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  • Look At Me -xxxtentacion X reader-
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    ☆ It's like a dream come fucking true ☆ ¤Warning¤: This book contains strong language, names that might be offensive to anyone who reads, triggering words/occurrences. Maybe smut, haven't decided yet. Also, if you hate gays, if you're homophobic, then you're just gonna have to get over it and not read this. There will...

  • #GrowingupBlack
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    Here lies everything you need yo know about growing up black

  • Take care of you
    111K 5.5K 36

    I look around, very confused. I have a pounding headache. I go to rub my head but my hands are tied up. I start to panic. "Relax." A deep voice says lowly. "Where am I? Who are you?" I ask, trying to get my arms out of whatever their tied up in. I see his shadow and my breathing gets shallow. I start to breathe hard...

  • Make Me Numb || Jahseh Onfroy Story
    111K 4.8K 61

    {UNCOMPLETED} Chloé Jamison a 17 year old. Was a orphan until her mother and father died of drug overdose when she was 6 years old. Chloé struggle to find her way in the world. After sciuide after sciuide attempt. She fail to kill herself. Dropping out of school at the age of thirteen. Living in a opharn name The Smit...

  • Hey Teo...
    48.3K 1.6K 39

    Read to find out...✌🏽 Started 11/25/17 Ended 9/7/20

  • Jahseh's Keeper [Part 2]
    16K 739 10

    Go read book 1 or you'll be confused.// Love is poison, love is deadly

  • Internet Famous
    5.3K 189 55

    Ion really know just know it ends with Billie

  • #GrowingUpBlack🍫
    8.2K 702 28

    .🍫 #54 in relate

  • Why She Stayed (xxxtentacion)
    475K 26.7K 83

    "I wanted to give him a million reasons to live, even if none of those reasons somehow involved me..." X has led a life full of tragedies and set backs he carries scars and wounds so deep in his heart that love, life, and trust have no meaning. He's always searching for some sort of meaning in his everyday life, achin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Shorty |ski mask the slump god| ( COMPLETED)
    290K 11.9K 61

    My works #1 Dont let the truth push you away completed 7/30/17cover by swankyspice

    Completed   Mature
  • drug dealer ; lil pump
    103K 2.7K 31

    drug dealer : ( noun, ) a person who sells illegal drugs.

  • Double X
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    "Welcome to Hell , How may i help you today ? "

  • RAPPER IMAGINES (no longer updating)
    52.9K 430 6

    this for ya dirty minds😄✨ INCLUDING: kodie shane,ski mask,trippie redd,dexter,lil uzi vert,X....and more yall request em i do em😘😘⚓

  • My Rapist Found Me
    76.9K 1.8K 19

  • Temptation : xxxtentacion (completed)
    122K 5.8K 38

    "Everyone has a lul crazy in them , some people just have a lul more than others."

    Completed   Mature
  • You're Lost | Lil Uzi Vert FanFiction
    19.1K 733 28

    How can someone be so lost that they don't know if anyone could help them find the way? Read to find out.

    Completed   Mature
  • Why?¿? (A 2017 TEENAGE STORY🖤🖤🖤)
    237 30 3

    This Is My First Story And Read To Find Out. Plzzzz Because I Don't Really Feel Like Writing A Whole Big Paragraph. When You Read The First Chapter It'll Tell You How Everything Goes Down And What The Story About... I Hope Y'all Like It.💜💙❤😘😘

  • Slowly drowning
    669 89 17

    Sia is only hanging by a thread in life but she'll make ends meet just read on to find out.

  • xxxtentacion and i (geneva love story)
    10K 131 18

    Geneva and Jahseh have been through the worst. But deep inside they still love each other. Read more to find out how they went through this hell they call love

  • My Love Life With A Playboy
    5.7K 153 6

    Hey my name is Lashae I'm fourteen years old and im moving to Maryland Baltimore and thats where my story begins on how I fell in love with a playboy!😫❤

  • TheRoadTrip
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    Five friends travel across the world to find a lost boyfriend. Things keep on happening stuff isn't making sense. Everything isn't what it seems

    3K 90 8

    Kia and trip

  • Angel (Jahseh Onfroy/ Xxxtentacion Fic)
    181K 7.1K 43

    I'm awful at descriptions, but it's basically what you would expect from a fic.

  • i love it when they run (xxxtentacion)on hold
    87.4K 2.8K 30

    Oouuuu is you gonna read is there relationship gonna form or flop? btw i suck at descriptions

  • snapchat
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    theheroinfather is typing... "who the fuck is that?" SHORT STORY ALERT - THIS BOOK ISNT THAT GOOD BECAUSE ITS MY FIRST

    Completed   Mature
  • wrong ❧ xxxtentacion
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    ❝there is nothing wrong with a little bit of not right❞ she took a hit from her blunt. he took a hit to his heart. trxppie2017© cover made by @LuciqueX