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  • Marvel Imagines
    174K 7.7K 61

    here, I will write male!marvel character x reader imagines. for rules about requests, please refer to the request page.

  • Pretend || {Dr.Strange x Reader}
    69.4K 1.5K 24

    It has been four months since it had happened. Four months since the defeat of Thanos, and from those four months you haven't been the same. - - - - -Warning ⚠️ Contains graphic art (sometimes), contains drugs, alcohol, adult content, strong language etc. - - - Novel takes place after the fight of Thanos, some close f...

  • Marvel • One-Shots
    261K 6.3K 49

    ••• Just as the title says! This is going to be a book of Marvel One-Shots!! Characters so far: >> Tony Stark >> Peter Parker >> Bucky Barnes >> Thor Odinson >> Steve Rogers >> Loki Laufeyson/Odinson >> Eddie Brock/Venom >> Pietro Maximoff Special inclusion (one off): >> Tom Hiddleston >> Tom Holland ••• PAUSED INDEFI...

  • Ironstrange Oneshots
    291K 9K 60

    Ironstrange Oneshots (I'm guessing you've read the title) There's plenty of angst, fluff and mush! No smut, sorry not sorry :) Don't worry, like most of you, I'm still trying to mend my heart after Endgame. Thank you for the love and support!

  • His Possession In Discretion - DISCRETION SERIES BOOK #1 | ✓
    56.9M 1.8M 68

    Brielle Newman A 21-year-old girl who was struggling to make life comfortable for herself and her niece, Delilah. Her sister left the baby the minute she could get up and leave the hospital. Brielle hasn't seen her since. She also hasn't seen her parents who walked out on her at 17 or her brother who went to the army...

  • Marvel parent scenarios
    353K 7K 23

    So I've seen these everywhere but they don't get updates frequently and that makes me sad so I decided to write one of my own :) I'll try updating as soon as I can, you can leave requests for a Marvel character or scenario if you wish and enjoy!

  • ONESHOTS ⊳ gavin reed x reader
    114K 4.5K 32

    ❝You know what, fuck you. I'll put up a sign that says 'No assholes allowed'.❞ ❝So you're banning yourself?❞ [Various scenarios] In which Gavin gets both redemption, and the love he deserves. Warning! Contains foul language and mature themes. Disclaimer! All characters appearing in this story are owned by David Cage a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Colleagues, Friends, or More? (roy mustang X reader)
    40.8K 1.4K 11

    You are an alchemist. Well, you've been studying and practicing alchemy since you were 6. Against you're family's wishes you had decide to become a state alchemist. Most people didn't know what kind of alchemy you studied but you were okay with that. When you were younger your older brother had made you commit the un...

  • Partners In Crime ~RK900 x Gavin~
    14.9K 820 13

    Post-pacifist ending: Detective Gavin Reed and RK900 end up as partners at Detriot Police Department. They both hate each other but learn to accept the circumstances they are under and grow as people and as partners. Rk900 x Gavin Gavin x Rk900 Reed900 900Gavin

  • Detroit: Become Human One Shots
    1M 29.4K 41

    One shots involving Connor, Markus, Daniel, Luther, Simon, and Ralph from Detroit: Become Human. They'll mostly be Connor and Markus. I only do M/F, not F/F or M/M. **WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE** **I AM NOT ACCEPTING REQUESTS AND I DO NOT DO SMUT** ** I DO NOT OWN ANY PICTURES UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE**