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  • (Rwby x Male Reader) Years to Remember
    68.7K 1.1K 32

    This is a RWBY reader insert. A story of you in the same school as RWBY. Will you complete the mission or disobey your Boss. Will you let love consume you or will darkness consume you. All will be shown here as you follow the story of a boy in his adventures at Beacon. This story was inspired by @The_Night_Stalker...

  • RWBY Coco Adel X Male Deadpool Reader
    10.6K 126 3

    I do NOT own RWBY or Deadpool.

  • RWBY: Deadpool!!!
    4.7K 26 16

    Marvel's Merc With A Mouth gets his own RWBY/Marvel spinoff as Wade W. Wilson fights against enemies, swearing the most swear able, and fourth walling YOU readers.

  • Slowly (Raven x MaleReader x Summer)
    52.6K 737 6

    Everything was going as normal until the night of the prom. When all cards were laid on the table, (y/n) was in the crossfire...

  • The Undercover Assassin of Beacon Academy
    23.9K 211 35

    You were an assassin for most of your life you've been through countless assassination missions but will you be able to survive your next mission. Going to school.

  • The Good, The bad And The Mercenary.
    35.7K 347 17

    Y/N L/N was a gun for hire until the age of 17. When guy with a cane and white hair made a proposal be a student at Beacon and be cleared of all charges and a fresh start or live your life out know as Merc with a mouth. you were never really enjoyed your job it was just the only thing you know how to do it paid well y...

  • One Man to Rule them All
    25.5K 324 9

    Y/n was a horrible child but that was because his parents where horrible. Because of this he did the usually cheat,lie,steal,frame,bully,misbehave,always got in trouble and at several points kill. But that wasn't enough,he wanted more,he wanted to rule the world with an iron fist. So when he was a teenager,he created...

  • The wrath(My Hero X Savitar Male!Reader)
    124K 1.6K 23

    I love this guy. My hero academia x male savitar reader

  • Ino x Reader
    27.6K 340 9

    MY first attempt at an x reader story so plz don't H8 appreci8. AND NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO LEMON WRITING! OH GOD I HATE LEMON WRITING. You and Ino have been friends ever since the second chunin exams and you started to gain feelings for her but you don't think she has the same feelings for you

  • Late Love: Ino x Male Reader
    45.6K 362 14

    All characters are from boruto time line (my first story so it might be bad) *Cringe Warning!!!!!*

    Completed   Mature
  • Betrayal! (Sakura x Male reader)
    15.9K 129 5

    Takes place right afteino x reader, read that before you read this. Ino just broke up with you, you realised the person you should've been with all along was in front of you, your childhood friend Sakura.

  • Male Reader x Sakura Haruno
    88.2K 896 12

    This story is about how you and Sakura come together throughout you life in Konoha.

  • Warriors Bond
    29.5K 471 10

    (Y/n) Night, a wizard that is kind of childish, and apart of the wizard council searches for a wanted fugitive along the way he meets some new and old friends as well as some new and old enemies too

  • Cherry Blossoms (Sakura x reader)
    7K 110 4

    You are a powerful ninja from the hidden mist village, but one day you meet a certain pink haired ninja from the leaf village, and your life begins to change, whether its for better or for worse only time will tell

  • The Path Of Pain (Ino x reader)
    155K 2.6K 27

    You are a powerful Ninja

  • male reader x rwby
    54.7K 546 9

    y/n is a new member to the school of beacan

  • Path of sorrows
    274K 3.4K 25

    A boy hated by the ninja academy in konoha because he was portrayed as weak. He seeks revenge and death on his people.

  • Ruby Rose x Male Uchiha Reader
    43K 479 15

    You and your friends went to join Beacon Academy to avenge your Clan after they were killed by Roman Torchwick.

  • Judge Jury And Executioner (Male Reader X RWBY)
    197K 2.7K 28

    A killing spree has occurred in Beacon, numerous criminals have been killed in grotesque ways, and this vigilante​ is putting everyone on edge with his fear tactics.

  • The choice of fighting
    24.1K 235 8

    Rwby x metal gear rising reader The way of war and fighting is all you have ever known, but what happens when the chance to know outside the world of war is offered

  • The Stalkers Dread (a warframe crossover with RWBY)
    1.8K 13 3

    So you wanna here the story of the infamous Stalker well be warned this story is not for the most weak huntress or hunters

  • Male Demon Reader X RWBY
    1K 12 1

    You are the last demon in existence, because you killed the others. The younger brother, one of the two gods was not just pleased with you, he was ecstatic, as every other demon utilised power and strength over everything else, all you had and needed was your intellect. Now that you are free to do as you please, you s...

  • silver bullet
    610 27 5

    (y/n) was just a ordenary boy till one day his life was turn upside down when he meet a beautiful girl and her sister

  • RWBY Fanfic • |The Arrival| Book 1 In The Nazis In Remnant Series
    265K 3.3K 50

    You're in a special ops unit of Nazi researchers attempting to open portals to different realms to solve Nazi Germany's resources shortage. You're an extremely elite soldier, though when your portal does work your lab is destroyed and you and 3 other Germans are sucked into a different world. (This was my first book...

  • RWBY Fanfic • |War for Remnant| Book 3 In The N.I.R Series
    42.2K 646 30

    Remnant, 1946: Forming the United Vassel Kingdoms or a little more simply called 'the Allies', the kingdoms of Vacuo, Mistral and Atlas join forces against the tyrannical expansion of the rogue nation known as Nazi Germany and it's recently acquired puppet Axis states, The Fascist Republic of Vale and The Principalit...

    Completed   Mature
  • RWBY Fanfic • |Chokepoint| Finale To The Nazis In Remnant Series
    32.3K 471 28

    November 1946... He survived, somehow. But he lived, and now tries to live a normal life in Remnant. But the last thing expected was Oskar Dirlewanger and his SS Division to show up in the Forever Fall and begin causing chaos throughout Vale, re-igniting hostilities between Atlas and Germany. And to make matters wors...

  • Going Extinct- RWBY
    3.4K 61 4

    Before I begin, this is NOT a reader insert. I'm just messing around with this one. Alexander Ignis has a secret, that only him and a select few know. Each day it gets harder to keep, will he be able to keep it for much longer? And if it comes out then what kind of villains will track him down? Will he over come the c...