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  • Sinfully Beautiful
    3.8K 148 14

    Black butler fan fiction. Sebastianxoc enjoy!~

  • The Deadly Silver Assassin (On Hold)
    135K 3.7K 18

    My OC Chi. and HunterxHunter...good luck. Your gonna need it after all your gonna be facing the infamous Silver Assassin. Don't let her appearance fool you. Her status is even more terrifying then the famous Zoldyck Family. She is hyper. and quite stupid. but just a BIG warning...don't get her angry. She just might...

  • Ichigo's Twin Sister
    23.3K 629 29

    I'm rewriting this. Sorry if you liked the way it was going originally (unedited) but I just read through it and I'm cringing inside. Like dear Kami. I'm working on it now so it'll be re-done by next week.

  • A Fairy Lost in Darkness
    559 18 5

    This is a tale of a fairy. She was the light for the most famous guild of Fiore. She is a secret to the world. To even most of their own guild members. The very name of her brings scars, sadness, pain, and grief. Especially for their master. Makarov Dreyar. He couldn't do anything back then and for that he lost the so...

  • Delicate Rose
    232 14 1

    OHSHC Fanfiction. Kyoya x oc Haruhi's little sister Warning Drama (it's ouran highschool host club what do you expect?) I do NOT own this anime. If I did there would be more kyoya and Mori-sempai time. Enjoy!~

  • Serenity
    33.1K 1.3K 74

    ATTENTION: the name of the main oc has changed to Tsubaki Naruto Fanfiction! It will be a Kakashi x oc Naruto is a genius, Team seven will be a 'family', Civilian Council bashings, Elder Council Bashings, Naruto Has a twin sister, Demons, Dragons, Gods, Goddesses, and Reincarnation. Rated M at some parts, getting mor...

  • The Secret Genius
    2.4K 64 7

    The Secret Genius; connected to 'Serenity'. Naruto Uzumaki...Known idiot, a prankster, big dreamer, a demon, a brat. But he is also a boy with many secrets. He hides his true self in shadow. Pulling a mask over his brilliance. But now. With a team and his precious twin sister with him. Can he still hide it all? Side s...

  • Changing the Future...with a book
    111K 1.1K 22

    Warning- has ocs, and this was written by a much younger me- in other words this needs to be heavily edited. Naruto fanfic During the Team Minato time line. This has Jiraiya (Pervert), Tsunade (legendary sucker), Hiruzen (Third Hokage), Minato, Kushina, Kakashi, Obito, Rin, (they are all Chunins!), Mikoto (Sasuke's mo...

  • The Past?
    2.7K 49 5

    future goes to past. (Old man kakashi, adult naruto, adult sakura, adult sasuke, and adult shikamaru) WARNING!! This was created because again I was BORED and DESPERATE to get my writing juices flowing (still sounds so wrong XD) Has cursing in it! Like the other fanfiction "CHANGING THE FUTURE WITH A BOOK" it is conne...

  • Another Curse (Fruit Basket Fanfic)
    3.9K 141 4

    I do not own fruit basket only my character Kisa A young adult walked through the woods. Her eyes dulled and blank. She had long Black hair with a blue tint. And dark blue odds that seem as dark as black was in a glare. Her fist tightened together as she made it in front of a certain household that dwelled her precio...

  • Tears of Blood
    4.2K 213 16

    Being re-edited! But I'm working on future chapters now!! A girl who has suffered much grief. She has been alone all her life time. She us the one who cries tears of Blood. She is known as Shi. Well I am bad at descriptions I hope you read it! Enjoy

  • The Rogue Hunter (Naruto Fanfic)
    7.2K 214 14

    Naruto's twin. Neither knows. She is dull and very sarcastic at times and likes to test people's temper. But she is secretly hyper almost even more hyper then the Blonde that is her brother. But one thing you don't want to do. DON'T WAKE HER UP! She is almost a perfect copy of her Mother! And you might just die. Good...

  • The Red Huntress
    97 7 2

    An Uzumaki sent to a different world to grow, a evil man with a mask wants her dead before she can become a nuisance. Somehow sent back to her unknowingly home dimension, Kuen Uzumaki or the Red Demon as she prefers, has to learn her way around this world, survive it, help, and piss off a ton of people. It's all the b...

  • Drunken Time-Travel
    1.1K 28 7

    A Naruto fanfiction based in my Serenity series. M Rated! for language and actions. Is before the Boruto Generation! (as in Boruto and his gen has yet to be born yet) Enjoy! (may have somethings that will be confusing if you have read my first book of the Serenity Series, 'Serenity' it won't be as much. But things wi...

  • From the Far Future to the Distant Past
    164 14 3

    Eight people angered two Dragons that after a long boring wait got their powers back. Well Boruto angered them. The other seven were just dragged into this mess. Ryuu, Sakumo, Sora, Kushina, Yuki, Sarada, and Himawari sat at the smoothie bar forced to listen to Boruto's stupid ridiculous ranting. And over hearing thi...