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  • Emma: Before Time Stopped (PREQUEL)
    1.5K 111 4

    ~ Prequel ~ Please go back and read "Emma: The Legend of the Darkstalker" and "Emma: The Glow Within" first. How did Emma survive alone as a little girl, and gain control of her powers? What made her so feared? How did Blaze survive under Drago's care? What about Hiccup's life before he met Toothless? All will be ans...

  • Truth or Dare The Big 8.
    897 71 10

    Title say's it all!

  • Emma: The Monster Inside Me (HTTYD Fanfic, Book 3)
    13K 573 36

    Emma book 3 Please go back and read the first two books :)

  • Emma: The Legend of the Darkstalker (HTTYD Fanfic)
    192K 7.7K 44

    rank: #18 in howtotrainyourdragon My name is Emma. I'm different than other nineteen-year-old girls; in fact, I'm different than everyone. I posess strange, evil powers--I always have. For starters, my chocolate brown hair has a dark purple sheen to it, and my eyes are dark purple as well... But the really weird thing...

  • Emma: The Glow Within (Book 2, HTTYD Fanfic)
    61.1K 3.4K 60

    Sequel to "Emma: the Legend of the Darkstalker" Please go back and read the first book, so that you'll know what's going on :) Book two in the "Emma" series.

  • Feathers
    181 15 7

    When a alien princess is sent to another world by her power hungry uncle she and her friends must find a way to return to her home planet and defeat her uncle. Can she save her home, her family, and everyone she loves?

  • Thief For Hire || Newt Scamander x Reader
    246K 10.9K 36

    She kept running, running as fast as her legs would carry her. The man behind her was in hot pursuit, chasing her like there was no tomorrow. "Give me that case!" - She was set up to steal his case, but she ended up stealing something else instead. - Highest Rank: #2 in Newt Scamander x Reader - Note: Story was writte...

  • Imaginary || Newt Scamander x Reader
    288K 14K 35

    "You have no right to talk about her like that, you hear? No right." "Newt, she never never existed." - Newt wakes up in a holding cell in MACUSA headquarters, no idea why he's there. The people there only tell him one thing: the girl he keeps mentioning and asking to see never existed. - Sequel to Evanescent || Newt...

  • Evanescent || Newt Scamander x Reader
    1.3M 52K 29

    "Step into my case, I will not have you lose your memory." - Newt Scamander ends up staying longer than he planned in New York, meeting a girl he never planned on. Is he just being silly, or could this mean more? - Highest Rank: #1 in Fantastic Beasts - Note: Story was written only after the first movie came out, so e...

  • Disworks Texts
    1K 55 5

    Just random conversations between Disney and Dreamworks characters.

  • Maybe I'm Afraid... (Mericcup)
    568 38 4

    Struggling to get over his most recent breakup, the new Chief of Berk is visiting Dunbrough to sign a peace treaty. The princess is given the assignment of seeing to it that things all go smoothly. An assassin is hired to remove the royal family, leading to the two living on the run. A Viking Chief, an Archer, a Thief...

  • Reading Harry Potter
    1.5K 47 3

    Reading the full (cannon) series. Might be separated into individual stories, might not. Who knows? Dear Snuffles, First of all, love the new name! It suits you! We think you and the Order would find these books interesting. It would probably be a good idea to pull Harry and his friends out of school for this as well...