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  • Havoc In Heaven
    208 48 13

    Inside my own mind, I should find peace But you continue to press me, awaken the beast Now I'm a quarter past crazy and it's half past eleven So pull up the covers-there's Havoc in Heaven. ================== This is a book where I plan on posting some of the poetry I've written, as well as other creative-writing piec...

  • Infinite Pauses (Poetry)| ✔ PUBLISHED|
    71.9K 6.4K 179

    #15 in poetry (17/08/2017) a formation of words that appear in the middle of midnight or lazy daylight. these words know no hour, they form when and of what they want. - Love. Sadness. Ocean. Earth. Courage. Faith. Strength.- (In no particular order) Most of the poetry is short versed. All poems are original© NOW AVAI...

  • Marawi: A Dauntless Assault
    119 6 5

    Killings... Terrorism... Uncommon beliefs... Distinct views... War and rage... After that, what now? A savage? These poems are dedicated to a continuous hunt for peace. Peace that everyone is longing but not all could give. If peace is unattainable, what kind of a world shall we endow to the next generation? Marawi is...

  • F.L.A.W.S #Wattys2017
    2.1K 483 24

    "Sometimes, it's the darkness that heals our wounds. Not light" ~Sambiti *WARNING* Not for the faint hearted. Reviewed by: Rafael Jeff.

  • A held meaning
    1K 440 15

    Slowly the bullets got through her. Copyright © 2017. All rights reserved.

  • Roses and Thorns
    232 6 86

    An assortment of poems about love, heartache, and finding your way back. (Still a work in progress) -Would adore any feedback

  • Let Me Try
    898 168 21

    Just some thoughts venting out from my pen..... 🎭 Highest rank #45 as on 16/07/2017