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  • A Possibly Stupid Decision of Superior Possibility.
    7.1K 115 2

    Do not read if you haven't seen CH2 yet. You continued down the routes after having freed Poppy, and running into the next Monster of the Week, being Mommy Long Legs. As you try to escape her after getting the train ticket, you are stuck trying to keep distance. With a chance to finally do away with her, and continue...

  • The Champion of Kill La Kill
    155K 3.2K 31

    Y/n, On a secret mission to infiltrate Honnoji and find what information he can about the Kiryuin plans! He eventually runs into people who will be his life long friends, read now! And DONT LOSE YOUR WAY

    Completed   Mature
  • The A.I (A.I.Reader/RWBY)
    5.3K 125 3

    Its funny right? I know i shouldn't laugh at it but its funny to me, Rampancy is something that an A.i fear.. but i find it hilarious for some reason, for example! An A.I has to go through three stages? Well i mean people say four but who knows. Ok stage one Melancholia! Or Depression i would call it!. Second stage An...

  • New Addition: Fem creepypasta X Male Reader
    166K 1.8K 22

    Y/n was just a normal teenage boy, was. until his parents were killed in an accident leaving him to fend for himself in a world of hatred and cruelty. he thought it couldn't get worse, until he gets mixed up in a feud between darker forces of the world. hopefully he can try and survive this and maybe live to see tom...

  • Plus Ultra....I guess (My Hero Academia X Male Reader)
    779K 18.3K 44

    (Story has been discontinued.) Y/N had a dream to one day become a hero so, to have that dream become reality he, trained he trained every day for the rest of his life from the very second he woke up to the second his body passed out from exhaustion, no matter how much his body ached and how much he told himself to sl...

  • The Clanker of Remnant (Droid Reader insert)
    161K 2.4K 27

    B1 battle droids, also referred to as standard battle droids, were the most widely-used battle droids manufactured by Baktoid Combat Automata and Baktoid Armor Workshop and saw extensive service as the mainlines soldier of the Trade Federation's mechanized armies during the Clone Wars, where it served in the Separatis...

  • A Scarred Spy (Abused And Neglected Spy Reader x RWBY) (HIATUS)
    172K 1.4K 22

    (Y/N) adopted by the Rose/Xiao Long/Branwen family (I know it's over used) Thought he would be loved after 5 years when his original family died...he was wrong, rape beatings and being neglected is all he got...but (Y/N) had one thing reminding him to keep living...the thought of escape...and one day he did just that...

  • Splatoon X Male reader {Harem}
    79.3K 688 24

    What happens when Y/N, a inkling who lives in the great city of inkopolis, meets the four most loved pop idols of the world? Callie, Marie, Pearl and Marina. His world will change, for the better, or maybe the worst? Read and find out! -Ghostricks

  • Sent to die.
    124K 1.4K 23

    A Krieg Guardsman is transported to a far away planet to fight the Xeno menace. However, during this venture his transport is attacked and damaged. This accidently pulls it further into the Warp, He enters an emergency escape Pod and flees. The Pod lands by sheer luck on a hospitable planet. Remnant.

  • Daemons and Grimm (Warhammer 40k X RWBY) (AU)
    21.2K 283 22

    (I do not own Warhammer 40k or RWBY, they belong to their respective owners) The Grey Knights are one of the most secretive chapters of the Imperium. They are known as the "Fist of The Emperor". This story follows a Grey Knight in the name of Rytsar. He has fought countless battles across the galaxy. Banishing daemons...

  • A Soldier's Love (Warhammer 40K/RWBY Crossover) (Death Korps OC X Velvet)
    14.8K 162 6

    "In life, war. In death, peace. In life, shame. In death, atonement." These are the words that every man in the Death Korps of Kreig, serving under arms for the Emperor, recite before entering battle. Millions of soldiers, not born of mothers, but of mechanical wombs. Born solely to fight and die for the God-Emperor i...

  • The Ordo Remnant (RWBY X Male Reader Grey Knight)
    10K 137 9

    When a battle against the daemonic entities of the Warp casts Brotherhood Champion Y/N L/N into a strange new world. Will he keep his faith strong and route out the darkness or will he succumb to the perils of the World? I do not own RWBY or wahmmer 40,000. They both belong to their respective parties.

  • Warhammer Male Reader x rwby
    11.9K 57 9

    You are part of the chapter called the black Templars and get transported to remenant where you find beacon. this is my first rwby x series so help me out here I do not own Warhammer or rwby

  • Dark Souls 3 Vs RWBY
    49.7K 342 24

    A Red knight with hardly any emotions or trust, he wants to help others, whether its gonna kill him or not

  • I fight...for honor (Rwby x Knight reader)
    63.5K 472 13

    Diligence, a sense of duty, and chiverlry, but most imprtantly Honor.. these make the characteristics of a Warden

  • The shield of humanity (RWBY x Space marine reader)
    47.1K 464 9

    My second book. Well I just saw the overlord been pretty enjoyable, and I thought, what if I made a story about a space marine lost in the world of remnant? we'll see how it goes. and I did this book because most of the others are just fucking harems with more of 50 women... I mean I'm going to get aids at this point...

  • The next Crusade in Remnant
    33.2K 395 6

    Jerusalem has finally been reclaimed the holy land now belongs to the crusaders who have fought and died for it, while they think the crusade is finally done little did they know that another crusade unlike anything before will take place the city and all the crusaders will be transported under the shattered moon of a...

  • Zattaren Kombat
    2.1K 80 15

    (Reptile and Khameleon Ship) Reptile goes to Mortal Kombat academy for the first time to me another Zattaren, a female Zattaren. He was supposed to be the last Zattaren alive... The last of his kind. See: MrsHasashi1012 JadeVrBada

  • Wrath & Faith
    28.2K 311 17

    A love story between Wrath & Faith... Meliodas and Melascula Always had a strong attachment to each other. After the breakup with Elizabeth, Meliodas leaves the Boar Hat & The Seven Deadly Sins. And here is where this story begins...

  • Melascula x Male Reader
    27.6K 325 8

    Your the guard of the demon king you were soon turned to the guard of the commandments. you then met everyone of them but one catches your attention Melascula of faith read more to find out

  • A Very Bizarre Adventure
    109K 1.6K 15

    (Y/N) 'Jotaro' Kujo, with a semblance only a few know about, how will his adventure through Beacon Academy be like? Safe to say, it'll be bizarre. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is made by Hirohiko Araki, all mentioned JoJo character's belong to him. #1 in RWBY fanfic as of 08/07/19 #1 in starplatinum as of 11/26/19 (ON HO...

  • I Thought You Hated Me [Incest]
    21.8K 325 12

    "Who knew a group of gang members kidnapping me was the solution to helping me come to the realization that I do actually like my brother. And not in the sibling-like way." - Vanessa. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING! [15+] This book contains strong language and mild sexual content. How...

  • Female creepypastas x male reader
    226K 2.8K 66

    Just a story I came up with. I don't own the cover photo, nor the characters, all rights go to the original owner.

    Completed   Mature
  • Female Creepypastas X Male Reader (Harem) (Lemons)
    88.9K 499 18

    Well, this is my first story, I've read quite a few of stories like this one, so I kind of know what I'm doing. Anyways. You are (Y/n) [Your Name], and your a bit of a nerd at the school you attend. You can cook, speak different languages, destroy most people that step to you in video games, etc. Although your bullied...

  • Female creepypastas x male reader
    83.8K 807 19

    You are a legend amidst the Pastas they know not much of you but what they do know of is your a pirate assassin(Yes I'm basing this off of assassins creed 4 black flag) you sailed a unsinkable ship as the legends say looking to kill who ever you see as a blockade to fill your bloodlust. The money you received was quic...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fem Creepypastas x Male Reader
    280K 3.3K 46

    You were an out-casted seventeen-year-old high schooler who never really had may friends. Your mother and father were killed in a deadly car crash when you were only fifteen years old.You were in the car with them yet you survived with a few scrapes and bruises, the doctors said it was a miracle that you survived at a...

  • Fem Creepypasta X Male reader
    754K 9.2K 36

    Its my first time making a creepypasta story so go easy on me. Im gona put this out there now I dont really have a long term plan for this story, in other words, I dont really have an ending planned for this. That being said I will keep it going as long as I can but if I run out of ideas the story may cut off at a ran...

  • Winter Foxes (Sister Neo x Brother reader)
    7.2K 125 8

    You're the younger brother of Neo and I own nothing.

  • A Certain Serious Love Story
    38.6K 617 22


  • Retake *Discontinued*
    33.5K 941 67

    In their past lives, Nie Li and Nie Tai were the strongest Demon-Spiritists and stood at the pinnacle of the material world; however, their lives were lost during the battle with the Sage Emperor and Empress and their Twelve Deity Ranked Beasts. Now, their souls have returned to their thirteen-year old selves. Will th...