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  • Finn Wolfhard Imagines
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    Imagines of Finn W and his played Characters

  • Until We Meet Again
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    The quiet purr of the car's engine and the soft jittering of the tires over the black asphalt road pushed them towards the dreaded calling of Sleep. He couldn't sleep now behind the wheel. Besides, his love was in the passenger's seat. But he couldn't help the soft touch of Sleep's fingertips on his eyelids... And he...

  • Chubby Chaser (Billy Hargrove)
    607K 15.2K 41

    "I'm not loosing weight." I stated crossing my arms over my chest. "Princess, I couldn't care less if you did or not. I'm still getting paid. Now let's make something out of it." Riley's fine with the way she is but for her parents, not so much. So they do the unthinkable and hire a personal trainer to get her into s...

  • Songs I Write in the Shower (no joke)
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    I sing a lot, okay?

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    where we give you plots for one day at a time fics!

  • stranger things memes ✓
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    first stranger things memes book - 100k reached september 27th 200k reached october 7th #4 in random 500k reached december 29th © mileventrash 2016

  • Finn Wolfhard x Reader ( one shots )
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    [COMPLETED] sum short stories about you and Finn. sis made this story a long time ago so you could say its pretty cringey. (originally started and ended 2017 ) (also fixed some stuff)

  • Always, Anonymous • {losers club}
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    In which a girl receives letters from an anonymous boy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "When I met you... I never thought I would love you... I never thought I'd need you... I just thought of being friends with you... But as the days went by... You made me love you... in every simple...

  • suicide plant | ✔
    29.2K 3.8K 11

    events that planted a suicide. [Highest Ranking: #46 in Short Story] -•- (lowercase intentional for aesthetic purposes) TRIGGER WARNING! this book discusses events that lead up to a suicide. (there are NO gruesome scenes in this story.) if you are feeling suicidal, please seek professional help. you are loved by so ma...

  • When Dust Flies [a Sandlot Fanfiction]
    153K 3.1K 28

    Katie Franklin has been a part of the ragtag group of kids who played at the sandlot for as long as she could remember. But when a new kid moves to the Vally, everything changes.

  • Sandlot's Girl (COMPLETED)
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    Benny X Reader I do not own Sandlot/ Sandlot cast. No Copywrite

  • Harry Potter Memes
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  • The Marauders X reader
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    I hate this whole ass thing 🙃🙃

  • It Memes
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    So I saw the movie and thanks to people leaking pictures from the movie I made memes.....ENJOY????

  • Fandom | Preferences and Imagines
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    Fandom Imagines and Prefrences-Requests Open

  • My Bad Boy Gang:The Bad Boys Taught Me
    371K 9.5K 38

    Meet Athalia Francis. Athalia is 17,mixed and a bubble of excitement. Too bad no one knew that. At school she was labeled as a loner. I mean could you blame them ? She didn't have any friends, she doesn't talk much,she stays out of trouble,and yet she still gets bullied. It's really unfair...especially since she'...

  • Team Captains
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    ***REWRITE COMING SOON BECAUSE THIS IS CRINGE AF*** The strongest sports team for girls in Starrymont High School is volleyball. The strongest for the guys is football. Kennedy Valentine is the captain of the volleyball team. She is the kind of girl that doesn't like to lose any tournaments or games just like her arch...

    2K 266 25

    [content warning- strong language] cover by @plutointhestars scarlett's now a third year and is trying her best. whether it be murderers or eliza dragging her to quidditch matches, she just can't seem to catch a break.

    Completed   Mature
  • Warrior ♕ Loki
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    She, along with her sister, were the last of the Valkyrior. It's her decision now if she will do her duty as a warrior or let the fallen valkyrior's die in vane. {Thor: Ragnarok}

  • Harry Potter one shots
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    If you would like to request a one shot please comment! If you like this, look at my other story, Harry Potter preferences. I will do one shots of Harry Ron Draco Fred George Neville Cedric Young James Young Sirius Young Remus Young Peter Young Tom Dean Seamus Viktor Krum Oliver Wood And any others that you request...

  • The Third Prankster
    566K 14.2K 74

    Riley Diggory went down in history for her role in the second wizarding war and her extraordinary gifts. A close friend with the Weasley twins, this story takes you through her years at Hogwarts. A tale of self-discovery, loss, and war. Cover by @Ari_forev

  • (RIVALS) The Upside of Falling ✔️
    47.2M 2.4M 68

    || Available in book stores!! || watty award 2017 winner! || Becca's life takes a thrilling turn when she pretends to date Brett Wells, the most popular boy in school. Becca Hart is determined to coast her way through her senior year at Eastwood High School. Counting down the days until graduation had become her cru...

  • I Broke into the Alpha's House ✔
    14.4M 441K 45

    Highest rank: #2 in Werewolf 2018 She was running from her brother into the woods when she found a big house with lights on. She did not waste any second and opened the door to see more than 20 males watching a football game. They turned to look at her, amused and alarmed. "Please help." Stella is an 18-year-old tee...

  • 𝚕𝚞𝚌𝚒𝚏𝚎𝚛'𝚜 𝚍𝚊𝚛𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚐 [𝙸]
    2.5M 82K 40

    NOW PUBLISHED ON AMAZON: SAMPLE AVAILABLE When you wake up with no memories whatsoever in a place you've never heard of with people you've never met - what do you do? Freak out? Try and retrace your steps? Pretend nothing's wrong? In the case of Charmeine, it was having a one-to-one with the Anti-Christ. You know...

  • How ANXIETY Feels Like
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    you have to BREATHE.

  • A Mermaid's Kiss | OLD VERSION
    638K 30.5K 62

    I loved her, even if she never knew my name. She was my Ariel, and I know I am her Eric. No matter what she says. #1 in short story on 02/07/18 This beautiful cover was a gift from @Kmbell92! If you somehow haven't yet, please check her out!

  • Name That Character!
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    Welcome to yet another mini game on my account. This time around we will be playing guess the character, really simple game, just read the short rules inside!

  • A Hundred Roses
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    Published in the Poetry Category Come in if you want to feel the sadness, Or the pain, Or even the anger and happiness, But the only thing, That can make you truly happy, Is Christ. All rights reserved. Copying of any part is punishable by law. Any similarities to any book is extremely coincidental.

  • Bad Luck | Discontinued
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    Bad Luck ~ Definition: An unfortunate state resulting from unfavourable outcomes. Everybody gets bad luck right? Most people say from unlucky symbols like: - A black cat crossing one's path - The number 13 - Walking under a ladder - Breaking a mirror - Opening an umbrella indoors Lies. All of them. Bad luck just come...