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  • ELITE | svt af ; open
    546 92 5

    just a svt af open for reservation ; open 7/13

  • VENI VIDI VICI / a bts af
    3.7K 252 7


    402 51 2

    ❝ 一 peaceful and perfect! anneonghasaeyo, ELYSIAN imnida! ❞ _____________________________ in which nine companies come together to form a nine-membered girl group, ELYSIAN. _____________________________ © all rights reserved, @VISUALTEEN . - plagiarism is a crime, don't plagiarize. started ;191017. status ;7/9 open.

  • iron fist ┇ svt a.f. ┇ open
    576 72 6

    ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ iron fist | 鉄拳 iron fist, also known as 鉄拳 (romanized: tekken), is a fist to fist tournament between players who have signed up to fight and get a chance to win millions of dollars as a prize. this time, its hosts, producers and creators decided to give it a little twist. instead of letting t...

  • PERFECT MATCH ; applyfic
    8.3K 715 7

    w e l c o m e t o P E R F E C T M A T C H w h e r e w e m a k e y o u a p e r f e c t b o y f r i e n d . ⓒ g e r m g y u s v t | b t s | n c t w a n n a o n e

  • COUPLES 101 | applyfic
    39.3K 3.2K 47

    MNET released a new survival show 「 COUPLES 101 」 101 couples, who will be the last standing? ______________________________ START | 161017 SLOTS | 79 / 101 open

  • TWOTEEN ; girl group af
    2.8K 237 6

    「 say the name 」 ______________________________ in which 13 girls are debuting as seventeen's sister group and it happened that seventeen has to be the one training and helping them for their debut. ______________________________ starting ; 010917 ⓒ AEY-IOU collab af

  • FAIRY TALES | remaking
    3.7K 377 7

    ❝ what if, fairy tales are different from real life? ❞ ー in which these characters have a total opposite personality from their fairy tales in real life. ー remaking ー starting 170717 ♡ wonu's bday

  • the dandelion and the beast || svt + wannaone v.f
    4.6K 478 16

    ❝we werent supposed to meet. we're breaking the rules.❞ ❝the rules no one has ever heard of.❞ 5/24 slots open HIGHEST RANKING IN FANTASY #156

  • destined | svt af ; open
    15.3K 1.3K 30

    相生相克 | アレロパシー they born together yet they repel with one another. when there's shadow there's light. when there's dreams there's nightmares. when there's sickness there's healing. one cannot continue without the other, yet sarcastically they have to kill each other just to prevent getting killed by the other. ー star...

  • chatroom || got7 af
    1.6K 167 34

    " a bunch of idiots put into one group chat? whose stupid idea is it? " [ DISCONTINUED ]

  • ➳ letters to you | svt af
    1.4K 196 19

    "Omg, he's looking at me! What should i do?" "Could you like, calm down for once?" "Haha no, who tf are you to tell me what to do." "Where did you get that letter from?" -- 3/13 OPEN #514 in General Fiction #381 in General Fiction #362 in General Fiction #360 in General Fiction #680 in General Fiction #509 in General...