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  • The Princess Assassin
    82 8 1

    *CONTEST WINNER* Jasmine, a princess assassin, knows no boundaries. She fights faster and fiercer than a lion, runs swifter than a cheetah, and prowls more silently than a leopard; making her the most dangerous assassin in the whole Red Desert. She is so formidable that one cannot say her name aloud without trembling...

  • R is for Rebel - ✔️
    35 7 1

    Princess Aurora is tired of being told what to do, how to dress, and how to behave. Her life isn't hers to control. So what will she do to change that? Follow Aurora as she discovers herself and takes charge of her decisions in one electric whirlwind of a night. A short story written for the Disney Rebel contest hoste...

  • Disney Detention
    120 4 1

    |A Fanfic Contest Entry| |Disney Rebels Contest| |One-Shot| You've probably heard of most of the students who go to Disney High School. Granted, all of them have complicated histories and fantastic futures, but they're not who this story is about. The jocks, popular girls, and nerds don't star in this story. ...

  • Rebel Red
    33 0 1

    Jean lived the perfect life, and yet said perfect life was a lie. She finds her life turned upside down upon finding out Lance, of all people, is her half-brother. Disclaimer - I don't own X-Men Evolution. This was written for the Disney Rebel prompt, where any Disney fandom could be used. Marvel was included because...

  • This is Survival
    34 7 1

    Disney's Merida, with her new rebellious nature and a less-than-romantic attitude will have to work with the widowed Flynn Rider if either of them are to survive in the new post-apocalypse. Cover rights go to MeryChess on Deviant Art.

  • A Queen's Path
    17 1 1

    Destiny is a fickle thing. It does not honor the light, It does not judge the darkness. When Pocahontas set out to chase the falling stars, she never could have imagined how destiny could change. How much it could take? Or give? For when one door closes, another shall open.

  • Simba's Pride #FanFic #RebelTown
    36 1 1

    It's been a long, rocky road, and Simba's out for revenge.

  • Last Breath of the Ice Queen
    52 7 1

    ~~~Winner of the Disney Rebel Contest ~~~ The grim silence grows over the Kingdom of Dunbroch when more and more people fall sick leaving their last breath while others simply survive through demonic eyes, surrendering their soul to the demon known as 'Chernabog.' Queen Merida, who is the promised queen of her Kingdom...

  • The Royal Rebel |✔
    112 16 1

    Princess Jasmine never disobeyed her father. Being the sole heir to the throne of Agrabah, she always did was she was told. Every second of her life was decided for her, that was until she met a dark haired boy. A boy who was not a prince. Love was forbidden but no one can choose who they fall in love with, can't the...

  • Rebel Princelesses
    354 18 1

    A good princess should be ladylike, innocent, well-behaved and demure, right? A modern-day tale involving some classic Disney princesses, before they found their happily-ever-afters. Written for @Fanfic Disney Rebel contest, April 2018.

  • Misfits
    52 5 1

    A group of misfits just trying to blend in during high school become unlikely friends. Edit: one of the fifteen winners!!!!!

  • April 2018 - Disney Rebel: Peter Pan
    53 5 1

    A submission for the April 2018 challenge to recreate a classic Disney character as a rebel. I chose the story of Peter Pan.

  • The Villain Within
    56 2 1

    After being kicked off of Mount Olympus, Herc decides to live with his Uncle Hades in the Underworld. It's not his fault his father doesn't see that he does not want to be a hero. The dark side is calling Herc to be a Villain, and who better to lead his way than his uncle. But is the Villain life all it seems to be...