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  • His Secret [Completed]
    1.4M 46.6K 103

    Despite Sophia defying the odds and securing a job at the most prestigious company in New York City, she struggles to see the threat from her past creeping it's way back into her mundane life. Will it ruin the possibility of a happy future or was she always destined for a lifetime of loneliness? ...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Girl He Never Noticed
    225M 6.9M 93

    Officially now a series! Watch it for free on MediaCorp's Youtube Channel- MediaCorp Drama. - When billionaire bad boy Eros meets shy, nerdy Jade, he doesn't recognize her from his past. Will they be able to look past their secrets and fall in...

  • His Very Personal Assistant
    20.6M 539K 38

    Nicolas Witmore is the hot beast and hot topic for Los Angeles paparazzi. He is the C. E. O and a billionaire. He is a playboy with an arrogant attitude. He is known as the most cold hearted person a person could ever meet. But why did he become like that? It is the reason only he knows. But once he finds the person h...

  • Marked by the Alpha
    41.6M 1.2M 37

    "You are mine," He murmured across my skin. He inhaled my scent deeply and kissed the mark he gave me. I shuddered as he lightly nipped it. "Danny, you are mine and only mine, you understand?" Daniella Saunders had a pretty rough life. After being heartbroken and betrayed by both her father and her boyfriend, Danny mo...

  • Her Beastly Mate *Book 2*
    1.4M 66.3K 68

    *Book 2 of A Beauty and The Beastly King series* Samuel's parents are back, causing the once cold hearted beast to shut everyone out. Fear consumes him, Arabella desperately tries to protect the man she loves. However, their problems don't stop there, there is something far more darker forming beyond their lands. Some...

  • Human Luna #Wattys2016
    31.3M 1M 97

    "You stupid bitch!" Screamed the red head turning to face me. Her drink spilled all over her. "I'm so sorry, i didn't mean to." I said backing away. As i was backing up i was stopped by a wall. The girl came stalking towards me with her hand ready to strike. I closed my eyes ready for impact but it never came. I opene...

  • A Beauty and The Beastly King
    9.1M 314K 76

    "You took my father from me! You killed him!" I snarled, pulling against the chains. He watched me with those same dead eyes, not an ounce of emotion. "He trespassed into my home and stole my food, he got what he deserved." he stated calmly. I bared my canines, just wanting to rip through his flesh with them. "Now I k...

    Completed   Mature
  • Man of the Match: Intimate Scenes
    268K 4.7K 6

    "He may have been able to wait, but I'm not. I need you, Cara, urgently. Now." This companion work contains the mature rated scenes from Man of the Match.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Marking
    23.7M 130K 6

    *Completed* *Unedited* With every step he took towards me, I took one back until I hit the edge of his bed. A deep growl rumbled from his throat and I tried to make myself smaller in hopes that he would leave me alone. Being a human, I stood no chance against this beast in front of me. He would tear me apart. His mus...

    Completed   Mature
    15.4M 497K 37

    WARNING!!! MATURE content for 18 years old and above!!! If you're an INNOCENT or NOT AN OPEN-MINDED reader, please refrain from reading this story! Carina ran away from Regan years ago after she found out about how he used and deceived her. But Regan searched for her and didn't give up until he found her. Now that the...

    Completed   Mature
  • She's mine, exclusively mine (COMPLETED)(Published Under PSICOM Pub.)
    13.8M 366K 22

    WARNING!!! MATURE content inside for 18 years old and above! If you're an INNOCENT or NOT AN OPEN-MINDED reader, please refrain from reading this story! Carina was always been a shy girl. She doesn't know how to voice out her opinions and always awkward around people. After what happened to her mom, she was left alone...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bad Boy's.....What?
    11.8M 284K 38

    I don't know how it happened. One minute I'm living an extremely lonely life and all it takes is getting lost to change all of that. But, change is good, right? Yeah, if you take the fact that I was entrusted with the most adorable little girl as good. Throw in a reunion with a twin brother that I haven't s...

  • Something Inside (Published)
    38.3M 934K 45

    Ashton Miller was the richest, most powerful and sexiest man alive. Being a multimillionaire, he had everything he could have ever wanted; girls, cars, and so much money he didn't know what to do with. As the biggest playboy in New York, Ashton jumps from girl to girl breaking their hearts as he went along. He didn't...

  • The Bad Boy's Girl (Now Available as a Paperback and ebook)
    224M 4.2M 57

    AVAILABLE NOW IN PAPERBACK AND EBOOK WITH EXCLUSIVE COLE POV CHAPTERS: "Some people bring out the worst in you, others bring out the best, and then there are those remarkably rare, addictive ones who just bring out the most. Of everything. They make you feel so alive that you'd follow...

  • The Sapphire Pendant
    119K 4K 19

    Two royals, both of whom would do not want to meet each other, are brought together. An unspoken alliance form which leads to...more? Princess Adeline. Headstrong, defiant, loves solitude and wants to be a hunter. The last thing on her mind is marriage. But when Prince Joshua comes along to pick a bride amongst he...

  • Ruby's Secret
    5.3M 211K 34

    When the prodigal heiress comes home kept secrets were surely be revealed in a matter of time... At eighteen, Ruby St. Clair had run away from home and never bothered coming back again. After her parent's tragic death the rebellious heiress had stayed away from the public eyes. Now six years later, she exchanged her g...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Borrowed Bride [PUBLISHED]
    25.4M 780K 36

    They thought it was only a short love affair... Leandro Salazar, Conde de Parama, knew he had found the woman who will be his perfect mistress-sexy and wild in bed. But as soon as the summer ended the woman he made as his mistress vanished from the face of the earth as he had just imagined her. Now a few weeks later h...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Orsini Bride
    31.2M 888K 42

    Italian playboy billionaire Marco Orsini has a dilemma. With the ultimatum to either marry or get disinherited, he must now find himself a wife before his grandfather's birthday--and he entrusts his fate on one woman to find him the perfect bride. ********** Twenty-nine-year-old Francesa Marcolini never expected th...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Wallflower's Revenge
    37.9M 1.2M 52

    Russian heiress Tatiana Rostova thought that her 'happily ever after' would be with her beloved fiance. However, the people she cared about most betrayed her and left her dying. Saved by a handsome Italian duke, a plan of revenge blooms. ******* Tatiana Rostova took upon herself to seek revenge on the two people she l...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Substitute Bride
    31.3M 895K 36

    Sicilian heiress Laila Fiorenza is ordered by her strict father to meet the Greek billionaire fiancé of her runaway twin sister in her stead in order to keep the Fiorenza's prestige intact. But can this prim and proper princess truly shoulder this sham of an arrangement as a substitute bride? *** The sweet and lovely...

    Completed   Mature
    212K 4.5K 11

    The kiss continued, his mouth was warm and inviting and her lips were soft and sensual. "Why don't we do this, some other place more comfortable?" he suggested when they broke the kiss. "You lead..." Julia smiled, she couldn't wait any longer. Every minute she stood caressing him was a torture to her. He led her to he...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Hazards of Skinny Dipping
    5.3M 130K 29

    This isn't a deep book about first loves or self-discovery. If you want a book like that, I'd be happy to recommend one, but I don't have that kind of story to tell. Instead my story is about rash decisions and finding out that your dream guy is bad in bed. It's the story of when I finally went skinny dipping, and how...

  • Only You
    1.1M 36.9K 25

    Rena Blackshear vowed never to come back to Savannah, GA. Her life was spent forgetting everything she loved about it. Especially Blake Glass, her only love. Her perfect world was flipped upside down with one phone call, forcing her to return home. Everything had drastically changed, except her love for Blake. Wh...

  • Bane
    3.1M 82.5K 38

    How far can an Alpha go far his mate? Anna is an innocent, beautiful seventeen year werewolf waiting for her mate. But never did she expect him to be the every werewolf's nightmare, Alpha Beast. Alpha Beast. The name itself sounds dangerous. No one knows his real name. They just call him Beast. His presence oozes...

  • The Angry Alpha [#Wattys2015]
    339K 9.4K 26

    (Warning: mature) "Shut your pretty fucking mouth." He gripped her neck tightly and tugged her forward. "Your mine, if you cross this packs borders , your whole pack dies like this." He snapped his fingers, "Don't fuck with me." ------ Darkness . Ones history has never been so dark as this pack's. ------ 1st book i...

  • His Tesoro (Completed)
    668K 3.4K 9

    FULL VERSION AVAILABLE ON DREAME LINK INSIDE AND ON BIO "She got swept away by the storm in his eyes Drowning in his hurricane kisses It was the most beautiful disaster ever" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In which he lurks in the dark hidden away from her , playing the role of her guardian angel , protecting her and most importa...

  • His Personal Assistant.
    5.4M 115K 21

    I looked up at the star filled night sky as the tears I had been holding back poured out of my eyes uncontrollably. My life changed in an blink of an eye so to say. Two months ago, two months ago I was just a normal teenage girl going into womanhood. Now I am the wife to the one and only Triumph heir. I didn't want t...

  • The Mute Mistress [2020]
    22.3M 675K 33

    *The rewrite of "The Millionaire's Mistress"!* A selective mute woman works as a live-in maid for a troubled real estate mogul and discovers the thin line between being his help and his lover. ***** Mary Georgia, who has been a selective mute sinc...

  • Bye, Bye Virginity
    29.7M 390K 28

    *WARNING: Written in 2008, some content may be offensive* Stasee is your typical shy, quiet teenage girl until the night her brother's best friend Damen Hurtz decides to finally acknowledge her existence. In a desperate attempt to gain his acceptance she allows him to take the one thing every girl values most...her...

  • Taking What's His
    466K 12.7K 18

    "Do you have any idea how close fear smells to arousal?" "They both make your blood race in your veins and thicken your scent. It's making my mouth water little one." He spoke softly. Tears filled my eyes as horrible thoughts began to occur to me and I deeply regretted ever leaving that room. "Fret not my darling, I...