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  • hotel » vkook
    56.1K 2.4K 7

    in which taehyung chooses to have jungkook as his room partner, even if they don't seem to get along © changsubs ; 2016

  • 2am ; jinkook
    140K 10K 36

    [thrussyoongi2017] where seokjin and jungkook always come crawling back to one another around 2am

  • pillowtalkㅣjikook
    413K 20.2K 31

    ❝ i love you. ❞ ❝ you can't, please stop. ❞ ©aestheticallyjikook 2016-2017ㅣcompleted

    Completed   Mature
  • tease
    170K 11.3K 34

    "you're a tease, baby." jikook © yoongisparks

    Completed   Mature
  • #sugardaddy
    264K 9.6K 17

    little!jimin // daddy!kook

  • need
    65.7K 3.6K 17

    "i need you." vmin © yoongisparks

    Completed   Mature
  • Oppa. [bxb]
    538K 17.3K 10

    ❝The daddy kink is overrated.❞ PJM/MYG Warnings: smut and foul language. (Can chosen to be read as a boyxboy novel, rather than a fanfiction.) --- kinkykook 2017 no plagiarism © all rights reserved

  • lust
    253K 15.4K 58

    "maybe it wasn't love he's looking for, maybe it's lust." vmin © yoongisparks

    Completed   Mature
  • bite⚣ vkook ff.
    12.1K 379 1

    ❝ bite into me harder, make me beg for more ❞ luzeemarieyrayinson7 © 2016 credits to @keeponkissing for the beautiful cover!