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  • Songbird
    1.1K 319 17

    Autumn Henningsen lives and breathes music. Just like her father, and his father before him, she has dreams to be a star. But those dreams won't happen if she stays in Gullwitch Cove, LA, a small town with a population of about 1000. Nothing ever happens there. The paparrazi haven't found Autumn yet, and that's a goo...

  • Heroes of Layrucia: The Trials
    197 56 5

    The Dragon is defeated. The Crystal of Fire has been found. A peaceful summer is expected. But Layrucia is still not safe. And the voice of destiny still calls. When an accident occurs in Adlez City, Zano Etheron is thrown into prison for his supposed crime. Convinced that he is not to blame, Frozene sets out to...

  • a splash of color and wings of hope
    78 17 3

    a collection of thoughts | poetry a huge, huge thanks to @clxrevoyance for the amazing cover

  • {Hyde} (on hiatus)
    294 32 5

    Hyde is suddenly thrust into a life he never had. He doesn't remember how he got in that stark white room, why strange people say they're his family. He doesn't remember what he's doing here. He doesn't remember ever getting a strange neck tattoo. In fact, he hardly remembers anything. Only his name, Hyde, and poundi...

  • Facade Of Perfectionism
    15.7K 2.1K 45

    [Featured in Official Romance Reading List] [Featured in Official TeenFiction Reading List] [Featured in Official YA Reading List] [Featured in Official NA Reading List] [Featured in Official YARomance Reading List] [Featured in Official General Fiction Reading List] [Featured in NARomance Reading List] [Featured in W...

    Completed   Mature
  • Avarice
    608 289 11

    When Varsha, a famous dancer in all of Crowns, walks back home from her performance site, she bumps into the last person she would want to see. Klein. Klein and Meera, Varsha's little sister, used to be lovers. But they ended up breaking up because of a disagreement related to Klein's desires. What Klein desires is p...

  • Love Me Enough
    6.3K 1.6K 13

    [ Featured on @WattpadPoetry ] A collection of poems ranging from sweet love poems to thought provoking ones. A bit of love, little pain and sprinkle of hope will be found in this book. A compilation of poems of different styles and diverse themes. You will take on a journey that will leave you wanting for more. Prais...