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  • For Writers by Hugh Howey
    34.2K 1.6K 7

    Tips for writers from Hugh Howey, as shared on his blog.

  • How Not To Fuck Up a Werewolf Story
    128K 7.5K 9

    Title says it all, lovelies. Includes chapters on how to make a believable story, how not to make me laugh at your dialogue, and how slut-shaming will be answered with screams of injustice.

  • Guides for Writers
    387K 7.9K 30

    So you have read many amazing stories on Wattpad and now you're thinking - "Hey, I can do this too! I want to share my story!" Your creative juices are flowing and you need to write your ideas down before you forget! Well, you've have come to the right place! This comprehensive guide will give you all the i...

  • Secrets to Getting More Reads
    1.1M 17K 6

    The age-old question of how to get more reads has been around since any Wattpadder can remember. We searched far and wide for answers, and after much digging, we've finally uncovered the secrets to the art of writing on Wattpad. What occurred to us was that these 'secrets' aren't really secrets at all -they're simple...

  • How to Promote your Stories
    124K 3.5K 4

    You have finally hit the "PUBLISH" button and your story is now available to all Wattpadders! Congratulations! But don't stop there! Wattpad has millions of users around the world, and your story might just be exactly what they are looking for! So here are some tips to get your story from your screen to the screens...

  • Guidebook
    55.4K 1.4K 7

    Here you will find some information regarding LGBTQ+ and the LGBTQ+ profile. - Info on our reading lists - Tips on how to get more reads and how to tag your works - Resources - More to come!

  • A-Z of Werewolf writing
    55.7K 2.3K 15

    A Handbook for all things writing and werewolf! How to create the perfect werewolf story, write the story you want to read and avoid cliches! Everything you need to know and more... Run by official Wattpad Ambassadors.

  • The Guide to Wattpad (& Creative Writing)
    633K 20.8K 66

    From 2013 this Wattpad Guide has offered writers like you, helpful writing tips & techniques, through 60+ chapters, to raise your exposure and writing ability.

  • Writing a Novel-Length Story in 56 Days (or less)
    2.1K 82 9

    This is written to help you after you have come up with a basic plot.The dates that are given are simply intended as an outline; if you couldn’t care less about quality or get steps done in fewer days, your novel-length story can be ready in as little as two months. An hour or two a day may seem like a lot for the pla...

  • My Take on Writing
    2.5K 129 3

    This is my take on writing and even on reading, specifically for Wattpad authors and readers. I get asked to help a lot of new writers and find myself saying a lot of the same things over and over and since I'd rather be writing than repeating myself, over the last several weeks I've put together my own tips, interpr...

  • How To Become Wattpad Famous
    107K 8.8K 13

    In order to become Wattpad famous, a writer must follow and use certain ways to attract readers. Here are my tips that can help you obtain more votes, more comments, more reads, and more followers.

  • How to be a Better Writer (For Beginners)
    65K 3K 20

    Do you want to improve your writing skills? Do you want to write short stories, books, or even novels? Well, never fear! I've got the tips to make you a better writer!

  • Hook Your Reader
    52.8K 3.2K 11

    [ON HOLD] Nobody will ever know how incredible your book is if they don't read it. And for that you need a hook. A unique opening line that touches the core of the story, that temptingly hints to what they'll find inside, that compels your reader to read on. Here are ten tips to hook your reader and get more rea...

  • 11 Ways to Wattpad like a Pro!
    267K 14.5K 19

    11 Top tips and tricks to get the most out of Wattpad! From a Watty Award winning author with over 30 million reads online.

  • How To: Make An Original Character
    256K 16.7K 25

    Highest Ranking: #1 in Non-Fiction [27.9.16] How many Kylies are there on this site? Do all of them have to have messy buns? Why does everyone love Starbucks so much? Why does every heroine have to have some sad back story? Why does everyone have to look like a model? Is there some really small gene pool that I don't...

  • Field Guide to Common Wattpad Characters
    14.3K 1K 8

    Most common characters in fiction. Learn them before it's too late! During my time as an editor there are several characters that I find myself reading about. Again. And again. And Again. I present them to you now in all their glory, with the hope that you might find this information useful. Stock characters can be g...

  • Write Better: Tips and tricks
    128K 4.2K 51

    The guide for aspiring fiction writers who want to improve, sharpen, review, and/or learn. Warning! This book encourages editing and contains many tips that often require revision. Practice makes perfect, and it's good to workout your mental muscles. The more you do now, the better your writing will be later (becau...

  • Clichés: Know them, Destroy Them
    40.3K 2.3K 9

    Clichés are fantastic. Clichés are terrible. Clichés are almost impossible to escape. So let's learn what they are, and how to write them better.

  • Writer's Overhaul
    1.3K 123 7

    A place where I try to give what I think is good advice about what you need to write a good book.