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  • Jachary
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    Zach is a simple gay boy who has a crush on his best friend. But when an "accident" happens on Jonah's Birthday it changes everything. Has: Smut Strong language Harsh topics (Such as self harm) Contains more mature content around chapter 17⚠️ 8-19-2018 #3 on #jachary♥️ 4-17-2019 #6 on #jach ♥️ 1-3-19 #2 on #besson 1-3...

  • 𝐏𝐎𝐑𝐍 Θ jachary
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    jack found some porn magazines at zach's bedroom. jack thought it was normal to have them for a 17-year-old boy. what he did not expect was gay porn. and even less that he would like it. started: 08/29/18 finished: 01/17/19

  • Jachary😍😙😘 (completed)
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    This is a fan fiction of two of my fave peeps from one of my fave bands Why Don't We Jack Avery and Zachary herron, No there not dating but Idc they'd be so freaking cute together and there meant for eachother also if you don't like Gay relationships then don't read this i guess

  • Wrong Number Right Person •Jack Avery• [✅]
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    It may be a wrong number, but it sure was the right person Started; November 8, 2017 Ended; May 21, 2018