19.8K 1K 5

    When Sasuke was 17 years old, he began a strange game with Naruto. And due to this strange game, Sasuke gave to him a piece of the sun, an ocean, a Beethoven, a heart full of gold, and many more things. . . "After a few years, while they look at the blue sky, they would remember how it was that they fell in love." . ...

  • Sleeping with the Ex (SasuNaru)
    250K 8.9K 24

    While trying to get over his recent break up, Naruto decided to drown his sorrows at a bar. The next morning, he is greeted by a bedroom setting that isn't his.. But somehow, this room brings back a sense of déjà vu. Oh wait, this bed and room belongs to his ex-boyfriend, Sasuke Uchiha. 2 POVs Given a second chance b...

  • sasunaru | secret message (OneShot)
    4.1K 262 1

    There were always two voices that were heard at the back of the class. Always giggling, muttering....laughing. One day, it all stopped, there was no noise at the back, expect an aura of sadness, with only one person....

    Completed   Mature
  • Same Soul • Sasunaru
    81K 3.5K 37

    Naruto and Sasuke realized their love wouldn't work in the shinobi world, and find themselves with the potential for love in an alternate universe with the same soul. "I could've walked by you a thousand times. Different places, different lives." I do not own the fanart used inside of this book cover. All credit to it...

  • Daddy,Daddy -sasunaru x narusasu
    110K 3.8K 21

    SASUNARU/NARUSASU "Daddy ,Daddy will mommy ever come back?" Sasuke almost had it all but all he had now with a certain blonde was most beautiful reminder and prove of his love with Naruto. As curious as a child would be , inevitably she of course had endless questions to ask her father. Her seemingly innocent questio...

  • Life is Life
    105K 4.8K 68

    A new week of school starts off rather bad when Naruto is paired up with an absolute jerk for a project. What is to come when Naruto some how becomes closer to this jerk.

    Completed   Mature
  • Hopelessly Devoted
    33.7K 1.3K 30

    Naruto's simple life keeps getting harder to capture and grasp. His college spring break turns out to give him more chaos. He sinks down a little too much as his world goes from uphill to upside down, over and over again.

    Completed   Mature
  • Hopelessly in love
    170K 5.8K 27

    Naruto suffers from anxiety and is just trying to keep his simple life and future together. However Naruto's heart seems point him elsewhere.

  • Solar Eclipse
    164K 6.3K 72

    Sasuke Uchiha has just reencountered with Naruto after first seeing Sakura and Kakashi after a while: "Why are you fixated on me?! Why do you care?!" "Because we're friends!" Those words always ran throughout the raven's head, and ever since that small reacquintance he had with the Orange Ninja, he couldn't stop thin...

    Completed   Mature
  • At First Sight (Naruto Fanfic-SasuNaru/NaruSasu)
    36.7K 1.1K 4

    Ever heard of that saying? You know, the one that says 'when you look at your true love, time itself stops'? Well that happened to me. Time itself stopped as I looked at him. It was just a normal day at the park with everyone. Until I saw a blond boy, his face intrigued me, his body language, his eyes, hair, and smile...

  • When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? (SasuNaru/Naruto Fanfic)
    2.4K 157 1

    Uchiha Sasuke is a doctor. His next patient has a brain tumour and doesn't have long to live. He didn't expect it to be so hard to meet, fall in love, and say goodbye to Naruto Uzumaki. "But," Sasuke muttered, breathing in some air and letting out another sob again, "I-I love you." Naruto's eyes widened at the confess...

  • My light in the dark
    119K 4.3K 30

    Natuto is an orphan and lives his life working day in day out. Everything changes when he meets Sasuke, a mysterious man with a dangerous life. Naruto cant help but fall for his charms and Sasuke for Naruto's brightness. Can they truly live a happy life when danger is waiting around every corner? *I don't own the cha...

    Completed   Mature
  • night sky ✔
    11.7K 733 8

    Sasuke loved the night sky, and the blond who would look up at it with him. • sasunaru short story • highest ranks #635 in sasunaru #92 in sasukexnaruto • 1k reads ✅ 2k reads ✅

  • My Obsession
    22.7K 744 10

    A SasuNaru Story - Two boys, Two families, Two empires. - Sasuke Uchiha, 19 years old. Being the second son of the Uchiha group, this Uchiha has got it all! Money, Power, and Popularity, but an icy cold Personality. But even with all the luxuries and riches that he owns, he asks himself everday, "Why do I feel like so...

  • Midnight Blue [Naruto Fanfiction]
    4.3K 191 3

    [Updated] Slight disclaimer: This book has SasuNaru, InoSaku, and an effeminate Naruto, for those who do not like these, please, kindly piss off instead of ruining others' reading experience with your stupid and ignorant comments. Thank you. +++ He was a caretaker to three of his younger siblings that he dubbed his 'k...

  • The Wind To His Fire
    869K 31.7K 28

    'Did the teme just send him a smile? Was that a compliment? Why is he being so nice?' Naruto just can't figure out what is wrong with Sasuke. Time Travel.