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  • In my arms
    1.5K 61 2

    Raphael's thoughts when carrying Simon's dead body.

  • The Elevator Incident
    1.6K 88 1

    That one time when Simon got stuck in an elevator. With his boss. Who he happened to have feelings for.

  • As long as you want me
    4.5K 84 2

    Raphael trying to stop Simon from leaving the hotel Dumort.

  • ➰ Saphael's First Kiss ➰
    475 9 1

    I love the ship saphael in shadow hunters! I know it won't really happen but this is for those of u who want to have a saphael kiss! xx

  • Me? Really?
    2.2K 91 3

    Simon just couldn't believe Raphael loved him. Him of all people.

  • It gets easier
    787 23 2

    Raphael catching Simon cheating.

  • Be my guest
    2.2K 68 2

    Raphael getting invited at Alec's wedding.

  • My New Family
    1.2K 56 1

    Raphael Santiago, single father of an adorable four-year-old girl, meets Simon Lewis due to an unfortunate incident in the park.

  • You're Stuck With Me
    598 45 1

    In celebration the recent canonisation of ace!Raph, I give to you Raph coming out to Simon... who may or may not think that they're breaking up (I'm sorry guys is kind-of short)

  • Saphael one shots
    29.4K 916 4

    Saphael stories

  • Bloodlust
    35.9K 1.1K 4

    What happens when Simon doesn't feed? A saphael short story. Implied malec and clizzy.

  • Saphael//Father's Day
    16.4K 545 6

    It's Father's Day and Simon is taking it pretty rough. On top of that the other vampires hate him. Saphael discovers their love for each other.

  • Drunken Nights ➸ Simon Lewis
    949 58 1

    "Simon Lewis. My drunken, yet adorable, mistake." in which two boys meet in a drunken blur, only starting to remember it when one texts the other.

  • Saphael stories
    112K 3.3K 23

    Saphael: Simon x Rahael (boyxboy) If you haven't watched Shadowhunters shame on you(jk) but this ship is from this tv show also I wanted to say that most of these stories are not mine but I will give credit to whoever wrote it and some might be 18+ anyways yeah I hope you guys enjoy

  • Saphael One Shots
    126K 3.5K 21

    A mixture of smut and fluff saphael one shots from AO3

  • Saphael one shots
    138K 3.5K 27

    Pretty self explanatory really

  • So, what are you doing in here? - Saphael
    3K 152 1

    Simon always thought that he would never end up in a holding cell. Raphael never thought that the cops would let someone this hot stay in a holding cell with him. Yet, here they were.

  • saphael headcanons
    3.4K 136 1

    thank you tumblr