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  • Surprise, bitch! [pennywise x reader]
    205K 6.5K 16

    DISCONTINUED He's been watching you for months now, never had the chance to get his clawed hands on you. Now he does. "Surprise, bitch!" Discord - [2017 new IT based fanfiction. Pennywise x reader. Not much romance, Pennywise is depicted as the demon, evil spirit he is. Long, detailed story...

  • ᴀʀᴛ ʙᴏᴏᴋ ➳ 2
    1K 108 54

    oh wow the second cursed art book. requests ; closed!! art trades ; friends only!! collaborations ; open?? #795 in "drawing" (7 - 1 - 18) #402 in "drawing" (7 - 5 - 18)

  • I Draw Trash ➳ Art Book 1
    4.6K 646 79

    dont even look at this shit, i only posted it for me to cringe at. khgyftdrtfghjkjhuyftdrdftghjihugyftdr

  • 🔯Spud's Book of Art 4🔯
    9.3K 2K 96

    my existence is almost as painful as looking at this book enjoy my makeshift cover

  • Bub' s Art Trash 2
    3.1K 668 79

    Let's try this again! The title speaks for itself. ~ Bub =)

  • My Art 5
    178K 16.6K 177

    Gotta blast

  • LoveSick || Pennywise X Reader ||
    888K 28K 51

    ||UNDER EDITING|| IFFY WRITING -THIS STORY IS DARK. NOT FLUFF- A few long years after moving away from Derry to live with her Father, eighteen year old, Y/n returns for her Mother and young brother's funeral and to inherit the old house she used to live in, along with a few more valuables. With the suspense of how he...

    Completed   Mature
  • Arttastic World 17
    236K 38.6K 205

    The dancing queen

  • Villainous - Black Hat x Reader
    278K 7.8K 44

    Hey, This is a Black Hat x Reader Book thing. I'm loving this cartoon and I am really bored 🖒

  • Evil Masterpiece ❬ Black Hat x Chubby!Artist!Reader ❭ ON HIATUS
    38.9K 1.6K 14

    Your local artist meets the worst kind of villain. What could possibly go wrong? This is a "Black Hat x Chubby Reader" story. WARNING: this story contains heavy subjects such as bullying, depression, suicide, self-harm and self-hate. Don't read it if any of these is a trigger to you. Cover art by me.

  • The Blue Paladin | Lance X Reader
    125K 3K 46

    (Y/n) Kogane. That's my name. Yes, I'm Keith Koganes sister. Everyone says you can tell we're siblings. At that stupid space school that kicked us out, everyone called us "The Trouble Siblings". When we saved Takashi Shirogane , met the 3 losers, and went to space, it was a life changing experience. Now, I live in spa...

  • His [The Cellar sequel]
    5.8M 142K 16

    After escaping from police custody, Clover tries to piece his life back together. Determined to return to home and be reunited with his family, he has to first elude the country wide man hunt. Will he be able to resist his old ways in order to remain undetected? After hearing that Colin has escaped, Summer and Becca p...

  • the forgotten disaster | lotor x reader
    75K 2.2K 36

    "σн, qυιzиαк." When the Paladins get a distress signal from inside one of Zarkon's ship it's up to the crew to rescue the mysterious prisoner from inside it, but what they don't know is that this prisoner has a past that might lead them to certain doom. ( Cover art is not mine!) BASED ON SEASON 4 (Warning, I wrote thi...

  • Voltron X Reader One Shots
    733K 16.9K 71

    I got into Voltron (thanks buddy) so I thought that I would write these! Requests are OPEN! Highest Ranking - #72 in Fanfiction

  • [C] Art Contests
    12.1K 679 49

    Welcome one, welcome all! It's my pleasure to invite you to join amazing art contests! We will be holding not only monthly contests but also weekly contests! Please feel free to tag friends or even suggest themes! The prizes Vary depending on what place you get! Everyone will win a prize FYI! Also the Goals and Prize...

  • Hime's Art Contests! [OPEN]
    34.7K 2.3K 38

    Welcome to the Kingdom of Art, where I, the Spider Princess will host the most amazing, mind-boggling and delightful art contests for you all in search for the next Ruler of this Kingdom. Of course--I won't hand over the title of Ruler that easily, but the game is on! Awesome prizes and themes await you, so why not...

  • Art Contests
    12.4K 646 57

    Welcome to my Art Contest book! Everyone can take part in the monthly contest :) I hope you join and have fun :)

  • Art Book
    443 97 23

    This is just a book that has my drawings. No biggie.????????????

  • Art book: collection of fanart, drawings, anime trash, and stuff
    7.3K 1K 26

    Hey guys. Thank you sooo much for the awesome people that read this.♡ These are random drawings I do daily in my life.

  • Supernatural X Reader
    1.3M 36.2K 65

    I do most everything you will ask me to do! Except smut! Smut free zone!

    384K 42.8K 111

    Hey guys, so this is my first art book! I hope you enjoy my art XD By the way, ALL the art in this book belongs to ME (those that are not mine, I'll mention the person) Oh and the cover drawing is also mine, don't believe me? You sure? Then what are you waiting for? CHECK THIS ARTBOOK OUT!!

  • Art books are a Thing?????.?.
    2.2K 183 13

    Iv been seeing these around so I though tick give one a whirl

  • Supernatural x reader one shots
    289K 8.2K 77

    REQUESTS ARE WHAT I LIVE OFF OF. I do anybody you want just request. I do every ship I really don't care anymore #sophmore in high school I started this book in 8th grade. It gets better as it goes on and I advance as a writer!!!

  • Supernatural x Reader ~OneShots~
    309K 8.7K 40

    This is Supernatural oneshots written from your POV. Your favorite characters, male and female, from supernatural seen from your perspective, and your love story. Supernatural One shots, x reader

  • supernatural imagines
    260K 4.7K 86

    feel free to read the thing. . . i guess

  • Demon Love (Supernatural Crowley Fanfic)
    25.5K 724 19

    This is a story about a girl named Patience. Not many know the truth about her life. One day the truth comes out. Patiences truth turns out to be something that puts her loved ones in danger. Love can make you do crazy things and Patience learns that as her life slowly falls deep and past hell. ~~~ This is a Fanfi...

  • Spn Imagines
    456K 15.5K 162

    Requests are open! This is a book made up of imagines including the characters of supernatural and, if requested, the reader/you! If you make a request please include what characters you want in the imagine (Ex: Team Free Will and Gabriel), the imagine itself (Ex: Imagine getting caught checking out Dean's ass), and...

  • Supernatural Imagines
    118K 2.6K 66

    I will be writing any kind of imagines. I will write for any character. You can be a: Angel Demon Human Hunter Any Supernatural Being Note that I'm probably only going to write about Sam, Dean, and Cas unless the others are requested. Also, a lot of these are freaking cheesy romance imagines, so if you don't like th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Supernatural Imagines #1
    44.9K 506 31

    Some good old Supernatural xReaders. Go check out my other book named like this one for some new and improved readers.

  • Supernatural Imagines
    193K 3.7K 50

    Here are a bunch of One Shots, X Readers, Drabbles and just overall SPN imagines! Look at my profile for details about requests! :)