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  • The Name Is Unique
    286K 2K 30

    Ahhmmm. Guys this is not a story. Ito po ay mga magagandang pangalan para sa mga bida ng inyong mga istorya, syempre unique at walang katulad. Ang mga ipopost ko pong update ay mga pangalan ng lugar,babae,lalake,academies, kahit ano basta may kinalaman sa mga words na unique at may kaugnayan sa mga sinabi ko. Kung may...

  • The Wizards
    14.9K 372 10

    They are not an extraordinary people..They have a super powers. They will save the earth..They are the WIZARDS.

  • The Vampire Royalties (Published under PSICOM Publishing Inc.) (REVISING)
    3M 52.4K 74

    UPDATE: This book is under Revising!!! Volume 1: Now Available in all leading bookstores Nationwide! Published under PSICOM Publishing Inc.

  • Anti-HunHan
    263K 7.8K 21

    { Anti-HunHan } Hindi ka pumunta ng Korea para sa EXO (well isang dahilan lang 'yun), pumunta ka ng Korea para manira ng relasyon. Teka, saglit--ibahin natin 'yung term baka magwala ka. Pumunta ka ng Korea para manghuli ng baklitang pokemon na lumalandi sa bias mo. Good luck na lang sa'yo. { Anti-HunHan 2: Anti-HanRa...

  • Abandoned (Kaistal Fanfic)
    11.9K 353 2

    "There's no room for second chances because honestly, I never stopped."

  • Let You Go { Luhan Fanfic }
    11.2K 219 1

    Did you ever feel like you wanted to be someone else just for a day? A week? A month? A year? A fvcking lifetime? Because it's occurring to me now.

  • Fanboy Kingka {Baekhyun Fanfic}
    46.3K 1.6K 7

    Nagsimula ang lahat nang makita mo ang pinakatatago-tago niyang betlog--este nang marinig mo siyang kumakanta habang nagsho-shower.

    Completed   Mature
  • Goodbye, Summer. {Kyungsoo Fanfic}
    13.2K 277 1

    When a forbidden love has to end… how can you ever face tomorrow when you can’t look away from the past?

  • Class Picture
    12.7M 196K 48

    The rumored curse of the 6th section is real, and the students of St. Venille High's current senior batch are paying for their ignorance with their lives. Can anyone find a way to break the curse before it's too late--or will history repeat itself once more? *** When St. Venille High's principal decidedly reopens the...

  • Lady in Disguise
    7.2M 180K 27

    Unable to move on from the break up, girly and sassy Mika goes through the hoops and pretends to be a boy just to win her ex-boyfriend back. But when secrets are revealed, she realizes that some things don't go as she expects them to be. *** How far would you go for love? For Mika, she's willing to throw her girly and...

  • Fools in Love [COMPLETED]
    316K 13.9K 54

    Ano na lang ang gagawin mo kapag ikaw at ang best friend mo ay parehas na may gusto sa iisang lalaki? Aaminin mo ba sa kanya at iri-risk mo yung friendship niyo or magpaparaya ka na lang at pagbibigyan mo na lang ang best friend mo? Friendship over love right? Satisfied na sana ako na itago na lang ang feelings ko pe...

  • In A Relationship With Lu Han
    670K 32.6K 37

    I want your love and I want your revenge, you and me could write a bad romance. I can be your secret, I won't tell her. I won't tell them. Just you and me and love. © All Rights Reserved @thanks4dbrokenheart

  • In A Relationship With Tao of Exo
    2.9M 115K 77

    Yesterday, I was just staring at you. Now, you're already here, hurting me. © All Rights Reserved @thanks4dbrokenheart

  • In A Relationship With Lay of Exo
    549K 25.8K 44

    I was surprised when I bumped onto him, and saw his face. Lay. Zhang Yi Xing. I didn't know what to say so I ended up saying 'Hello', he did the same and said, 'I missed you'. I was like 'Wtf?'. It's my first time seeing him that close and I'm one hundred percent sure he never saw me before so how come he missed me? ©...

  • In A Relationship With XiuMin of Exo
    519K 21.5K 30

    Staying is a sin, so you leave before you get left behind. Mend my heart, fix it back. I'll let you change the way I think about love. © All Rights Reserved @thanks4dbrokenheart

  • In A Relationship With BaekHyun of Exo: His Fearless Sasaeng
    1.7M 71.9K 43

    Yes. I am HIS FEARLESS SASAENG. -- Most cases of plagiarism are considered misdemeanors, punishable by fines of anywhere between $100 and $50,000 -- and up to one year in jail. Plagiarism can also be considered a felony under certain state and federal laws. For example, if a plagiarist copies and earns more than $2,50...

  • In A Relationship with D.O. of Exo
    371K 16.6K 29

    How long should I chase you, Kyungsoo Oppa? Because I'm slowly getting tired. All Rights Reserved

  • In A Relationship With Suho of Exo
    2.1M 71.9K 31

    You called me a slut. Now why are you taking me back? © All Rights Reserved @thanks4dbrokenheart

  • Payo ni Manong Jongdae | exo ff
    86.6K 6.1K 62

    Payo ni Manong Jongdae: May problema ka? Lovelife? Family Problem? Sige, humingi ka ng payo kay Manong Jongdae! [EXO FF] (credits firelightus for the book cover)

  • In love with the jerk?! // Sehun
    821K 24.6K 32

    There is your best friend, there is the jerk and ... there is the dare. The dare. What if it overturns? But, before that could happen, you will have to be ... In love with the jerk?!

  • EXO FACTS,JOKES and EXO Scenarios \(≧▽≦)/~❤
    1M 17.7K 44

    #OT9!!! #WeAreOne

  • Diary ni Park Chanyeol [Completed!]
    83K 4.2K 48

    Dear Diary, Kahit tanga ako, alam kong mahal niyo ko. At, mahal ako ni Baekhyun. May ari, Pogingyeol [Completed!] #342 in RANDOM #704 in RANDOM #238 in RANDOM

  • In A Relationship With Chanyeol of Exo
    1.9M 73.6K 32

    Who wouldn't want to be in a relationship with this derp? Be with me through this journey and be a witness in our love story. © All Rights Reserved @thanks4dbrokenheart

  • Unexpected Nerd
    420K 14.9K 37

    You are just a nerd in a big circles of students in your school. Or so you thought that is. You run into someone who you wish you could avoid forever and thought that he's just a jerk. But who knows behind the story of his and yours, lie a hidden truth that you would never expect it to be. You thought you're just a ne...

    3.1K 47 1

    Fact about EXO-Baekhyun =)

  • Stuck in a Team
    3M 38K 75

    What will happen kung ang isang promdi girl ay pumunta sa Manila para maghanap ng trabaho pambayad sa utang nila? Babalik ba siya na wala ng problema o babalik siya na may dala pang dagdag na problema? Oh! And wait... She is working as a maid in a house full of 12 handsome guys. Wait, scratch that 12 freaking close t...

  • (Chanbaek)Other Side of Me
    279K 12.8K 43

    A school boy, byun baekhyun, hardworking and also seem as nerd by other students. He stay away from other people and there is a reason behind this. He can't let his secret to expose. A big secret. But he then found his love. And he want to escape from his secret.

  • Facts About Park Chanyeol
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    Thank you for your attention!

    Completed   Mature
  • Park Chanyeol Facts
    11.8K 303 11

    This is my first Book So please don't judge ^_^ Enjoy !!! This is facts about Park Chanyeol. The other facts about him just took on tumblr and internet.

  • Exo Fast Facts
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    Your daily dose of Exo sits here All facts belong to the sasaeng fans who discovered them