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  • Scary Stories
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    I was just reading some good stuff on paranormal things and it inspired me to tell more people about true creepy stuff. Thanks for the cover Roma-Hime

  • 100 book cliches {Completed}
    1.6M 68.9K 127

    HIGHEST RATING: #6 IN RANDOM WARNING: THERE ARE SWEARING MATURE THEMES AND TRIGGERING SUBJECTS Welcome to the Cliche Manual. I will explain to y'all the most known cliches and explain how to fix them, therefore, making your book more pleasant to read. Now some cliches are okay. But some are over the top. And that's...

  • I'm Just Ink....Bendy x reader {Complete}
    96.3K 1.7K 49

    You're father joey drew was a famous animator in his younger years but died from some freak accident,no one knows how but you were given the old animation studio that you used to run around in with a imaginary friends you would always play,draw and watch toons together. But he's back and so is his pal Boris. Update: T...

    Completed   Mature
  • {COMPLETED} Sans x Reader Oneshots
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    Well, I got requested to do this and I dedicate the first part to them! Basically this is just random scenarios with you and Sans! DISCLAIMER: I do not own Undertale or you. COMPLETED Cover made by @HoundsTooth

  • Undertale x Reader oneshots
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    Various Oneshots. Enjoy a Papyrus.

  • Sure, Bunny Boy(A Springtrap X Reader)
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    Completed   Mature
  • SpringTrap X Reader (Female)
    326K 6.4K 77

    My first X Reader!!! I just fell in love with SpringTrap :3 (Y/N)- Your Name (F/C)- Favorite Color (L/N)- Last Name You find a job at Fazbear's Fright. But little do you realize it would be your last.

  • The lucky Bunny ( Spring trap x Reader )
    55.8K 1.3K 35

    You are a young girl, 17. Your mother died a month or two ago and it's only been you and your father in a cramp apartment. Your mother and father worked on robots, that was tell your mother died.

    Completed   Mature
  • Roasts
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    Ever wanted to roast someone. Well here is your chance. I post randomly but I try to every week. 😘

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    sister location x reader *SCREAMS TO THE TOP OF MY LUNGS.........* I WANT MEH BODY BACK!!!!!

  • sister location x reader [discontinued]
    12K 273 19

    i am currently editing this book. ~ You're a 16 year old girl, and I wish I could say you were normal but your father and brother are psychopaths and your little brother and sister are dead. ~ Y/N= Your Name H/C= Hair Color F/C= Favorite Color F/S= Favorite Song

  • Something to Play with~ {toy bonnie x reader}
    19.1K 629 9

    Shes the only one who cares...... who wont mock me and toy with my feelings. Who wont hurt me and who wont leave me..... Who loves me. And I love her... (You quickly become of significance to the Fazbear Entertainment Industries. And you see the animatronics for the first time. Love is sprung. People are saved. Bloo...

  • mad for you (mad hatter x reader)
    333K 8.3K 23

    the hatter is the Johnny depp one so sorry if you don't like him.

  • Diabolik Lovers x Angel/Demon Reader (editing and new plot!)
    46K 1K 13

    One mistake could turn into a blessing One disaster could turn into a new creation but can one's heart be saved from the cruel would? (Y/n) (L/n) life has been a disaster ever since her father died while her mother blamed her for his death. What if a letter was able to fix the broken soul? Please note of you are uncom...

  • Foxy X Reader, Only Five Nights?
    81.5K 2.3K 15

    What happens when (y/n) gets a job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria? She befriends a certain animatronic that she absolutely adores. She's human. He's a robot. How can this happen?!

  • Broken (Loki x Reader)
    1M 29.5K 14

    A new avenger is recruited and that person is YOU!!! Since you're the new girl, you get stuck with the worst job (or so you think). Babysitting Loki. At first, you build walls to keep him out. Bit eventually, your walls crumble at his touch. (This is my first fanfic so its npt gonna be too good... sorry!!! I'll try my...

  • Loki X Reader
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    Ok so I wrote this a while back when I was bored. I doubt anyone will read it but if you do I apologise for the quality, it's just a bit of fun really, but that aside hope you enjoy it. (____ means insert your name) :D

  • Loki X Reader
    650K 23.3K 23

    All you wanted was a pepperoni pizza. Instead, you find a mysterious stranger who seemed to magically appear out of the sky! He seems nice enough, and looks lost and confused. Maybe you should help him, take him home for the night to get him back on his feet. Just one night... I DO NOT OWN ANY MARVEL CHARACTERS (I wis...

  • Avengers x reader
    2.4M 60.6K 52

    This is a collection of various Avenger x reader oneshots. It will include Steve, Tony, Clint, Loki, Thor, Bruce and possibly Pietro. I write the reader as a female so be warned.

  • Jeff the killer x reader
    67.8K 1.3K 153

    16+ can read this due to mature content, my first x reader so please go easy on me, I would also like to say if you have nothing nice to say then keep it to yourself.

    Completed   Mature
  • Jeff the killer x reader
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  • Love Me, Hate me (Jeff the Killer x Reader)
    311K 11.2K 26

    So this is my first Creepypasta fanfic. Hope you like it :)

  • Jeff The Killer x Reader
    865K 24.3K 29

  • Scars Aren't Meant To Be Hidden (jeffxreader)
    209K 6K 13

    Slenderman found (Y/N) as a baby and raised her. She's younger than the CreepyPasta's being about 6 years younger than all of them (except slender of course). When her 15th birthday comes she gets a present she wasn't quite expecting.

  • My Art Book
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    Art and some random thought I get about.. other books and such. THIS BOOK IS CLOSED!! MY NEW BOOK IS "My Art Book 2"

  • Bulletproof Heart {Dark Link x Reader}
    280K 8.7K 30

    When Dark Link accidentally pulls you into the world of The Legend of Zelda instead of your brother, he decides to put you to work as his one and only maid. Will you be able to deal with Dark's temper tantrums and near impossible tasks? Are you going to fall for the charming Prince of Darkness? Read to find out!

  • Dark Link x Dark Elf!Reader
    9.1K 326 8

    People liked this idea.

  • Dark Link x Reader
    172K 4.6K 26

    Running away at night from the abusive father you have seemed like the good plan.You didn't expect him to be on your tail though!You run as fast as you can till you smash into someone.Who is he?But your mind is frantic and so in depth with fear you decide to listen to him, just to get away from your father.Little did...

  • You're my new game. Ben drowned x reader.
    966K 26K 29

    A story about a boy. And you. Read on to find out more!

  • ben drowned x neko reader
    31.2K 633 27

    So you and ben how will it go? Will there be heartbreaking? Find out in ben drowned x reader Hey guys its toxins here and I wanted to do a story about ben so here ya go ben drowned x reader!!