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  • Dork Days and Bad Boy Ways (BoyXBoy)
    732K 30.1K 23

    Falling for bad boy Reed isn't something sixteen year old Caleb planned on doing this summer. In fact he planned on being as antisocial as ever. When he and Reed go a little far one night, poor Caleb is left confused and he ends up hurting the ones he needs most. But what happens when they decide to get revenge? One m...

  • Telling Lies & College Guys (BoyxBoy)
    226K 8.9K 19

    I had the guy of my dreams. He's as close to perfect as a person to get. Everything he did made my heart skip a beat. Then I crushed his. All I need is a second chance. I know I messed up badly but I'll do anything I can to prove I've changed. The only thing standing in my way is the fact that the guy I love hates my...

  • Pent up
    2.4M 60.7K 41

    From the start Josh had never thought this could happen to him, but this is what happens when you get caught masturbating in the locker room after a tournament. Steaming, hard, angry men grabbing at each other repeatedly? C'mon! Wrestling. It led him to Cris, and a blooming romance apparently. Pure smut, and drama.

    Completed   Mature
  • Human Exchange Program - boyxboy (Incomplete)
    63.2K 3.7K 18

    (This is an old, incomplete story. Please read most recent chapter for more information on the rewrite.) Several years from now the human race learns that they are not alone. Nabar is a beautiful planet inhabited by an even more beautiful race called anabas. The story follows Alexander who is sent to Nabar, along with...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lab Partners
    7.2M 322K 38

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION When Elliot Goldman meets his sweet and charming new lab partner, Jordan Hughes, suddenly high school doesn't seem so bad. For the first time ever, Elliot can't wait to get to chemistry class... ***** Smart, good looking an...

  • Blood Whore [boyxboy]
    7.2K 310 4

    Vampires used to be just exist in books, movies, and nightmares but they have always existed. Humans are no match for these creatures and they know it, which is why the government keeps their existence a secret. The government does what the vampires want in order to keep them happy so they don't try and take over. Vam...

  • The Bloodlust Chronicles
    418K 18.4K 104

    "He craved my kisses more than my blood." 🥀 The Bloodlust Chronicles | ONGOING! *Highest ranking: #2 in gaylove* • What happens when you fall in love with someone so strong and dangerous that they can mean the death of you? In a snap of fingers, they can break your neck without you even realizing; or the...

  • Fallen Behind: The Eighth Brother
    1.4M 40.4K 24

    Being the youngest out of 8 boys is difficult. It seemed that the trail of good looks and talents and finished it course before it reached me. My brothers who are all good looking and talented were popular. They were happy at least until I came along. For some reason my mother had difficult giving birth to me and she...