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  • Everything I Never Said
    1.7M 84.5K 197

    ❝This is the love I fail to say. One that caused him to go away, for our love was never made to stay.❞ - all of the poems are mine :) #1 in Poetry 26/05/17 ! Thank you for reading♡ New book 'Everything You Never Knew' is out!

  • men don't cry [Poetry]
    122K 16.3K 135

    [H.R. #6 - 7. 3. 18] "we wear our emotions like intricately decorated chains strung around our throats and then tuck them into our shirts" *** i sincerely hope you don't relate to any of these poems ~UPDATED DAILY~ 27/12/17 : #611 in Poetry 29/12/17 : #393 in Poetry 31/12/17 : #172 in Poetry 1/1/18 : #126 in Poetry 3...

  • Spilled emotions
    2.1K 420 72

    Your prose is so delicate and straightforward. Your story telling skills are superb. These spilled emotions are phenomenally bottled and retold. - @Buzzthewildcat Cover made by buzzthewildcat

  • Just Poems (under reconstruction)
    791K 45.5K 153

    "that girl was quiet but her mind wasn't" - poems with stories, emotion, anxieties, love, message, suicide, tears and humor. +warning: poems may include suicide, melancholy, and self harm. if that bothers you guys, ...

  • Thirteen Reasons Why: Book 2
    9.2K 508 55

    Inspired by Jay Asher's novel. Dedicated to the fans pf 13RW. All poems in here are mine. The cover photo was edited by yours truly but the photo used isn't mine, credits to the rightful owner. • highest ranking #502 in Poetry - 12/05/17

  • Thirteen Reasons Why: Book 1
    125K 7.3K 102

    Inspired by Jay Asher's novel. All poems in here are mine. The cover photo was edited by yours truly but the photo used isn't mine, credits to the rightful owner. • highest ranking #12 in Poetry - 07/20/17 COMPLETE ✔

  • midnight thoughts
    4.1M 258K 172

    A compilation of short poems and quotes written by yours truly. Highest: #1 in poetry All Rights Reserved © John Schorwinson 2017 Marvellous cover made by @soundthealarm

  • Poems for No One
    941K 171K 174

    Poems For No One

  • S O W E D |poetry|
    279K 22.2K 196

    S O W E D: Words planted to grow into love. Highest Rank - #1 in POETRY The bravest thing I've ever done was not forgetting how to love myself when everyone else did

  • creating constellations
    922K 77.4K 190

    an abundance of space metaphors and you. #1 in poetry 6/7/16

  • she's not like the others.
    3M 150K 214

    quiet isn't always violent. #1 in poetry 11/2

  • World of Poems
    20.6K 2.8K 196

    take a long, good look into my healing heart and melodrama mind. breathe in my sweet, scented words and hold them close to your bleeding, scaly skeleton aching for emotion; they'll cradle your aching soul and sing mellow lullabies you've never even heard of. stand back and delve into my hideous self: take my broken, f...

  • Pink Poetry
    16.4K 2.2K 66

    Those 3:42 am thoughts. . Pink Poetry is a collection of poems depicting the range of thoughts, while covering different emotions of a human. . First part published on 18/02/2017 Highest rank #10 on Poetry #11 on Dream Journal #15 on Poetry Boo...

  • coffee stains
    82K 7.8K 140

    a kaleidoscopic look at a life full of ups and downs, laid out in a poetic form. // highest rank: #4 in poetry // // other works include; l i t t l e n o t e s, highest rank: #1 in poetry and JESSICA // *cover by @flawed_stars_

  • The Butterflies Have Gone | ✔️
    3M 120K 206

    I am an artist and this is my garden of words. Copyright @2015, All Rights Reserved

  • l i t t l e n o t e s
    278K 22K 197

    when life gets me down, i write // highest ranking: #1 in poetry #2 in hot poetry

    Completed   Mature
  • My poems of Dark, Depression, and Anorexia
    77.5K 849 91

    These poems express what I'm going through and how I feel. Basically its a timeline of my life and what is happening. There will always be a dark side to me and a good side. My poems vary from depressed to dark and to my Anorexic side. I hope you guys like it and Yeah their not the best but vote, comment, and enjoy

    Completed   Mature
  • Self harm and life quotes
    104K 4.2K 205

  • sad thoughts
    1.6M 92.6K 106

    [ collection of depressed thoughts - cover by @soundthealarm ]

    Completed   Mature
  • "I'm fine"
    6.2K 432 33

    Sad quotes

  • •Wabi Sabi•
    7.9K 1.8K 42

    #27 in Poetry (04.10.2016) A COLLABORATIVE book- "Wabi Sabi" is a unique concept where aspiring Wattpad poets contribute best of their aesthetic skills to create an epitome of art which almost anyone and everyone can relate, get inspired and even become part of The Poets' Club! Concept of "WABI SABI": The Japanese phi...

  • Self Harm Poems
    4.1K 221 6

  • Depressed
    37.7K 1K 7

    I wrote this when I was twelve. A lot has changed. Thank you all so much for the kind words you continued to send me over the years. Thank you.

  • Depression
    398K 33.1K 200

    De•pres•sion /dèpreSH(e)n/ 1. The feeling of serve despondency and dejection "I'm often silent when I'm screaming inside." - CREDITS TO THE OWNER WHO WROTE SOME OF THESE--Will state the ones that are MINE. Don't fight me over this.

  • melancholia
    319K 14.5K 64

    "sad, sad girl with eyes that'll make you cry. if you took your time she'd take you to the sky." -literally just a normal book with sad scars- all rights reserved. lowercase intended. mostly thoughts than poems FIRST BOOK WRITTEN (used to be "sadness")

  • Gentle Screams and Glass Figurines
    1.3K 236 25

    "Nothing can protect us from the human screams, as the fire of anarchy intoxicates our once innocent minds." ~~~~~~ A collection of poems about life, death, and everything in between. Dark, deep, and horror poetry intended to make you think about things in a new perspective.

  • depressed 2
    458 17 1

    it's a suicide story. this is a story I wrote for my grade 9 English class. the hole story is in the first chapter.

  • unsaid
    17.2K 2.9K 100

    Just emotions and thoughts, bottled up in the words of a poem. I can't paint, so I draw those pictures of words, hope you like some of them....please feel free to give feedback