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  • firefly. [ klance x tlou au ]
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    society has already crumbled into a non-existant memory, what next? sanity? dignity? love? or, perhaps the disbelief in immunity? [ in which I relive my the last of us dreams with klance ]

  • Dumb Book Moments
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    These are just some dumb moments in books I've picked up. This 'book' includes dumb moments from fan fictions, school cliché's, super natural people and many more. Warning: Book contains swearing and inappropriateness

  • Wattpad Rants
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    A rant book about the most annoying things on Wattpad. (NOT INTENDED TO BE OFFENSIVE) note: January 20th, 2020 - I wrote this book when I was very young, starting in elementary school, so I apologize for any chapters that are very very cringey, thank you :)

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    -Werewolf -Vampire -Teen Fictions -Romance -Zombies -Fanfics -Poetry/Quote -Fantasy -Anime + more cliches! Read on to find some of the most common cliches in these categories #869 in humor (01-18-17) #298 in humor (01-19-17) #139 in quote (03-25-20) #315 in poetry (04-06-20)