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  • Black and Blue
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    [EYELESS JACK, 111K] "Why didn't you say anything if you already knew who I was?" "I didn't know. Not then." "So your first instinct as a functioning college student, when you get attacked in your own bedroom by a masked to look them up and see if they're some viral internet story." "No, my first instinc...

  • Isolated [Creepypasta x Reader]
    6.7K 248 8

    Life in Cantwell, Alaska is dismal at best. The town is small and everyone knows everyone. So, when a large family of adopted teens and their single father move and enroll in Cantwell School it is completely understandable why everyone is so interested in them. And honestly I can't help but feel somewhat bad for them...

  • abhorrence // proxies
    4.5K 106 13

    abhorrence - a feeling of revulsion; disgusted loathing. i couldn't stand the stare him in the eyes, despite his bone crushing grip on either side of my jaw, i couldn't stand to look into those eyes behind the mask. they were staring and cold, unapologetic and i could spot the crinkles either side of them...a smile on...

  • Low Roar (Ticci Toby romance)
    306 25 8

    Not long after the fire in Colorado, Toby continued following the Operator to Alabama. There he struggles to get along with the other proxies, seeing their lackluster enthusiasm and disloyalty inexcusable. But after being shown compassion by an unwelcome vacancy at the Motel 6. Toby progressively feels himself questio...

  • Facilis Descensus Averno
    605 93 21

    [Creepypasta/Slenderverse/SCP] When a mass homicide rocks the quiet, small town community of New Haven, local detective Abigail Bishop and FBI Special Agent Joel Gilliam investigate to discover there is more to the case than meets the human eye, with a dangerous hidden threat of more to come. In the hunt for the terri...

  • "I'd Probably Still Adore You With Your Hands Around My Neck."
    17.1K 330 2

    Creepypasta fanfiction Toby x Masky/Tim Rated R for mature content (Sensative subjects, violent scenes, psychological struggle and explicit romance.)

  • Candor And Curiosity (A Slenderman Romance)
    75.1K 4.1K 49

    #1 In Slenderman 12/29/16 Elizabeth Black is nothing more than 25 year old Investigative Journalist fighting to earn a living in a small town in the north of Pennsylvania. She goes through life with a certain philosophy- "No one deserves to be kept in the dark." Apart from having to fight off blatant sexism, unwanted...

  • His Princess
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    **CREDIT FOR COVER PAGE GOES TO MY GOOD FRIEND @GothicLawlipop ** WARNING! There may be triggers. I won't be posting warnings so if you're sensitive I suggest not reading. Everyone else, I hope u enjoy! (Hopefully posting at least one chapter a week)