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  • opposites attract ° kth & jjk
    331 59 9

    " moon dust in your lungs, stars in your eyes, you are a child of the cosmos, a ruler of the skies " Jeongguk and Taehyung are in love. But, just one touch; one kiss, and there's chaos that sets both the lives of themselves and their existence at risk. - top!tae BTS AU ParistheDreamer ©️ started: 04 24 2018 end...

  • isolation
    184K 15.1K 32

    they way you are, it scares me.

  • viridity. kth x jjk / vkook
    99.3K 6.1K 10

    taehyung finds the home he never had in jungkook's arms.

  • blank | taekook
    273K 15.8K 21

    jungkook was not just an outsider. he was also an artist. began - 150812 completed - 160728 © rainmyeon | 2015

  • letters to no one ➳ [poetry]
    5.8M 335K 77

    ❝i've delicately chosen letters to form words and words to form sentences, each sentence a colorful paint stroke on the canvas of my mind.❞ [ #1 in poetry on 27/08/16 ]

  • serendipity ⚣ jjk.kth
    425 24 3

    ❝His spotlight shines; where his sketchbook lies.❞ \-✰-/ Jeongguk is a college freshman who's been living in a hesitant atmosphere all his life. Taehyung is a colorful, energetic college junior who's passion becomes positively contagious. By chance, mediums cross-over. ...

  • capture ⚣ jjk.kth
    1K 50 1

    ❝The moment the lens focused on you, I wanted to capture you.❞ -\✰/- oneshot vkook / taekook photographer!tae neutral!kook ©-ramyum- all rights reserved

  • the sky above ⚣ jjk.kth
    553 34 1

    ❝It doesn't matter how I feel today, whether it be happy, sad, ecstatic, depressed; I'd never forget to look up at the sky.❞ \-✰-/ oneshot taekook/vkook © -ramyum- all rights reserved

  • melt ⚣ jjk.kth
    2.8K 150 7

    ❝ Yes, I'm a regular customer here. ❞ ❝ But... we just opened up for business today? ❞ He clapped his hands and pointed at me as if in a 'eureka' moment. ❝ Exactly!❞ \-✰-/ A new gelato shop needs new customers, and you never really know who shows up behind those doors. short story v...

  • heartbreaker. / taekook
    23.4K 1.9K 14


  • Dark Waters ✓ tk
    825K 64.5K 62

    Seven strangers meet each other, every one of them helpful in their own special way as they battle against forces of evil when the world tumbles into destruction. In the midst of it all werewolf Jungkook & merman Taehyung meet each other in a doomed world. 「In a world where hope is nowhere to be found, a tale of sev...

  • Atama ✓ tk
    733K 53.7K 42

    In Jungkook's case the ♥︎ is smarter than the💡 Taehyung and his gardener Jungkook meet each other between rose petals & tea parties for stuffies. jjk ⤊ kth ⤋ ✰ cover made by @tzuwinkle ✰

    Completed   Mature
  • Taehyung's Worst Nightmare
    346K 24.5K 26

    Priya, an international ARMY switches bodies with Kim Taehyung. How smoothly do you think that'll go? . . . Cover design: @ravsisrekt ; sticker design: creds go to rightful maker :)

  • porn star | taekook
    1.3M 55.8K 79

    taehyung figured out that a mask he wears everyday wasn't enough to cover up his identity wtf even is this book ofenodndodndos 『Completed』

  • instagram - jjk.kth
    966K 32.8K 128

    rising actor jungkook runs an instagram account for his bangtan bias taehyung (alternatively just another basic instagram au story) highest ranking; #194 - 20/10/17 #255 - 13/10/17 #292 - 11/10/17 #340 - 9/10/17

  • Impress
    4.3K 4.6K 35

    Jeon Jungkook has a different way of asking his crush out

  • Smile For The Camera! | YoonSeok
    85.5K 6.3K 9

    "His smiles always look so genuine.." "It's because his smiles aren't for the camera, they're for the man behind it."

  • Graphite Smudges | YoonSeok
    527K 46.1K 42

    "It's amazing how you can preserve someone's beauty with just the flick of your wrist and some smudges of graphite."

  • Coffee Boy | YoonSeok [DISCONTINUED]
    116K 7.9K 21

    Sequel to Flower Boy -- "I wish I could see you right now... Are you alright?" "Don't worry about me."

  • Flower Boy | YoonSeok
    1.2M 83.7K 46

    "Roses are red, violets are blue-" "Violets are purple, believe me I would know."