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  • Aubrey (Revolving With Axis)
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    "I love you." Rafe interrupted softly, gazing into my eyes. "I love you for singing with me. I love you for overcoming your fear. I love you for not leaving the beach when it was freezing, for listening, for talking, for fighting, for trying, for giving me your all, for trusting me." "I love you for being honest wit...

  • Añû Pâŕámãnû অনু পরমানু (#watty2017) (@watty Best Awards 2017)
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    "u love her" i said "I like her "he replied " i understand " i said in sad voice "no, you donot. " he gave a frustrated look "what" i asked him surprisedly "i m in love with you" ............................................. Anushka Chowdhury is the daughter of multi-billion Hasib Chowdhury. She is arrogan...

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    Peter grey is faced with the agony of being trapped in an unknown world.A world fueled by fears, darkness and demons of the dark. A world neither with the glory of heaven nor with the curse of hell. A world were feelings of love, joy, happiness are nonexistent. A world of desolute, gripping and fueled by hatred, ang...

  • The struggles of a Nigerian girl
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    i think the title is self explanatory....this is my story

  • Nobody Important
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    No body, no memories and no name, Personne waked up to a demon who claims stole its body. Oh, the demon will give it back. All Personne has to do is learn its own identity. To make things all the more fun, the demon is hunting it down and, if it is unlucky enough, kill it. With only the name Personne, given to it by...

  • Her Wicked Spells
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    *A Wattpad Featured Book* [FEATURED on FANTASY under DARK FANTASY] #8 in Fantasy [28-06-2017] They say, finding you has been painful. I say, nothing has been painful than living without you. I will remove this pain. I will find you. __________ Finding her sister would be difficult and Lavinia won't be having much ti...

  • Fashion Wars in Paris
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    Danika Whitmore- 24 years old. 5'6''. Aries. Curvy. Smart. Blunt. Curly brown Hair. Light brown eyes. Thick rim bluish black eyeglasses. By birth businesswoman and by choice fashion designer, she has the best of both worlds. Never learned to give up, she succeeds at every point of her life, at least business side. Tw...