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  • RWBY: yang xiao long x abused and neglected son of ozpin male reader
    67.3K 487 8

    Summer and ozpin made a son together a week before they lost feelings for each other,then tai yang became the stepfather,to y/n rose,but after summer died five years after he was born. Tai,and yang abused you,but ruby never laid a finger on you,on your 6th birthday,you left. What happens when you run into glynda goodw...

  • Dragon and Forgotten Faunus (wolf male reader x yang)
    390 6 1

    everyone knows about faunus except a wolf faunus. this forgotten faunus reborn into Y/n L/n, a boy who escaped the SDC mines. He must stop Adam Taurus and the white fang and the SDC mines with the help of Beacon, RWBY, and Yang Xaio Long.

  • Not What I Used to Be (Bully yang x male reader)
    38.9K 344 3

    a boy who got bullied by a blonde girl since he was weak but soon goes to beacon and he isnt to be messed with.

  • The Camping Trip (Male Reader x RWBY)
    112K 1K 8

    #40 in RWBY #6 in xx You're on a camping trip with your class, a week of fresh air, awesome views and no homework is just what you needed. However, one of the girls from Team RWBY has her eyes on you. Who is it? Find out now!

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Rivalry: Yang Xiao Long x Male Reader x Winter Schnee
    247K 2.7K 11

    This was another story that got in my head and I'll try and make this funny, so what this is. What would happen if there was a love rivalry for you (the reader), between Yang and Winter to win your love. But, at sometimes they would go too far, but you will forgive them. But, (Y/N) doesn't want them fighting each othe...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Dragon and Her Eagle (Qrow's adopted son male reader x Yang Xiao Long)
    17.8K 211 6

    What if Qrow Branwen had a son. When you were a baby you had a step father who abused your mother and neglected you. One day an old friend of your mother help take you and her away from your step father and live with him. Qrow taught you everything he knew to become the best huntsman you could be. When you join Beacon...

  • Beautiful Outsides, Toxic Insides: Neo x Male Reader X Yang {COMPLETED}
    317K 6.6K 47

    A semblance is reflection of one's soul so what if someone is toxic? maybe their semblance will be how will this affect the person who lives with it especially when they run into someone they truly care for

  • Yang Xiao Long & Ruby Rose X Male Reader [On Hold]
    228K 1.5K 16

    You, the reader got adopted into a lovely family when you were still a small kid. This family had 2 daughters... Yang Xiao Long and Ruby Rose. And these sisters took you as their real brother and they always took good care of you... Especially Yang, because she's the oldest Now that you just turned 16, these sisters...

  • The Protector (Princess Yang X Knight Male Reader)
    28.2K 474 10

    So this is another Medieval story I wanted to do, that's really all I got for a description.

  • A Story of Ice Cream and Fire (Neo x Reader x Yang)
    63.2K 1.3K 10

    Set in the normal world where no Grimm exists. (y/n) gets a blast from the past and a certain someone doesn't like it one bit.

  • The Representative: Yang Xiao Long x Male Reader
    157K 1.8K 20

    A "RWBY" - male reader insert Yang Xiao Long x Male Reader What happens when a kid on the street is randomly invited to attend one of the world's most prestigious Huntsman academies? The reader embarks on a journey of love, danger, and self-discovery in this 3-Volume series! Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I do not own "RWBY"...

  • True Dragon (abused! neglected! Yang Xiao Long x male reader)
    41.7K 564 14

    I actually saw something like this on fan and decided to do my take on this story. before anyone says that I stole a story 1. that one is a nightmare before Christmas and RWBY crossover and I highly recommend it. and 2. the only thing I'm "borrowing" is the sad yang and the alternate situation with her mot...

  • Because of you i made it big (Cheater ruby x male eminem reader x yang)
    46K 519 8

    Disclaimer: I dont own rwby or any of eminems songs or lyrics please support eminem and rooster teeth when the release new songs and episodes. A/n: Ruby rose what do you know about her? Well most would have you believe that she is a kind innocent cookie loving girl well they couldn't be more wrong. One person who kno...

  • Promise (Male Reader X Yang Xiao Long) [COMPLETE]
    53.7K 449 13

    I got inspired on making my own after read a lots of male reader insert stories. In this story, you are a childhood friend of Yang Xiao Long. You've made a promise with her that you and her will be best friend forever, or more than just a best friend. In the prologue, you will know how they meet and a bit of their ch...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cheater Ex-Wives Nebula and Gwen x Depressed Male Reader x Yang and Blake
    175K 1.9K 11

    If you remember, I created 2 stories that is somewhat like this. And those stories are Abusive Ex Nebula x Abused and Depressed Male Reader x Caring Yang and Rejecting Gwen x Rejected Male Reader x Blake, so I decided to put them in a story that's cheater related and this time it's a wives edition. So, how it starts i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Abusive Ex-Nebula x Abused and Depressed Male Reader x Caring Yang
    236K 2K 13

    This is an idea that popped in my head and pretty much there's not much of these where Yang helps the reader, and so here's the story. Pretty much you (the reader) was dating Nebula, leader of Team NDGO. Was the relationship perfect? No. She, abused and never loved you, so you transferred schools and as you did, Nebul...

    Completed   Mature
  • Who Says, "I Love You" First, Lose!
    33.7K 450 7

    " I always expect him to love me love like every lovers do, but he always lopk at me like a younger sister, a best friend, and a companion. But he never treated me like a lover, sure he always teased me, but it was different. I fell in love, but he treat me like a sister while I treat him as a lover." ~Blake to Yang ...

  • Return of the Dragon (Yang Xiao Long x Male Faunus Reader)
    150K 1.7K 34

    This story is requested by @gunnarman2k and in this story you (the reader) is the last dragon Faunus and he never knew for years until a mysterious person tells his story. Then as you (the reader) finds out you struggle on trying to get use to being the last dragon Faunus and you get invited to Beacon and that's where...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hidden Marriage (Male Reader x Yang Xiao Long)
    188K 2.1K 10

    After having your heartbroken you go to Junior's to drown your sorrows but what happens when you run into your good friend Yang Xiao Long and then wake up the next morning married to her.

  • A Fiery Dragon finds new Love: Cheater/Cheated Yang Xiao Long x Male Reader
    159K 1.7K 8

    This is a story idea that I thought of and this actually has a new approach in what's going to happen in this story, and you(the reader) is not the cheater and also Yang does NOT cheat on you, this is a new approach. So, Yang was in let's say a 'toxic' relationship as she was forced to be cheated on and acouple times...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Newest Members (Yang x Male Reader) (RWBY x Haruhi Suzumiya Crossover)
    15K 205 26

    You and Yang are the best of friends, and you both are are attending Beacon Academy together. That is, until one day, you and Yang are taken from Remnant and sent to a new world known as Earth, where you meet the eccentric Haruhi Suzumiya and the SOS Brigade!

  • Sunshine (A Yang Xiao Long x Male Reader Fanfic)
    70.7K 1K 13

    You are Y/N Valkyrie, Nora's twin brother. A bit before you went to Beacon, you ran into a interesting girl. She added some sunshine into your life.

  • Pyromania (Male x Yang) [DISCONTINUED]
    27.7K 464 21

    Who knew that you would find a girl that can't be described with a thousand words? You just happen to go out clubbing with some of your friends and that's where you saw her. There she was, just dancing on the stage while singing a song that described her to the tee. A blonde haired, lilac eyed beauty. That's right, yo...

  • Cold Hearted (Blake x Reader x Yang)
    204K 2.8K 12

    Before Beacon's second semester begins, RWBY is sent on a mission to capture a certain someone. On the top of the now frozen mountain, resides someone who'll change both Blake and Yang's life...

  • Brothers' Quarrel: Yang Xiao Long X Male Reader
    180K 1.3K 18

    This story is now completed! Thank you guys for reading this! Sequel: When Sparks Fly (You can read it by going to my profile and look for it there)

    Completed   Mature
  • Yang Xiao Long X Male Reader: Breaking the Shell
    105K 1.2K 5

    After an unfortunate accident at Shade Academy, you were forced to move to Vale. Unknown to you however, this change would be for the best. Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY. All characters from RWBY are own by Rooster Teeth. All RWBY OCs within this story are owned by me.

  • Every Knight has a Fiery Passion
    45.5K 652 30

    This is a Yang X Reader, you are Y/N, a knight in training, ran from his home and now must live with his past right behind him, he joined Beacon to finish his training to protect those who need him, some know him as....The Dark Swordsman

    Completed   Mature
  • Rwby : the darkness 2 : male reader x yang x blake (completed)
    19.5K 232 10

    So somebody asked me too make a second part so i decide to do it

    Completed   Mature