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  • Lágrimas de Rhanor: Herança de Sangue
    11.9K 662 12

    Um antigo mal renasceu... No mundo de Enora, um exército maligno ressurgiu, formado por tudo que é mau e cruel. Sedento por sangue, suas legiões semearam os campos com os corpos dos que ousaram enfrentá-los. No comando desta horda, liderando suas lanças e espadas, estava o mago corrompido: Vorlak, o Profano. S...

  • Bereft: Demise
    1.5M 124K 75

    Sara and Pride escaped Verweald's dangerous streets, but their quest to kill the Sin of Envy has just begun. In search of a way to end the immortal creature's life, Pride and the dying woman find refuge in the manor of Crow's End, where the residents harbor deadly, secretive histories, and the walls breathe with the m...

  • Constantine (Daughter of War #1)
    1.7M 127K 76

    Religion rules Constantine's world...and she has been condemned as the Spawn of the Devil. She is a Champion, a human being blessed with superhuman abilities by the deities of her world. However, her patron happens to be the Lord of War and Strategy - and women were never supposed to be Champions of War. In order to s...

  • Incarnation | Wandering Stars Volume One
    36.7K 2.4K 36

    Since the ages before time was measured, the angelic races have existed. Unseen by our eyes, they move through creation, shaping our world, sustaining our existence, and battling demonic hordes. But the war is changing; the battle lines are expanding into new frontiers and the next epoch is emerging. Centuries after t...

  • Hall of Shadows [The Celestial Chronicles #2]
    664K 51.7K 51

    *Sequel to the Watty Award Winner--Hall of Games* *#7 in Fantasy (12/5/16)* The relic of Yana, the Fifth Founder is stolen. It is a relic so powerful, it can raise an army of the dead from their deep slumber. After leaving the Hall of Games, Cady Gates hides a secret that must never be found out, for she is a Walker...

  • Hall of Games [The Celestial Chronicles #1]
    1.1M 75.3K 49

    *completed* *Wattpad featured story [ 17/3/16]* *2015 WATTY AWARD WINNER* *#3 in Fantasy (5/3/16)* A chance encounter with a mysterious wizard at a magic show spells more than just a broken curfew for Cady and Josh Gates. When Josh is whisked away to the hidden world of Esvanira by the Keepers, Cady tracks him down...

  • Os Descendentes e a Ferida da Terra (Livro Um)
    259K 19.2K 59

    A Ferida da Terra precisa ser contida. O tempo corre. A situação piora. Mas o que ela é, Ian não sabe. Ele não sabia nem mesmo da existência de um novo continente, vizinho ao Brasil, assustadoramente mascarado por uma magia que não poderia ser denominada de outra forma, senão grandiosa. Em sua rotina de ir ao colégio...

  • Os Filhos do Tempo
    1.6M 17.1K 62

    IDEIA GOVERNANTE: Nós seremos eles e, então, nos criarão. Trilogia inspirada no versículo da bíblia sagrada (APOCALIPSE 22:13): "Eu sou o Alfa e o Ômega. Não há ninguém antes de mim, nem haverá depois..." Livro 1 - Os Filhos do Tempo Livro 2 - A Origem da Vida Livro 3 - A Batalha dos Deuses Livro 1 mais lido no Watt...

  • Oakwood Grange
    67.4K 1.6K 17

    It's 1860, and after a childhood spent on the grueling frontier of the Old West, Mae Clemens has finally found a place that feels like home. Wanting nothing more than to make friends and put down roots, Mae soon meets her match in Autumn, a haughty, free-spirited young wood nymph stranded in the realm of humankind. Au...

  • Legion's Choice
    198 26 4

    Fancy writing a story but don't have the time or inspiration to? Want to try something a little different? The Legion's Choice is a writing competition with a twist-instead of writing the whole story by yourself, we assign you to teams and it will be you and your team's task to write a story based on our round prompts...

  • Into the Storm
    148 18 5

    Highest ranking: #479 in Non-fiction 12/20/16 5:37pm We thought it was just another storm that would soon pass by and vanish . We were dead wrong. Typhoon Haiyan was a force to be reckoned with. Cover by: @-verdant-

  • Red as Blood || A Snow White Retelling
    31.2K 2.4K 19

    FCRAs Runner-Up! Take a step back from the Snow White tale you know. Step back to get a better look. Skin pale as snow. Hair black as ebony. Lips red as blood. What does that sound like to you, dear reader? A creature of the dark. One that lives in the shadows, that cowers at the bright glow of the sun, that lives...

  • FROST- Jotun Chronicles #1
    19M 614K 72

    "*Completed*"I froze the first boy I ever kissed. And I don't mean he got cold feet..." Megan is pretty unhappy when she's forced to move to a tiny, freezing town in Canada. It's going to be totally boring, right? Things heat up when she discovers that she possesses a growing power that's becoming more and more diffic...

  • Undefined - The Zephyr Book 1 ? (completed)(#Wattys2016)
    1.5M 91.1K 44

    WATTYS 2016 WINNER Untouchable. Stone. Jewel - these are some of the names used for people who are born with a gemstone at the centre of their forehead. This unfortunate phenomenon cannot be detected before birth, it cannot be prevented, if a family has a Jewelled child, there is only one outcome: Before they're sixte...

  • O Ciclo dos Pesadelos: Obscurum
    61.3K 6K 40

    ♦ Na lista "As Melhores Histórias de 2019" do perfil oficial @AmbassadorsPT ♦ Clarice é uma menina cujo passado foi tecido por entre as paredes de um orfanato católico, ocultando o motivo primordial para seu abandono ainda bebê; sem cartas ou objetos pessoais deixados de lembrança e que a conectassem a alguém. Um futu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chasing Destiny
    10.8K 1.5K 3

    *Highest Ranking #2 in Adventure* To be a warrior is what she wanted. Determination and hard work result in her being sent to to the castle to train her fight skills. Time passes by and everybody in the kingdom grows to love her. But soon her life flips around when secrets unveil themselves and she discovers that she...

  • O Templo - Livro 2
    363K 40.4K 124

    "Se Liza lembrasse do ocorrido no cemitério, talvez encontrasse a explicação para as sombras. Ou talvez entendesse de onde vinham os sussurros em seus pensamentos. No entanto, tudo o que ela se recorda é de um nome: Ethan. Até um estranho se apresentar como seu amigo no Central Park, e roubar o diário de sua mãe. On...

  • The Ghost and The Wolf: Book I of The Broken Series
    229K 4.2K 6

    [EXCERPT!] [BEING PUBLISHED!] [Highest Rank: #4 in Mystery/Thriller] [Featured Story - Fall 2017] Student reporter Penelope needs to prove herself. She chases a story tip on a secret organization of teenage urban explorers called The Broken. With the assistance of a young paranormal investigator, she begins to uncover...

  • Infinite | Chosen Series book one ❄️
    68.6K 4.2K 19

    Every fifty years, the competition of a lifetime takes place. The Choosing, granting its winners superhuman abilities, gives an experience like no other. But something is off, throwing the balance of the competition up in the air, along with it's competitors. Aria Parker, age sixteen, has been waiting for this her w...

  • Dark Queen
    207K 12.8K 34

    || WATTPAD FEATURED STORY || || WATTY'S 2018 SHORTLISTED || Zora was only a little girl when her mother raked out her left eye. A mauled princess, she is alive only because of her political marriage potential. In a world where misogyny reigns, there is little she can do about her situation. When Zora comes of age, she...

  • Once Upon A Dream || ONGOING
    2.1K 300 16

    _(n)_ Merrow- A creature with upper half of a beautiful man or woman and the bottom half of a fish, known to bring good luck to sailors. _(n)_ Mermaid- A vicious creature that resembles a merrow, and is known for its wild and savage nature. Bringer of doom. _______________________ "They said that dreams will come true...

  • Glass Slippers [1st Draft]
    680K 35.1K 49

    Clara's problems can be summed up in two words: responsibility and family. After the loss of her mother, life for Clara was never the same. Although she loves her three siblings and tries to be the best sister and lady she can, the weight on her shoulders grows the more she learns and the more she has to know. When he...

  • The Lost Prodigy
    557K 28K 79

    Growing up in fear of the wicked empire overruling the entire continent, Blaire Everett endures hiding in the arctic southern region with her family. But when an ordinary hunting day ends with a bloody dusk, she knows that her nightmare has come to life. Captured and forced to compete in a deadly trial for Magicaes, i...

  • A Thousand Burning Masks
    154K 13.4K 36

    CHINESE ARYA STARK meets THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. *A Wattpad Featured story* When everyone wears a mask, who do you trust? In the unforgiving empire of Erden where the Imperials reign supreme, Sarna is a slave. After escaping the brothel where a man burned half her face, she is determined to lead a new life by joini...

  • A Kind Of Bravery: A Mulan Retelling [1st Draft]
    438K 23.3K 24

    Harriet has always been the type of girl who would rather ride horses than stitch embroidery, practice her sword-fighting than practice her curtsies, and she'd rather dream about being the first female knight in all of history instead of a docile wife on some nobleman's arm. When a war between the allies of Ecrivenia...

  • Of Kings and Thieves
    20K 947 8

    "He who was born from the darkness and forged in light, an eclipsed prince with both sun and shadows on the palm of his hands. He will rise to claim the crown, beware, the night king will come." ✧✧✧ cover by @weeknder #195 in Fantasy

  • Heir of Beasts
    198K 11.5K 110

    [Wattpad Featured Story: Fantasy Hidden Gems] When we were children they whispered about beasts that hid amongst the shifting dunes, dark things with sharp teeth and loud howls and an insatiable thirst. Animals that gutted their prey and left intestines rotting in the sun and bones sprawled out across dried riverbeds...

  • Secrets of the Gods
    26.4K 2.2K 21

    There is nothing one can do to escape the inevitable. Even if what is to come might just destroy you. There are simply things in this world that cannot be explained using words known to man. And, while you can change parts of your life, Fate remains the same. Adaline Grey thought she was your average, normal, everyday...

  • Magic's Minister [COMPLETED]
    146K 12K 57

    Feared by his enemies and tolerated by his allies, Sedgewick Alverdyne, the cynical Minister of Magic, was content with living an attachment-free life whilst striking fear into the hearts of witches, sorceresses, and wizards everywhere. And after several hundred years of faithfully serving the royal family, he's becom...

    51 0 6

    HAMLET meets MACBETH retelling, with a dash of an alternate timeline Russian Revolution. When Josselyn's father, the King of Eidraes, is brutally murdered, she gives into cowardice and flees across the border that separates Eidraes from her neighboring kingdom of Ostax. This leaves the throne vacant for her uncle, a...