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  • :Step out of the Dark: (Female chara x reader)
    105K 1K 16

    Your soul is Pure and Clean, being chased away by Humans for being different. You run up Mt.Ebott When you do They capture you and banish you to the underground. IS THIS THE END? also rights of undertale characters belong to Toby fox i used this image for the cover:

  • More than friends (Female Chara x reader)
    464K 6.1K 66

    Yes there will be mistakes >:3

  • StoryShift Chara x Reader! --REQUEST OPEN!--
    9.6K 135 7

    A story of a kid who fell down and a person who had made a promise to protect the kid... 'Will they be different from the others?.. Who had chosen a Genocidal path or... Will they be a nice kid?' The person thought. 'Are they really what they thought they are?' The kid thought. But... Slowly... Everything changed afte...

  • My Precious Cinnamon-Butterscotch Pie. (StorySwap!Chara X Reader)
    14.8K 183 5

    Another Undertale x Reader, Yes, I like these things I do.

  • Storyshift Chara x Reader (why does this still get reads)
    30.5K 211 20

    i will refer chara as a Female. but I will write a male version of this and the reader/you are He

  • RWBY Blake Belladonna x Male Faunus Sans reader
    18.7K 239 30

    The title says it all. (Y/N) was a young boy when he learned about what happened to his mother. Several years later he gets accepted into Beacon where he is seen as strange, since he's a Faunus he got bullied by most people and does nothing to protect himself but when it comes to others he stops at nothing to help out.

    Completed   Mature
    892K 66.1K 129


  • And So It Began {Fem!Frisk x Male!Reader}
    318 11 1

    And then you woke up. "Hello?"

  • The blood on my hands (Cross sans male reader x rwby)
    86.8K 848 12

    (Disclaimer: I do not own rwby or undertale rwby is owned by rooster teeth undertale is owned by toby fox please support the original releases) A/n: Eyyyyy guys you all wanted this so here it is i love cross sans so yeah Love you my fam hope you like this story.

  • The UnderGround Demon (Female Chara x Male Reader)
    9.1K 86 10

    Y/N -Your Name L/N - Last Name M/N -Middle Name (probably unused) F/C - Favourite Colour

  • In Control (!FemaleChara x reader)
    183K 2.3K 21

    Chara. The demon that comes when you call her. The name that was a bastard to pronounce (CH or K?) I am trying something new, an xreader. Man this is going to lack; I can't write past 30 chapters from a basic storyline. Now I have to drag the story to as long as I can handle. Oh right, you want a backstory. 10 years a...

  • Determination {Female Frisk x Male Reader}
    65.5K 608 33

    Frisk looked into his E/C eyes. "You never made me happy." Y/N backed up from Frisk, afriad. Y/N was fighting back tears. "Frisk..." "The best thing you can do for me now?" Memories flashed before his eyes. The carnival. The dinner. The dance. The party. Leaving. "Is to die." Frisk leaned forward and pushed him of...

  • Sans Reader x Highschool DxD (Season 1)
    219K 2.1K 28

    This is my first proper fanfic so please judge me and don't forget to say it sucks Disclaimer: I don't own Highschool DxD or Undertale so please don't sue me and deport me to Pluto But in all seriousness, this is MY book, not YOURS so don't try and tell me what to do with it, only do so if i say so you don't have a "B...

    Completed   Mature
  • Skeletons in the Closet: Cinder Fall x Sans Male Reader
    6.4K 54 3

    Reader character based on the character profile of Sans from "Undertale". A special request from one of my watchers on DeviantArt. Disclaimer: I do not own "RWBY" or "Undertale" and make no legal claims to anything associated with these titles. "RWBY" is owned by RoosterTeeth Animations. "Undertale" is owned and devel...

  • BloodLust (Male Sans Reader x Female Yandere Chara)
    128K 1.2K 6

    When a mysterious girl comes through the mysterious door one day and finds a skeleton and his brother talking, she takes an interest in one. The smaller, shorter, skeleton in the (F/C) zip up hoodie named (Y/N). This might be 1 to 3 parts long, maybe 5, not sure.

  • Sans Male reader x RWBY
    199K 1.3K 21

    WELP! I SAID IT BEFORE AND I'LL SAY IT AGAIN. This is a re-vamp (don't know if it's spelled like this) of the Assassin's Creed male reader x RWBY. But, that story is deleted because I ran out of ideas, and because the whole "Assassin" thing wasn't really up in my lane. Anyways, any video, gif, or image belongs to...

  • Storyshift Chara x Reader
    33.9K 521 12

    Any Gender yay! Chara will be any gender and including you so I hope you enjoy bye~

  • You Look lovely everyday(Frisk x Reader) on hold
    7.6K 217 8

    On hold "You have the most beautiful smile Y/n." "How do I look?" "You love lovely today and everyday!" This is a Friskxreader! You and Frisk both can be any gender. Frisk and the rest is new at your school UnderHigh & and then they met you. Which was one of the best thing that happened to you both. This story contain...

  • What They Hide..
    8.4K 83 12

    Reader x Frisk Some one has fallen for you, maybe not the someone you want either.

  • Chara x Reader (no gender specifics)
    6K 93 27

    You heard stories about the mountain growing up...People who went up never came back down. Your life was hell. Your parents left you, you had no friends...well except your friend/lover Frisk. This was not enough for you needed something more...

  • Don't Give In Stay Determined - Female! Frisk x Male! Reader
    185K 1.3K 29

    Just a Frisk x Reader. Takes place in an alternate timeline. You recently just turned 19 and Frisk is a year younger than you. Lemon Warning: This book includes lemon, so for those who don't enjoy lemon just skip them. This is my first book, so I apologize if it sucks, but I am open to criticism. If you like my story...

    Completed   Mature
  • Orphans Chara x Reader
    14.4K 283 11

    I had an idea by two books that use orphans in it so I decided why not!

  • You Matter{Fem!Chara x Male!Reader}
    4.4K 42 3

    Asriel destroyed the barrier. Frisk frees monsters. Humans hate monsters. Chara is borough back to life. And... so we're you when you met her.

  • Fem Frisk x Male Sans Reader
    454 9 1

    Sans was well Sans. Being lazy, sleeping and protecting his brother. Until one day he woke up because of Papyrus yelling at him. He tried falling back asleep but couldn't. 'There must be something wrong' he thought as he put on his blue coat. He teleported out, hoping to not alert anyone of his ability to do so. He fi...

  • Ice To Meet You (Male!Sans!Schnee!Reader x Yang)
    86.4K 898 20

    When Willow Schnee gives birth to twin siblings, it seems like a good day for the Schnee family. But Jaques thinks otherwhise, he sees his new son as weak and lazy. One day, he kidnaps his son and locks him in the basement for him to beat the hell out of him. Y/N eventually breaks out and goes to Vale where he gets a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Female Frisk x Male Reverse Flash Reader
    2.3K 23 3

    y/n was a fan of the Flash when he was young, he dreamed that one day he could fight alongside the Flash. Now in his teens, y/n got into the same accident that gave the Flash his speed. When he went back in time, Eobard Thawne (pretending to be the Flash) gave him a reason to hate the Flash. So y/n became the new Reve...

  • Blades [Chara X Reader]
    28.9K 918 13

    Ṋ͎̙͕A̱̹͉̙M̀E҉ ͏͉̤̮̱̰͇T̡͍͔̣͍̯̟H̻̮̱̹̲̖̘͜E̮̭̫̣̤ ͇F̢̻͖̳̥̝̦A̞̦̦̯̙̜̯L͡L͔E̼̗͍̗̜N͕͠ ̨̼͇H̰̜͢U̵͕̫͎͚̩̹M̶̟̥̜A̷̲̘N̢̠̬̬ Y/n. She appears only rarely. Few timelines contain her, instead of Frisk. And in this one, she has chosen to commit Genocide.

  • Chara x Reader
    560K 10.2K 45

    It's been a few months since monsters entered the human realm, but there's something else biting on the mind of your best friend Frisk - and she bears a lot of history. Whilst you and Chara grow closer together as two young adults on the surface, you learn that the hardest problems are the ones you made yourself. Why...