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  • Fanart of Chaotic Shattering :P
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    that's pretty much it. and go check @Master_of_chaos story. You won't regret🥴.

  • Stories and RPS with my oc's in if they were in chaotic shattering
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    Chaotic shattering doesn't belong to me I am just doing this for fun If the creator of the book does RPS with me, I might make into stories from my oc's POV That is all for now

  • Chaotic shattering fanart
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    ....just a book with my fanart for master-of-chaos's ninjago x reader fanfic chaotic shattering

  • Chaotic Shattering Fanart
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    For @Master-of-Chaos I'm continuing my work with for your story. I won't upload all the time cause of school I go to a formal school. So...yeah. I can't upload all the time cause of it. But here. Enjoy!~ Oh if you got tiktok follow me. I'm @tsukiluna08