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  • Dear Time, Death and Love - #CollateralBeauty
    1.2K 99 1

    What if you could write a letter to, love, death or time? What would you say? I encourage you all to do the same, go to Wattpad's Romance profile and share your stories using the #CollateralBeauty Collateral Beauty is in theaters December 16, 2016.

  • Triskele
    2.7K 190 1

    Robert has to choose between his loyalty to country and payment of an old debt. The clock is running, will he make the right decision before it's too late?

  • Catch, Curse, Release (Immortal Warriors #1) ✅ Completed
    1.6M 73.9K 39

    Lori Mayer is failing out of law school (again), her boyfriend just ran off with her best study partner (she was really going to miss Karl - he took great notes), and she's all out of coffee. However bleak everything seems now, she'll soon discover life can get a whole lot crazier when she meets a drop-dead gorgeous l...

    Completed   Mature
  • God of My Dreams (Greek Heroes #1) ✅ Completed
    1.3M 66.4K 39

    What happens when the Greek god of dreams grows tired of his job? Easy. He trains his replacement so he can finally quit. But on a routine dream inspection, Morpheus runs into Gwen-Stacey Reynolds, a regular mortal whose dreams are anything but, and like her dreams, Gwen-Stacey is funny, outrageous, and has the uncann...

  • Waveborn
    205K 14.8K 50

    Cass has no memories of her parents, only impossible dreams of waves and orcas and, sometimes, her mother's voice. When she and her adopted aunt return to the Pacific Northwest island--where her parents died twelve years before--Cass hopes the place will trigger long-buried memories. Instead, she discovers that the im...

  • The Kings Son
    2.8K 281 67

    Oliver, son of Samson the Bear King, lives a happy carefree life with his brothers until things suddenly change and his world is turned upside down. Hunted by a mad man hellbent on bringing ruin to the world and war to Oliver's home, he is thrust into a world of magic, Giants, Elves, Dwarfs, Demons, and Dragons.

  • Santa Paws
    2.9K 252 2

    Santa has become a werewolf. Now how he has to deal with not only having the Santa Magic, but being a creature he didn't know existed.

  • You Had Me at Hello ✔️
    20.9K 1.3K 2

    On the subway at midnight, there's a girl with an empty notebook and a boy with a face worth drawing. Commissioned entry by Hulu. Alex Light © All Rights Reserved 2019

  • Curse the Dark (The Harstone Legacy Book 1)
    31K 2.9K 29

    Sadie Goodwin thought she'd endured the worst life could throw at her when she lost her mother and was left to face her future alone. That was until she was kidnapped and dragged into a world where the monsters and legends of her childhood walked the streets. Certain that a mistake has been made, Sadie struggles to un...

  • A Pack of Lies
    70.9K 3.6K 10

    Hope McNaff is a fierce laoch and everyone knows it. When her uncle, the alpha, agrees to have her sent to an ally pack, her life is set to change. No one knows that her mate chose her cousin. No one knows what she's going through. Will the change and the truth about who she truly is, help Hope see that she was meant...

  • The Heart of an Alpha (Editing)
    142K 2.8K 20

    Charlotte Peters hasn't always been uncomfortable and fearful of men, but after a harsh past, she can't help it! Being kicked out of her house and with no where to go, she walks around at night, trying to avoid every man she goes by and try to find a job and a place to stay. Things take a weird and crazy turn when sh...

  • The Possessive Werebear
    21.8K 731 13

    Layla Rea Merritt has had a terrible childhood sense she was four. Her dad left them for a striper when she was ten, and her mom became a drunk and abuser who came home with different men every other night; and left her alone for weeks on end. All she has to look forward to at 16is her three bestfriends Hazen, Cornen...

  • Bloodstained Love Bite
    5.3M 106K 36

    She was intelligent, obliging and downright gorgeous. Unfortunately, she was too shy and completely oblivious to notice the last past. Amy Butler has moved from New York to join her friend in Canada to work alongside a new professor for the start of her third year of college. It's only for six months but to her, it's...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dark Attraction [HOLD 2022]
    34.8K 1.5K 5

    A crush is just a crush. It's fascination, intrigue, it's physical attraction that isn't supposed to be sated. So, when Anna Reeves finds herself thrown into the deep, voodoo trenches of New Orleans because of said crush, she decides whether the itch is worth the scratch. Visiting the birthplace of jazz had always bee...

  • Biting Temptation
    2.4M 65.2K 34

    The fight for love is never-ending. And for Evie and Michael it proves to be just that. After believing a sadistic vampire had disappeared for good, she shows her unwanted face back in Vancouver. And certainly not alone. Evie’s life is at its pinnacle: she has to choose between living an eternity with the love of her...

  • Aster
    101K 4.1K 17

    Standing among the flowers, the rain was a symphony in the background to the soundtrack of their lives. He met her by chance, on the earliest cusp of fall, where the air grew cold and the clothing warm. She was a reckoning he'd never forget, with a name like ambrosia upon his lips - Aster. Playlist: https://www.youtu...

  • Once Bitten, Twice Shy
    243K 9.9K 19

    Beta Tyron has longed to find his mate, especially since his Alpha found his Luna. So, after all the chaos ended, he took some time to search for them... And he finds her...but who she is takes him by surprise. Book 2 of the Second Chance Series

    Completed   Mature
  • Throne of Atlantis// Aquaman
    264K 9.1K 54

    After surviving a bank robbery, with much thanks to Aquaman, Camille decides to complete her training to join the police force; to help people like he did and to redeem herself from a gruesome death that she was too petrified to stop. After being assigned to Amnesty Bay she finds curiosity in an old lighthouse, and a...

  • Dracula's Angel
    190K 3.8K 28

    The slayers thought they had killed Dracula but they were wrong. Katie's given birth to his child and not Parker's. Those loyal to the count have become part of their lives. Memphis must face his past and when the count returns they must all face their futures.

  • Dragon Princess
    206K 11.3K 27

    Aralia, captured by her fathers enemy and sentenced to be executed escapes with the help of a mysterious hooded man. Through a tiring and bloody journey back to her kingdom they stumble across a colony of dragons where a water dragon claims Aralia as its own. Never being loved by her father she is torn between return...

    Completed   Mature
  • Panthera
    6.7K 96 3

    Life for Nadine has been pretty isolated, thanks to her mom who wanted to keep their lives secluded and private, even to the point that Nadine has to beg for the opportunity to go to high school for her senior year. Like any other normal student. Unfortunately for Nadine, she discovers, almost too late, that she's not...

  • Drowning
    270 10 3

    The Second Story in the 'Modern Gods' series (Apollyon), Drowning finds Thalassa Wallace, a recent college grad who hopes to find work as an actress in California. But one day into her new journey, Tally stumbles upon the ultimate betrayal. Now plunged into the underwater world of Greek mythology, she must learn to na...

  • Taken (Sinful Series:book1)
    1.3M 17.4K 10

    When Violet's mateless status designated her to serve as a breeder, she marked the very detainee she was assigned to seduce, giving him his life back in exchange for her freedom. Their arrangement, while simple in nature, would bring unforeseen consequences. Two minutes and a half. One hundred and fifty seconds. That...

    Completed   Mature
  • Zeus (The God Chronicles #1)
    464K 19.2K 25

    Sometimes, even the gods can't change their fate... Vegas is not where Karly had imagined herself to be at this point in her life.She was supposed to be living in California, soaking up the sun and enjoying the life of an artist. Instead, she's just moving out of her parent's house and going to a school that could lo...

  • His to Claim (Published)
    19.3M 679K 72

    Sample Manuscript- 70% Published : Decemeber 11th 2016 Scarlett has faced the rejection of her mate and come out the other side a little less naive and a lot more bitter. The only problem is her ex-mate doesn't want to let her go even though he's moved on with someone else. The only thing she can do is go on the run...

  • Arrow of Artemis (The Brother's Grimm, #1) [PUBLISHED]
    688K 9.3K 15

    *SAMPLE ONLY* A Cursed Bloodline. A Bloodthirsty Beast. A Single Bite. The only thing Loren Bell cared about was passing all of her college finals and getting some much needed sleep. She didn't account on having a dropped down, dragged out fight for her life with a mythical creature (who by all accounts shouldn't...

  • The Girl Who Cried Wolf (New Edition)
    214K 14.2K 34

    Dove Prescott is forced into a dangerous game of cat and mouse after another failed attempt to escape from her boyfriend turned captor. Fleeing from town to town, Dove has stayed one-heart stopping step ahead of the monster who is hunting, tormented by nightmares of the past and the knowledge that if he catches her...

    Completed   Mature
  • Taming Rafe Animals MC book 7
    156K 7.6K 21

    Raphael is a hit man, trained and poised. He kills without a thought and nothing ever goes wrong, until her. Tess witnessed his last hit and Raphael panicked, taking her with him to a secluded cabin high in the woods while he tries to decide what to do with her. The men who hired him to kill her boss want her dead but...

  • Biker's Lily{Wolves MC 2}
    577K 18K 24

    Lily has always been afraid of biker's since she watched one kill her parents. Moving into a new town she comes face to face with her neighbor. Scared to be near him she tries her best to stay clear of him and his friends until she is attacked and realizes her biker neighbor might be the only one to keep her safe. Cad...

  • Biker's Willow {Wolves MC 1}
    643K 22.8K 24

    All Willow has ever wanted was to be a dancer. When she gets a call from the hospital informing her that her old dance teacher had a heart attack she drops everything to return home. When she runs into her old friends she realizes that many things have changed including her best friend from school. Ten years ago Blak...