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  • The Main Man - Seventeen DK
    46.9K 1.3K 41

    Kim Min-Ji is a lot of things - Joshua Hong's best friend being one of them. As she sets up her life in Korea, becoming a teacher at one of the most sought after schools in the country, she creates a whirl wind of media frenzies and unexpected gossip surrounding the innocent boy group Seventeen. With the support of i...

  • Across the World - NCT Chenle
    12.3K 374 37

    Raven Smith. An ordinary girl living an ordinary life. Or at least until her uncle returns from Korea. Consequently, whether she likes it or not, her world is about to get very, very different. For a 14 year old girl faced with her idols, life can turn upside down. Seeing them day in, day out - particularly after a tr...