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  • Fight for your love transformers LS (Book 1)
    34K 624 17

    Ella Rae Witwicky is the older sister of Sam Witwicky, she went to school and got good grades, like any normal human girl, she didn't have many friends, she would rather stuff her face into a book, but what happens when her dad decides to buy her and her brother a car? What will happen? Will she find love? Will the en...

    Completed   Mature
  • True Love Never Fades transformers LS (Book 3)
    19.9K 496 35

    Ella Witwicky survived a war, not just one, but two wars and lived to tell the tale. She had four men that loved her and she couldn't be happier. Being loved was all that she wanted in her life, and now she has it. Things go amazing. She's happy and in love. But what happens when things don't go the way she wanted the...

    Completed   Mature
  • transform
    2.3K 16 2

    Different generation of transformers watch my favorite bot and movies [Request are open, only for breaks)

  • The Guardian (Reader x Optimus Prime)
    9.6K 342 11

    ~Sequel to 'Will of the Primes'~ "Well, that was unexpected." "You think?!" "Hey, it's just a statement, calm down." "Let's just figure out where we are and go from there." "Fine." ~Enjoy my dudes.

  • Living With Transformers Direwolves - On Hold
    5.5K 136 7

    If you know antubis0 and the transformers direwolves, well I have created my first story and based it on antubis0's wonderful transformers direwolf art. My story might not be the best, I haven't entered any writing contests in school or anything so bare with me, but, this is my first ever story I have posted anywhere...

  • ❌IronHide X Oc❌
    7.9K 126 11

    I don't own transformers or it's characters I only own the Oc and powers

  • Lost Cybertronian
    1.3K 36 21

    Marcy Callaghan Michel is a fan girl at heart. little did she know that her most beloved fandom was real. next thing she knows, her home is destroyed, her dad telling her he lied to protect her, him dying. will she find her true self or will she lose it all? p.s. the art in the picture is not mine it is Elements...

  • Reason Why Prime's Don't Party
    642 14 6

    This is a reason why Prime's don't party....0_0 This is based on a picture on pinterest. Artist is unknown right now.

  • Transformers (1 of 5)
    5.4K 151 7

    Naomi O'Connor is a 11 year old girl who isn't from Earth. In fact, she doesn't know where she's from. All she knows is that she crashed on to Earth at age 3 and has been living with the O'Connor's ever since. But when her father, Brian O'Connor brings home a Peterbilt, she starts to discover that there is more to thi...

  • Transformers robots in disguise: bumblebeexsari
    6.5K 149 15

    hello this is my first fan fiction that I have done. for those who don't follow the transformers old history. there are "two dimensions" different versions of transformers. one where optimus prime is a leader to a small astro-minning group that keeps earth safe and all humans know of cybertronian existence. and th...

  • New Beginnings | TFP
    27.7K 2.2K 18

    •Transformers Prime FanFiction• •Book Trailer; •~••~• After the passing of her Grandma, Kayleah sets off to Jasper Nevada in hopes to comfort her grieving Grandpa. To her surprise she runs into old friends and new ones. Never did she know it would be a new beginning altogether. That she w...

  • Transformers- PLUSHIES!
    5.1K 152 8

    Anna has loved transformers ever since she was young. One day she comes home to find a group of transformers plushies sitting on her bed. No one knows where they came from but that's not the strangest thing about them, their eyes move and at night they glow as if they were alive. Anna discovers that her toys may be mo...

  • Megatron's new Kitty
    130K 3.9K 33

    Her name is Amelia but everyone calls her kitty. she has no fear, not even when she meets megatron for the first time. she was warned to stay away from him but she doesnt listen. she never does. can she really change this war lords cold spark into a soft cybertronian? can he show her how it feels to be loved for who s...

  • Pain and Servitude
    2.8K 150 21

    The war is over. The Autobots won, the decepticon's lost. And what better way to humiliate your long time enemy than by keeping him as a slave?

  • Medics get sick too!
    3.7K 36 3

    Drift is worried for Ratchet but finds that it is something to be joyous over. [IF YOU DO NOT LIKE SLASH/MECHPREG/OVIPOS/SPARKLINGS/GRAPHIC BIRTH, TURN BACK] This will be a five chapter story. Updates will be slow.

  • Sparked Love
    1.9K 84 7

    Ratchet and Optimus have been friends for a long time. And sadly, neither is willing to risk that. That is where the idiot they found in an Energon mine comes in, Nightblade. You know, she gives them a little push in the right direction. And ultimately it gets Ratchet sparked! [[WELCOME TO SLOW BURN HELL]]

  • reverse dimension
    1.7K 57 6

    3 girls and a boy that love transformers prime end up in them. will they be able to help team prime with their new ability's? and will they go home or stay and turn into bots? and find love?

  • Is this the truth?
    176 9 1

    Destined for greatness or destined for failure ~

  • Starscream's Secret
    278K 8.1K 63

    Its a secret. Do you really expect me to tell you what's in the book? Have fun reading loves! ;) Story is mine but I do not own the characters. They rightfully belong to their creators.

  • Those Sweet Red Eyes (Megatron) •Under Major Editing•
    224K 7.6K 42

    "Fay I can't tell you how much you mean to me for I haven't really understand myself what I feel. I am a ruthless, heartless Decepticon and you still respect me for who I am the question is why?" "because Megatron deep down I know you are a kind gentle fellow and I like how you really only show that for me," "I'd do a...

  • The Merformers
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    More ideas!!!!

  • *sigh*
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    *face palm*

  • What is happening?
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    I got another random idea -_-

  • When transformers universes collide
    221 11 1

    Transformers does not belong to me. Enjoy!

  • Shattered Glass
    163 3 1

    Transformers Prime Shattered Glass does not belong to me, just Piper. Enjoy!

  • My Toys Are Alive?
    352 9 1

    The cast of Transformers Prime have been put into toy versions of themselves. 'Nuff said.

  • Ratchet Love Story {Not continuing}
    8.2K 162 16

    A 15 year old girl named Starblaze is RAF's ride. She has known that she is an alien on Earth since she was 10. What she didn't know was that there were others like her on the planet. She soon finds them, and is not pleased when she finds out RAF has been with them for almost 2 years and never told her about them. She...

    848 57 25

    Have you ever wondered if there was someone who met the Autobots before Miko, Jack and Raf appeared. Well, I'm that person. This story is about how I returned, after the Autobots met the three. P.S: there is something about me you need to know... this friendly or am I falling in love?

  • Cosmogony [Optimus Prime X Reader]
    21.3K 941 13

    "Choosen by divine, sealed by fate." Just like the universe, everything is created and has an origin. Just like a journey, everything has its own road and distance. Just like love, one single thing can explain one thousand thing. But sadly, everything that has a beginning also has an end. Like life, death eventu...