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  • •moonglade graphics• CLOSED
    13.9K 2.1K 77

    in which a girl attempts to make graphics for you, procrastinates, pats cats, and procrastinates some more. welcome to •moonglade graphics•, please do mind your step when entering and exiting the moving whirlwind of bad graphics and, it would seem... butterflies? [highest ranking #316 in random] open { } closed { ✓ }...

  • The Marauders: Year One | #Wattys2016
    6.5M 307K 202

    Moony. Wormtail. Padfoot. Prongs. Their adventures were the stuff of Hogwarts legend. But there are untold stories, stories that only the four of them know. Come along and discover the true tale of the Marauders of Hogwarts... #Wattys2016

  • The Last Princess
    6.1M 295K 94

    amazing cover by @ellebonnett #1 Fantasy 1/20/2018 *warning* completely unedited, so proceed with caution EDITED version on my profile ************************************************************************************* Elvina is the eighth princess of the elven forest. She had seven older sisters. All of them are de...

  • Warrior Cats: Cleardawn's Silence #Wattys2016 [Book ONE]
    257K 10.8K 46

    #Wattys2016 #feels *BOOK ONE of the CDS Series* *UNDER MAJOR EDITING* *SLOW UPDATES* :-: What would you do if your mother disappeared? What would you do when you suspected someone close to you had something to do with it? What would do... If your heart could never escape the pain, the betrayal... the guilt? Cleardawn...

  • Warrior Cats: Cleardawn's Secret [Book TWO]
    22.5K 916 7

    *S E Q U E L to Cleardawn's Silence* *DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE FIRST BOOK* -Book TWO of the CDS Series- What would you do if you killed your mother? What would you do if you had to lie to the cats you loved, just for your own safety? What would you become when you realized you were a killer? Cleardawn is s...

  • Spanish One
    7.1K 245 24

    Have you ever wanted to learn another language? Well, in this book, you can learn everything you normally would in your first year of Spanish class. You want to be a boss in the classroom, or impress your parents, right? You can find more information on all of this in the first chapter. Graciás, y ¡adiós! #383 in NON...