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  • Happy Ending | Soonhoon
    18K 1.4K 39

    This story is about protecting you... But in the end it was you who helped me. ------ [SoonHoon] All rights reserved 2019 Author: Jihoff Published: May 16, 2019

  • moon & asteroids | soonhoon ✓
    11K 1.1K 18

    to most people, the moon is up there, in the galaxy; big and bright, silver and illuminating, ranging from boiling hot to freezing cold. but to jihoon, the moon is down here. smiling and laughing as if he doesn't know that his smile is the closest thing jihoon could get to experiencing heaven on earth before they all...

  • touch | soonhoon
    21.4K 929 14

    ⇋ hungrybois series n. dos [soonhoon] ♦︎ touch ┋110318 ✍︎ exohohoho 🅲 2018 ♋︎ highest rank ♋︎ #1 in soonhoon [12/04/18]

  • Strippers ▶ Soonhoon
    12.3K 388 15

    "Sorry Jihoon. I'm the Top again. Be ready, I'll be rough tonight" - Kwon Soonyoung ( Jihoon's Rival) Soohoon au kung saan magkalaban si Jihoon at Soonyoung sa isang strip club. Napagdesisyunan nila na magpustahan na kung sinuman ang may pinakamaraming tips. Sila ang magiging Top ng gabi. [Svt Club Series #1] [Strippe...

    Completed   Mature
  • infidèle ; soonhoon
    902 71 5

    ❝ he kissed my lips, i taste your mouth. he pulled me in, and i was disgusted with myself. ❞ [k.soonyoung ; l.jihoon]

  • As Time Stops 【soonhoon】
    12K 695 54

    「HALA?! MAY SINGKIT NA ALIEN?!」 "Ako pala si Soonyoung at iuuwi kita sa planeta namin." "Lul no. Hindi ikaw si Matteo Do kaya NO! Hindi pwede!" Pabebe Series Your Forever【verkwan】 Till the End 【meanie】 The Memories 【seoksoo】 As Time Stops 【soonhoon】 You made my Day【jeongcheol】 The start of us【junhao】 ●●●●●●● Starts at...

  • you make my day | soonhoon ✓
    39.2K 3.1K 18

    to most people, the sun is up there, in the galaxy; big and bright, yellow and burning, more than a thousand degrees hot. to soonyoung, the sun is down here, too close but still too far to reach. he loved too deeply, and that was his catastrophe. but isn't better to have been burned by the sun than to have never flown...

  • boys be | seventeen ✓
    1M 65.8K 205

    VERY SHITTY WRITING FOR THE FIRST FEW CHAPTERS! STARTED AT YEAR 2015 SO EXPECT OLD SVT JOKES. BOOK 2: GOING SEVENTEEN this book makes seventeen's life look more horrifying than actually reading the work itself. contains a lot of words as strong as jihoon's distaste for everything else. includes free roasting lessons...

  • Huwag Mo Ng Itanong {soonhoon}
    8K 478 29

    "huwag mo nang itanong sa akin, di ko rin naman sasabihin." -Lee Jihoon. || in which kwon soonyoung likes lee jihoon and is desperate to know his answer ||

  • ugly soonie ; soonhoon
    268 23 2

    ❝ in which kwon soonyoung is an ugly ducklingㅡhamster, rather. ❞ [k.soonyoung ; l.jihoon]

  • Radio Station | + l.jh
    18.4K 973 62

    Dj Series #1 In which Kwon Soonyoung listens to a radio station to feel better, but instead of feeling better. He fell in love with an mysterious Dj. "Hi This is Dj Woozi! How can I make you happy?" "Be mine?"

  • Between Us || SoonHoon FF
    2.1K 132 12

    "Papanagutan kita." -sOoNhOoN "Ulo mo. Panagutan mo sarili mo" -soonhoon - Note: Sabog ako kaya wag kayong ano. Inosens ako hihihi-aRAY SEUNGKWAN! INANO KITA?! Inosens naman talaga ako.

  • querencia ; soonhoon
    4.1K 420 19

    ❝ you are my querencia, i found my strength in you. ❞ [k.soonyoung ; l.jihoon]

  • katol »soonhoon
    13.4K 764 32

    ❝let's katol sniffing, jihoon!❞ ❝mag-isa ka.❞ in which soonyoung invites jihoon to smell some katol with him. a soonhoon fanfic copyright © 2017 by synneiri

  • fuck buddies • soonhoon
    275K 8.1K 82

    Where in Soonyoung and Jihoon are fuck buddies.

  • Fall || Soonhoon
    1.2K 74 11

    Where Lee Jihoon falls in love with the 'not so famous' cassanova, Kwon Soonyoung. --- *Talong Series #2: soonyoungxjihoon *Epistolary//Narration *Romance//Humor//Angst//Fluff//Yaoi//Boyxboy --TALONG SERIES-- #1 Stars || Meanie #2 Fall || Soonhoon #3 Kiss || Jihan #4 Special !TO BE ANNOUNCED!

  • Façade- SoonHoon Fanfic
    2.5K 221 8

    "No secret. No lie. Not even your facade. Can ever... Change my love for you." -Woozi ////// 9/14/16 11:20 PM

  • BabyBoy || k.s x l.j
    4K 15 12

    {START AT THE CHAPTER "SURPRISE.01" FOR THE ACTUAL START OF THE STORY. IF NOT JUST INJOY SOME SMUTS AT THE BEGINNING} Soonyoung and Jihoon have been dating for a little over a year and have been going to college together along with all of their friends. Jihoon lives with Soonyoung since he couldn't handle all of the...

  • Tears for the better
    3.2K 121 4

    What happens when Soonyoung, a famous and well-known idol, announces his relationship with Jihoon, who is just an ordinary person?

  • Hidden {Soonyoung x Jihoon} (COMPLETED)
    5.8K 211 14

    a story in which soonyoung is hiding something from jihoon warning! this book includes rape and murder at some point! if you're uncomfortable with these topics I suggest you check out my other books! 💕

    Completed   Mature
  • Adamant Adoration | Soonhoon
    6.1K 273 8

    ❝Don't play around, I know you're there. Feels like you'll appear, so I'm just waiting aimlessly. Don't wanna cry.❞ - Bounded by the curse that was the 'childhood friend' label, Jihoon had been in love with Soonyoung for as long as he could remember. He wore his heart on his sleeve, yet everyone but the target of his...

  • our first ; soonhoon
    28.3K 734 2

    Chapter One is fluff (with tons of kissing) and Chapter Two is smut ;) another rp by me (@kawaiileona) and Angie (@IAdoreU17)

  • lost stars | soonhoon [COMPLETED]
    93.6K 4.7K 123

    uji: hoy nasan ka? howsh: /seen/ ▶ lost series#1 ◀ ❤180602 - #6 in short story

  • Exception [Soonhoon]
    238 20 1

    Soonhoon fic for last year's Soonhoon Fic Fest. Cross posting here now :) Originally posted on September 19, 2016

  • Talking Habits ¤ SoonHoon ✓
    492K 22.8K 184

    "Daputa" "Isang mura mo pa Ji, Hahalikan na talaga kita" Magkaibigang tunay, resbak at handang naka-alalaya sa isa't-isa. Simula pagkabata, sila'y magkaibigan na. Isang palamura, outcast at makasarili kaibigan ng isang palakaibigan, masiyahin at mabait na bata. Isang Cussing machine at isang Kissing Machine. Isang KU...

    Completed   Mature
  • philophobia ; soonhoon
    583 44 3

    ❝ he fears the thing that keeps everyone alive. ❞ [k.soonyoung ; l.jihoon]

  • Rejection <SoonHoon>
    16.4K 888 22

    Admitting you have a crush on your best friend is one thing, telling your best friend you have a crush on them is something else entirely. ALT; Kwon Soonyoung finally tells Lee Jihoon that he likes him, and things go exactly the way you would expect. How do you recover from a rejection you fully expected?

    Completed   Mature
  • Operation Soonhoon ; Soonhoon
    107K 5.8K 27

    Yoon Jeonghan has a single friend. Choi Seungcheol has a single friend. Well, what could possible go wrong with setting these two single Pringles up?

    Completed   Mature
  • 『maybe』 s.h
    34.7K 1.9K 31

    ❝ maybe you can call me baby ❞ ♡ completed ♡

    Completed   Mature