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  • snakeskin : FP JONES
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    "a snake never sheds his skin fp" .

  • 𝑺𝒉𝒆 𝑪𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒔 𝑴𝒆 𝑫𝒂𝒅𝒅𝒚 𝑻𝒐𝒐|| Riverdale||Finalizada ||
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    (portada nueva hecha por mi) Nueva estudiante, buena y tímida... un hombre mayor cambiará eso, el hombre aquel líder de "SouthSide Serpents" Basada en algunas cosas de las temporadas 1 y 2 de la serie de "CW". Los únicos personajes que me pertenecen es la protagonista y su familia. Créditos a sus respectivos autores...

    Completed   Mature
  • BACK TO YOU, (riverdale) [#2]
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    ❝I KNOW I'D GO BACK TO YOU❞ Después de haber estado alejada durante un buen tiempo de Riverdale, Hera se plantea volver a aquel pueblo, dejando de lado la cantidad de sentimientos que podrían reaparecer si lo hacía. ¿Valía la pena regresar? ¿Después de tanto sufrimiento y dolor? La respuesta era: sí. Había cosas que...

  • Venom { FP Jones }
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    "Guys like you always want something." "You've never met a guy like me sweetheart." One small exchange was all it took for the serpents charming venom to slither itself into her willing veins. His poisonous desire would soon be the reason for her demise. { set before season 1 of Riverdale }

  • The Serpent Princess //FP X Reader//(Book 1)
    5.3K 125 4

    ⛔️DISCONTINUED ⛔️(See Bio for more details) Y/N Topaz, (aka Flurry, or the serpent princess) Toni Topaz's older sister, has returned 7 years after fleeing Riverdale from an unfortunate incident. Hoping to keep all of her sins behind her, she comes back with better intentions for herself, and her sister. Also after fi...

  • His Storm🐍FP Jones
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    Every guy has a storm, a girl he likes or is close to. A girl who drives him to be his best. For FP Jones, that's Raven Gray. Being the daughter of a well known Serpent and having had a traumatic past, Raven had always been slightly on the crazy side. What happens when she meets the eldest Jones after years of being a...

  • Shattered (FP Jones FanFiction)
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    Scarlett Jeffries. A seventeen year old who, after her mother's passing, began to spiral out of control. Always trying to fill a void. Drugs, Men, Drinking. She lived as if life was a nonstop party. Her father, Malcom Jeffries, tired of his daughters actions decided in a final act of desperation it was time to move. H...

  • painkiller | fp jones
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    Riley Andrews returns home after living in Chicago for a few years. She finds herself attracted to the same man she's been crushing on since she was a kid, her dad's best friend from high school and the father of her brother's best friend. FP Jones. Both FP and Riley have been through things they'd rather not remembe...

  • Fp's life
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    Story about young Fp and his life before he became the gang leader. Will jump into modern time in some chapters. Leave a comment, leave a suggestion but remember peace, love and positivity. Oh yeah haters suck a dick. Bye❤️

  • I'm Falling In Love With Southside Serpents Leader [18+]
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    Y/n been having a relationship with FP only one knows is her parents and her gang but not her friends they had to break it off but what happen they have feeling for each other again. I own none of Riverdale characters all the credit goes to the producers and creators of the show. I only own my reader

  • My Boy {FP Jones}
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    "Sam? Is that you?" Fred question. I smiled and turned a bit. "Fred, I thought that was you." FP froze and stared at me. "You still look like Rachel from friends." "And you still look like the psychopath from Scream, what's your point?" I sipped on my milkshake.

  • eighteen • fp jones
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    in which Vladimir Nabokov's novel is left behind in a diner by a pretty girl with an affinity for strawberry milkshakes and older men [age gap]

  • The Broken Snake
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    Rose Cooper is Betty Cooper's twin sister. Before Polly did, Rose dates Jason Blossom. He broke her heart, and she became a different person. She became a serpent after school, but is quiet at school. At night, she's a queen in love with the king.

  • Venom» FP Jones
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    Danielle Prescott didn't just stumble across small town Riverdale. She hunted for it. After her 16 year old sister, Tess Prescott's death, she wanted answers. She knew her sister often left her hometown, or should she say home city, Los Angeles. She constantly went on road trips and vacations when she had the chance a...

  • The Cooper Rebel
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    Betty has a twin. Betty has a twin who's a serpent. Betty has a twin, who's a serpent, who's in love with a man her mother's age. Katie Cooper is everything Betty's not. She where's green and black, she dyes her hair black, she has piercing, and she's in love with the leader of the snakes.

  • Classy Lil Hoe
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    Alexia Hepburn has grown up with the Jones'. Practically living there as a child because of her parents always disappearing on "business trips". When her parents end up dead in a plane crash, Alexia has no where to go, besides the Jones'. Moving in, and helping to pay the bills, something in the sir changes when the...

  • FP Jones Imagines
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    There are hardly any imagines and preferences of FP and I freaking looooovvvve him, so here ya go!

  • Cigarette Burns // FP Jones
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    'Smiling, I put the smoke between my lips, cupping the cigarette in my hands as it lit, ready to burn a hole into my youthful lungs. The taste, the exhilarating feeling of the nicotine in my throat made me feel warmed, and as if I knew what I was doing here. At least I would have one thing in common with the bikers, t...

  • Here ~ A FP Jones Story
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    *A Young FP Story* "Do you just mess with every girl out there? Oh this one wants to be in a gang I'll fuck her." I pause and scrunch my face at my own cursing. "Oh this one does drugs I'll screw her, oh this one wants nothing to do with me but I'll pin her to the wall and kiss her anyway." I was out of breath and I b...

  • Collision // FP Jones
    4.3K 125 8

    Alexandra Andrews. Riverdales least favorite 24 year old. But Fred Andrews little girl. She was specifically told to steer clear of the south side. But one man had Alexandra under his trance. Life's about to change. What happens when the Andrews and Jones collide? Find out by reading Collison.

  • Bury my past
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    Fp Jones x reader The journey of Fp and his best friend and how their life escalates.

  • A Serpents Sin • FP JONES
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    FP lowered his head to look at her, chest heaving, eyes burning, unable to stop his hand reaching out and tracing from her neck to her collarbone. Avery bent under his touch, a mischievous smirk gracing her features, "Oh daddy Jones what will you do with me now".

  • fractured • FP JONES [2]
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    in which she comes back, running away from her past back to the safety of riverdale. au fp × oc

  • Bad Endings
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    Don't go to the Southside they all said but you never listened.

  • Return to Riverdale
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    You don't know who to trust, other than your family. But when they steer you away from what you want, sometimes you can only trust yourself.

  • A Serpent's heart | FP Jones
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    Anastasia and her mother are moving to Riverdale hoping for a new beginning. The town turns out to be much more intriguing than she expected. Inlcuding the man she just can't stop running into. x English is not my mother tongue so bear with me x Some details of Riverdale might be wrong x Anastasia and her friends are...

  • Just My Type (Fp Jones x Oc)
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    "You think you understand, but you don't. You don't know. So just...drop it."

  • FP Jones Fanfic
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    You were the new girl in Riverdale. The badass biker and daughter of a Serpent himself. There was something about his friend though... something that you couldn't resist