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  • Emotion
    6M 291K 41

    [COMPLETED] "Theodore?" He snaps his head back to me and gives me a small smile. "Where have you come from?" I repeat myself. "Bad people." He mumbles and shuffles closer to me. "Safe here?" I pursed my lips and then nodded my head. "You're safe here." Eden Rose, a successful business owner, finds a strange man in...

    Completed   Mature
  • Daddy's Princess
    313K 6.2K 24

    Rosie West has been abused since she was a kid, starting just a few months after her mother died. Years later, she finally finds a safe place she can run away to. Dominants Academy. Jackson Black was the bad boy on campus. People were afraid of him until they got to know him. When Rosie first ran into him, she was a...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Queen
    1.1M 31.5K 32

    Lillia Beckett wants nothing more than to be left alone. The only person she can trust is herself. She was fine until the most feared gang leader in the city caught sight of her. Hudson Valentino was living the life that many wanted. He had the control of the city in his hands with money that some couldn't even imagin...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Darling Little Kitten | ✓
    4.5M 112K 32

    " I brought you a surprise Alpha " The one holding me, Jaxon I suppose said. The alpha lifted his head and it was as if the world froze. His green eyes were mesmerizing to look into and he had soft pink lips that were just kissable. I studied the rest of him for a bit until looking back into his eyes which were pitch...

  • The Older Man Part II
    397K 11.5K 31

    Out with the old, in with the new... After sorting out their issues, the story of Vincent Milano and Cheyenne Copeland continues four years later when a provocative new arrival causes problems in their relationship. - - - "Come on, Cheyenne, you know he can't touch you like I can," he growled in my ear before he graze...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Devils Little
    364K 6.9K 10

    Who knew the Devil was into such a thing as Ddlg.

  • Candle Light, Scarlet Spirals ☆ Steve Rogers
    2.5M 51.7K 132

    In which gentleman and America's hero, Steve Rogers, falls in love with the Avengers' newest recruit. Top Rankings; #1 in Steve Rogers #1 in Marvel #273 in Romance

  • The Gentle Giant
    1.3M 33.8K 51

    I look down at the frail frame of the girl. I unlatched her cage and nudged her with my foot. It seems cruel, but the other trainers would have done much worse to see her ignoring their commands to rise. "Wake up, you're being moved," I say to her, crouching down and shaking her. She lies unmoving and a heaviness set...

    Completed   Mature
  • An Inconvenient Attachment
    2.4M 81K 60

    Elizabeth Blythe has never been the skinny type. All her life she's been plumper than the other kids, had more meat than the popular girls in high school and more curve than the shapeless ones in college. She spent a lot of her life being made-fun of, being the butt of all jokes; she never once believed she'd ever fi...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Older Man Part I
    1.8M 35.2K 30

    Curiosity killed the cat... A teenage girl begins an online relationship with an older man but soon discovers that he isn't who he appears to be. - - - "You wanna make Daddy feel good?" He asked as he stroked my chin. I nodded up at him with wide eyes. "Of course you do" He mumbled under his breath with a smile. "Now...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Sinful Scream (ONGOING)
    460K 10K 49

    *ONGOING* A cry that she had no idea would change her life forever. The scream that saved her from all of her despair. Sweet, innocent Renee Woods had no idea what was in store for her after being saved by the infamous beast himself- Maddox Knight. He's the monster of the mafia world. She's a girl with the potential...

  • Il Mio Gattino
    10.9M 294K 57

    Nicole Jackson is a 24 year old waitress at The Star Cafè. She ran away from her abusive parents from California to New York in search for a better life. She hopes to find peace and happiness in the new city. Dante Moretti is a 27 Mafia king. He is known for killing anything or anyone who even thinks of looking his wa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Submitting to the Alpha
    13.6M 66.5K 7

    Toying with an alpha never felt so good. Isabella is in trouble. Big trouble. She knows that opening her curtains and touching herself while her alpha watches from the woods is wrong, but she does it anyway. And she plans on doing it again. Every night, in fact, until her alpha teaches her otherwise. Roman, alpha of t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lucien
    3M 90.2K 49

    "I'd suggest you fix that bratty little attitude before I fix it for you over my knee" *** Watching the only world she'd ever known burn around her was one thing... and losing the one person who was tied closest to her since birth was another. Yet both things happened, and scars were left on the mind of Maia who ret...

  • The Mafia Boss's Princess
    1.5M 27.1K 19

    *MATURE* Valentine is a 22-year-old little who enjoys coloring, reading, and watching Disney movies. She was originally living in a foster home under the care of Mrs. Carson in secret, since she was supposed to be kicked out at the age of eighteen. But when Mr. Carson finds out that Valentine was living under his roof...

  • Angel Dust
    1.3M 9.9K 8

    New York. Where crowded streets and sidewalks leave no space for people who can't keep up. Crime was a daily occurance but for Alice, this was more than a simple robbery. Days has past since her twin sister dropped contact with her. She knew this was more than an accident. Determined in her right mind and crazy in...

  • Blackstone Inc. (Book 1)
    9M 245K 89

    🖤Book 1 of the 'Blackstone' series🖤 • • • 🔥Highest Ranking🔥 #1: -Agegap -Assistant -Boss -Daddy -Employee -Flirting -Lust -Raunchy -Submissive #2: -Employer -Kink -Princess -Sexy #4: -Degradation • • • "Well, I'm Dominic Blackstone, but you can call me Dom or Sir." • • • Dominic Blackstone is the 35-year-old CEO...

    Completed   Mature
  • Heart of Stone
    48.7K 2.5K 4

    (Beauty and the Beast) Thistle's brothers left to fight a terrible beast. When they don't return, she sets out to kill the beast herself, but there is more to him than she expects. She must find a way to free her brothers, the only family she has left, but can she break the beast's stone heart when she is losing her o...

  • Adopted by the Mafia King
    1.4M 41.2K 45

    Completed on January 5, 2017 Chapters: 37 Available online: almost Chloe is a three year old, adorable little girl that is abandoned when her mother dies. Not actually knowing that her mother is dead she wonders outside and away from home. She is later found at Alphonso Emiliano's Mafia trade houses. Alphonso's father...

    Completed   Mature
    1.2M 39.4K 35

    We sit in silence as the fire slowly begins to die out but the cold never settles as James tightens my body against his. I smile sleepily as I curl up in his lap, his strong arms holding me tight in his warm embrace, "Hey James?" I finally speak up and bring my eyes to look into his, "What are you?" he silently stares...

    Completed   Mature
  • Femme Fatale
    2M 83.2K 36

    When Damon Carbone, the rightful heir to the Italian Mafia gets overthrown and betrayed by his own family, he is forced underground. He now lives his life in the shadows as the notorious assassin, Il Mietitore, gaining the skills necessary to take back his throne. He devises a scheme to overthrow his cousin, Don Mart...

  • Stolen to be His Princess
    6.7M 170K 43

    *CURRENTLY UNDERGOING MAJOR EDITING* There she was shaking her hips side to side as if she was putting on a private show for him. He stood there staring at her intently as if she was the most exquisite thing he'd ever seen. But the poor little girl was oblivious to his stares, she was too engrossed in her little world...

    Completed   Mature
  • Broken Memories (Sequel to STBHP) UNDER MAJOR RECONSTRUCTION
    1.4M 46.9K 50

    Isabella's life has been far from pleasant. After being forcefully married to a cold and harsh mafia boss, her life spiralled out of control. After slipping into a coma due to a horrific head trauma Isabella wakes up suffering from amnesia. She doesn't remember anything that happened to her recently and doesn't rememb...

    Completed   Mature
  • His fake assistant
    2.8M 84.3K 59

    When a bubbly farmer Faye gets sent on a mission by her best friend, the infamous journalist Elizabeth Venice. Faye finds herself in New York City, on an important mission to find Mason William's weakness. The ruthless billionaire shakes up the whole city, and makes everyone tremble. Could Faye possibly come closer to...

  • His Amara
    204K 3.4K 9

    "Y-your nine years older than me," I squeaked. He moved his hand underneath my blouse and gently rubbed the skin on my waist, "Age doesn't matter, my sweet." "You look so innocent, so untainted; it makes me think of ways to taint you, to show everyone that you're mine." He darkly claimed. His words were said with su...

  • My Masters
    6.1M 125K 60

    Astrid notices her two neighbors seem to love platonically domming her, but how far will she have to push them to make it a little...less platonic?

    Completed   Mature
  • Little One [Book 1]
    775K 14.7K 17

    [DD/LG] [Explicit Content: NC +17] ! You've Been Warned ! Book 1 "I will always love you, Scarlet." He said I turned around to kiss him. "I love you, daddy." I kiss him, "Forever, and ever and ever." I kiss him word after word. "I love you more princess." I giggled snuggling close to him. My daddy, my boyfriend, my...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beast
    510K 20.6K 55

    He's dangerous He's intelligent He's ruthless He's sexy He's... a beast --- 'You must not go looking for him Annalise, he must never find you, you don't understand what he's capable of... he's a beast' 'You cannot change my mind Ray, I'm going to find him... no matter what you say' I reply...

  • Knox's Girl (Carmichael Series #1)✔️
    31.5M 753K 42

    "Get the fuck out of my house!" my dad shouted. "Gladly. But, before I go, I have just one thing to say; you've never been a good father. You've always treated Poppy and her mother like absolute shit." "You know nothing about being a father, you little prick!" "Yeah? Well, your innocent little girl calls me daddy w...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm Only His... (Book 2) (HIATUS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!!)
    4.2M 133K 44

    I stand there with my back away from him. I couldn't look at him not after he hurt me. How was I supposed to believe anything that came out of his mouth? "Helena. I'- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." taking a step closer. The heat of his muscular body penetrated my cold skin. "Leave, just - leave me alone. I can't take i...