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  • Warbreaker
    1.3M 42.7K 64

    After bursting onto the fantasy scene with his acclaimed debut novel, Elantris, and following up with his blockbuster Mistborn trilogy, Brandon Sanderson proves again that he is today’s leading master of what Tolkien called “secondary creation,” the invention of whole worlds, complete with magics and myths all their o...

  • Engraved - The Hunted Warrior
    104K 14.7K 68

    When Alam promises a dying priest that he will return a sealed box to it's true owner he unwittingly puts himself in the center of world shaking events beyond his abilities. Within days he, and everyone he loves, are under threat. An unstoppable hunter, beasts of the night, and sorcerers able to tear the very fabric o...

  • Below the Radar - Cyprus Summer of '74
    659 7 39

    A simple, humorous yet gritty coming of age story set within the British teen community during the dramatic summer of 1974 in Cyprus. 15 year old Alex's long time crush on Kate comes to a conclusion, but only after escalating tension with her current (older) boyfriend who, of course hates Alex, their rival groups ulti...

  • Lightrunner
    24.3K 1.5K 21

    An elf enters a street-race tournament to escape a corrupt city trapped in endless night. ***** || Voltyss is one of the last-standing cities caught in the Evernight, an endless night that spread across the land when the moon and stars fell from the sky. The city's magical neon aura is enough to ward off the monsters...