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  • Jake the Panty-Ripper (Book 1, the Phantoms MC Series)
    32M 1M 55

    Maya, an innocent nurse, finds herself forced to accept protection from the Phantoms motorcycle gang, specifically the dangerous, irresistible biker, Jake Ford. ***** Maya, a kind nurse, has a normal life and a normal boyfriend, Sebastian. But one d...

    Completed   Mature
  • Twins Unexpected
    474K 18.1K 26

    New Amazing Cover by Onesee! When Kirsteen is challenged by her nemesis, her wolf takes over and attacks- bringing her strong wolf to the attention of the Alpha and his twin Beta. Their wolves immediately recognized their now feral mate and wanted to claim her, not allowing anyone to stop them from taking what is th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tempting Fate
    92.3K 5.4K 27

    -BOOK TWO- COMPLETED "Pleasure me, make the pain go away." I demanded pleadingly. She smiled a sweet and loving smile, "As you wish" She said and kissed me passionately. Her kisses conquered my body as her soft delicate hands traced over every part of me. ----------- This is the SEQUEL to Fates Align. Follow along a...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Only Blood
    332K 11.7K 50

    Moon Winters, a simple woman leading a simple life among humans, is suddenly thrust into a world full of Werewolves, Vampires, and Witches. Her entire life turns out to be a lie and she realizes that she is far from being a human. With only her two inner voices and her gut feeling to guide her, she has to find out a w...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Devil's Daughter |✓|
    2.1M 59.8K 46

    Book #1 in the Devil trilogy Austin Roman. A 25 year old Alpha with no mate and some serious anger issues. After searching for his mate since he was 18, he finally gave up after seven years, becoming bitter and angry. He hated seeing happy couples and mates walking around so he turned on his own pack. Created very st...

  • Over My Dead Body
    36.2M 1.1M 68

    Deadly assassins Allegra and Ace have been trying in vain to kill each other for years. With a mutual enemy threatening their mafias, they find themselves in an unexpected alliance, and soon discover killing each other isn't the only temptation they need to resist... ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pack Law (Fated Series: Book3)
    66.2K 1.9K 2

    ***coming soon*** Kathryn and Joel Rifkin's Story

  • The Monarch ( Fated Series: Book 2 - Completed )
    4.5M 60.9K 10

    After a barren mating that had lasted just shy of two years, Avery is hell bond on living a life away from power hungry bastards. And if she can help someone along the way, she would gladly make that extra effort. Finally managing to be in charge of her own life, she reaches out helping others overcome the difficultie...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rule 35, Alpha
    188K 10.7K 28

    Everyone should have a code to live by, a set of rules created from life experiences. I have one, and right now, this boy is breaking about three of them without trying. "Come on Tempest, you know avoiding me won't work." Butch murmurs, his metallic gray eyes watching my every move as he pins me against the wall. I ha...

  • The Bad Boy
    6.1M 155K 69

    Last year, Ella Grace was beaten half to death by her sister and her friends, while her brother watched. Her two siblings went onto a summer trip, leaving her behind. She took that time to change herself, to lose the weight, to clear the acne, to look "perfect" in her eyes. Blake Zane is the bad boy but he's not your...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Devil's Angel (Angels of the Underworld: Book One) (✔️)
    6.4M 188K 48

    **Cover by @AndiApplexoxo** No one could have guessed what would happen when a sixteen year old Vincenzo goes to an auction with his father. No one could have guessed that his actions from that night would change his whole life path and the path of others. They couldn't have guessed that a blonde haired girl would tur...

    Completed   Mature
  • Don't Cry Wolf
    248K 15.4K 1

    Amelia is a zoologist, who has to attend her sister Pamala's wedding. So she flys to Alaska, hoping to change her sister's mind about marrying a man she barely knows. Everything changes when she gets to Alaska and meets Seth, who makes her heart do crazy flips and puts her libido into overdrive. Then she's kidnapped b...

    3.4M 127K 84

    !!(Slow Updates)!! He's strong and can strike fear into the hearts of anyone. She's weak and scared easily. Nobody tells him what to do. She follows orders without complaint. He's an overpowered, hybrid, monster of a man. She's a tiny, shiftless, omega of a wolf. But they do have one thing in common. They're mates. Bu...

  • Her Lycan✔
    2.2M 97.1K 36

    Any other man I wouldn't be afraid of but Lycan Leader Malcolm's body extrude a kind of confidence and primal power that even I can't ignore. --- Running from a psychotic ex and charging straight into a familiar Scottish Lycan Leader's territory. Head strong lone lycan Isabella Carson was about to re-encounter a preda...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dragon Descendants.
    1.9M 80.1K 55

    Highest: #1 in Action! Elena lives in a world where dragons are well-known to man kind and tamed by people who fly with them through the sky. Unfortunately, it seems that dragons can only be tamed by a person of the male gender, any females who even are nearby, have a 99.9% chance of being killed by one, the...

  • The Phoenix's Prophecy
    197K 7.9K 37

    Amethyst Rosemera was one of the few survivors of a species called runar thanks to her mother sacrificing her life for Amy. She was sent to a different dimension but without realizing her past. Little does she know that her fate is closely related to a prophecy made by a phoenix. An evil organization is after her. Wil...

  • My Alpha Black
    3.5M 112K 17

    Nineteen year old, Ali happens to be the only daughter of an alpha - also making her the gifted Mother Of Luna, the most peaceable being of the werewolf world. Kind and gentle, Ali tries to live her life diffusing hostility and avoiding confrontation that goes against her very nature. Alpha Black is notorious for his...

  • Thousand Year Wolf
    13.5K 998 3

    She never did find her destined mate, and had come to the soul shattering conclusion that Fate had decided that she would be subjected to what she referred to as her Destiny. Regina Corbin, the Thousand Year Wolf, had seen many packs rise and fall, and many wars come and go from her honored position on the Elder Coun...

  • Grey Skies, Brown Eyes
    249K 7.2K 22

    Jame is the illegitimate child of one of the most respected alphas in the country; her pack despises her, she has never had a single friend, and her dad all but loathes her. One day, all of that changes. She is banished, sentenced to wander rogue-infested woods. Perhaps it was destiny, because that was the day Jame fo...

  • Hidden Queen Book 1
    1.4M 26.3K 47

    Coming into a new pack can be hard, but it's even harder when you're keeping secrets. As far as our kind knows, all the royal family has been wiped out in one attack. For most of it, that's true except for one part, I survived. Staying hidden, is my best chance of surviving long enough to take the throne. But staying...

  • Fixing The Alpha [ON HOLD]
    69.7K 2.9K 14

    "The hardest thing to do is to watch someone else with the one you love" • • • He was broken, beyond fixing is what they all thought. Since that night the raid killed the only one his heart could love. Since then he had fallen into a pit of despair never to feel again. He had grown mad and secluded himself in the ca...

  • SAMPLE - The Hunting Game (Rejection Series #1)
    7.4M 319K 49

    (Completed. Edited by: RonnyRotten) THIS IS A SAMPLE °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Rejection has never been sweeter For Patience, life gets interesting when rejection by the one fated to be yours throws you into the yearly Hunting Game in hopes to find your chosen. Highest Ranking #3 werewolf

  • Incubus
    146K 2.2K 10

    Following a family tragedy, Luna discovers her true destiny, one that her mother never wanted her to face. But with her newfound power comes a danger leaving her wondering just who she can trust? Luna fights the darkness around her and within herself in the first installment of the Incubus series.

  • The Badass Princess and Her Mate
    66.3K 3.1K 18

    "Strip!" The crowd cheers. I look down and smile. " Why how can I turn down a crowd, as lovely as y'all" I slurred. So I give them what they ask for. I strip down to my glittery angel thong and my matching bra. I turn back around to reach for the pole only to be catch by a beautiful set of Emerald and Teal eyes. And...

  • Unchained
    2.5M 127K 41

    Book 1 in the Deviant Creatures Series In the slums of New York City an underground prison sat. The City that Never Sleeps wasn't all it seemed, ruled by the society of the supernatural, the gang wars were pack wars, the drug dealers were carriers for money hungry beasts. But in the midst of all the chaos sat t...

  • Big, Bad Alpha (Book One)
    809K 39K 47

    (Unedited Version) ::COMPLETED Book One Big, Bad Series:: Needs editing, so point out the mistakes you see. Very much appreciated!! ( Mature Content, Private Chapters. Follow and Enjoy. ) Akira, the only daughter of the Alpha of the Day pack is caring, sweet yet vicious when needed. She hasn't thought about why she...

    Completed   Mature
  • Catching Genesis (Completed)
    30.8M 1.1M 62

    Warning: CG has been published. The last ten chapters of this book have been taken down due to copyright reasons. When the future Alpha, a major player rejected her for the Queen B, Genesis and her two best friends came up with a plan to give the arrogant future alpha the taste his own medicine. What happens when your...

  • The huntress' squad [ON HOLD]
    165K 6.5K 28

    She's a huntress. Not a normal one, but the best. She became huntress when her family was killed by a vampire. Now she kills all supernatural beings that did something bad without complain. Seth and his squad are a part of "The Supernatural Agency". They are trying to catch a well-known criminal: The Dealer. They nee...

  • Intimacy | ✔️ {Wattys 2017}
    2.3M 120K 34

    | Highest Ranking in Werewolf: 9| Completed 4/10/2017 I watched him fall in love. I watched as he took her to places I had always wanted to go and do things I had always wanted to do. I saw his life take form...all without me. I love him. He can never know that. To him I am his best friend and nothing more nor less...

    658K 42K 55

    I sat behind the couch, scrunched in a fetal position, hiding from the sliver of sun which managed to squeeze its way out from behind the drapes. My tormentor. Once a beloved friend, now it holds me captive behind this couch with nothing to keep me company but some cobwebs and fuzzy dust-bunnies. My newly improved eye...