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  • The Rebel Elite - Book Club
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    Welcome to Rebel Town, where all them outlaws cause this uproar. If you tend to stir up trouble, welcome, we like them wanted! Currently recruiting, become a rebel and join in the riot! This is a place to be free, to express and to inspire. The main goal here is to support each other in all and any endeavors, be it...

  • Graffiti - Creative Writing
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    #RebelCreations We revel in the art of writing so we dare you to find your inspiration and write the words to touch our rebel hearts. Practice makes perfect, so we recommend writing to improve your writing. Be a master of this beautiful art, let your creativity spill, and write for the sheer ecstasy of it.

  • Rebel Worx - Anthology
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    A collection of creative writing from the Rebels. All the creative pieces in this anthology were inspired by prompts from the Graffiti creative writing prompt book on our profile, check it out! Get your write on!

  • Rebel Betas [OPEN]
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    A good dedicated beta is hard to find. But what better place to look than the town that is chalk full of talented reviewers and peer editors! We here at Rebel Town are invested in giving Wattpaders a chance to improve their writing skills, and in the vein of our Elite Book Club and Rebel Reviews, we'd like to offer a...

  • The Narcissus
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    Screenplay is the script of a film, including acting instructions and scene directions. Complete manuscript to be updated once in a while.

  • The Girl Who Kept Running
    14.5K 634 34

    He ran into her at street theater. She was a force of nature, not a casual first time hire. She brought the house down with her performance, literally pulled the audience to their feet in standing ovation. Her performance was too real, unnerving, deeply unsettling to him. He spent all his energy keeping up with her. A...

  • Unearth The Shadows
    18.2K 1K 15

    Lgbt+ | Featured in Fantasy | ⭐ #1 in #fantasy _____________________________________________ The Chill is a deadly, cold windblow that scratches windows and whistles against walls for a night. Heron - the heir of the monarchy of Ceres - lost his mother to The Chill two years later, and he still battles with the grief...