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  • An Unacceptable Mate
    1.6M 65.7K 47

    Ever since her parents were killed by a vampire, she made it her mission to hunt them all down to the very last one. Charlie Rose is a slayer; one of the best and youngest working for British Intelligence whilst simultaneously living a normal, high school student life. On one particular mission she is assigned to kil...

  • The Legend
    47.5K 1.4K 82

    The Kingdom of Hyrule is a land where its history is stained in blood. A legend that has lasted throughout time and a world filled with Wisdom, Power, and Courage. A legend of a Hero, and a Princess of Destiny and how their fates must cross in order to stop an evil man and his sought for Power. Now to a time when a Ki...

  • White wolf
    1.9M 46.1K 44

    Luna is just about to turn 18 the prime time for her to find her mate, little does she know that her mate is actually the exact opposite of her. A white wolf never breeds with a black wolf. It's part of her pack tradition. However fate has bound her to a black wolf, the alpha of the pack who is slipping into insanity...