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  • Here to Help
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    After a grudgby accident brings Luz and Amity together, Luz learns the horrifying truth of Amity's past and present while working through her own. Wanting nothing more than to help each other in their time of need, Luz and Amity unintentionally set out on a journey of coping, understanding, and growth as they begin to...

  • Home
    3.4K 100 6

    Following the demise of her abusive adoptive parents, Amity finds a loving home in Lilith and her partner, Terra. This work will be presented as a series of mini stories following the development of the Clawthorne-Trujillo family. P.S. To those that follow me on IG, yes, this is that Terra lol. P.P.S. No, this is NOT...

  • Reversal(Lumity)
    35K 1.2K 18

    A stubborn human tries to become a witch along with a grudgby captain who seems to have a secret.

  • Beta lumity
    10.7K 200 18

    This is my first fanfic so don't judge me <3

  • Found You At Your Concert (Band AU Lumity, Angst)
    10.7K 313 9

    It's been 5 whole years since Luz left the Boiling Isles to go back to the human realm. She hasn't ever returned, not even for a day. After finding the original portal Luz makes her way back to the witch realm, The Boiling Isles. How will her witch friends react? How are they? Read "Found You At Your Concert" to find...

  • Hexside Collage
    20.4K 656 7

    Welcome to Hexside Collage! It's a new year, new students, new beginnings. Luz Noceda, the schools resident bad girl. Always doing something she shouldn't. Smoking behind the school, causing trouble to the teachers, stealing, vandalizing, you name it, she did it. Amity Blight, the schools popular girl. Perfect grades...

  • The Ghosts Upon Us
    6.9K 190 14

    -The Ghost Upon Us is about a girl named Luz Noceda who recently moved into the city of bonesburgh, -cold and blunt girl meets her old ex bestfriend amity blight (they are both 17 in this story and they are the beta designs) - but then luz wipes her memories of every lasting thing of the two of them causing pain to...

  • Hexside Banshees
    1K 57 1

    AU where Luz joins Boscha's Grudgby Team.

  • Individual Fandom Character Roleplay
    5.9K 44 21

    Where you can individually roleplay with a fictional character. I made full characters forms for each one, so you could roleplay with them in a modern setting even if you don't know them! Theres a lot of She-Ra and Owl House

  • Sugar Rush Roleplay
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    Individual or group. Ocs allowed

    9.4K 130 19

    « KALOPSIA » ৲ . an open literate roleplay. ❛ where dreams become reality ❜

    142K 5.8K 198

    libro de imágenes y videos xd

  • Peter Pan? (Lumity/the owl house fanfiction)
    51.2K 3.3K 85

    •Season [1] and [2] •Lumity, alright. •This is like the Book 'The Devil', the only difference is that both books are different. They're not the same thing, took my time to find inspiration but this was good enough, right? Leader was very proud at least. "Everyone has their own Peter Pan, mine is just from another worl...

  • || ℒ𝓊𝓂𝒾𝓉𝓎 𝒪𝓃ℯ𝓈𝒽ℴ𝓉𝓈 ||
    1.1K 22 2

    One of the best shows by far in the history of shows. And to celebrate this amazing show, I give you: Lumity Oneshots!! Requests are being taken on both the TOH Amino and here on the request page.

  • Lumity Coffee Shop AU
    354 26 1

    When Amity and Luz's eyes first meet they instantly click. As if their souls were meant to be. They fall hard for each other, however, with each of their family backgrounds, it makes it difficult for them to admit their feelings to the other with fear of rejection. Will these two end up in a fluffy romance or in broke...

  • Hexside High School (Lumity)
    70.8K 2.2K 23

    (ART IS NOT MINE) art by: thatonedorkthatdraws on insta The story takes place in a normal world where Luz and amity go to the same high school. Amity is the popular mean girl while luz is the new student who quickly befriends Willow and Gus. Amity and Luz start off as enemies but after an odd encounter will things cha...

  • Together again(book2)
    128K 4.6K 56

    Sequel to the light of my life After 2 years Luz finally comes back to the boiling isles. She is now 16 years old and ready to complete her witch training. During those 2 years Amity has grown closer to everyone in the group. Amber is still at it with her tricks and James has another ace up his sleeve. With Luz comi...

  • Music Under the Spotlight (Lumity Band Au)
    766K 23.9K 35

    After leaving the Boiling Isles for two years, Luz is back and here to stay, this time, not with just her love for magic. After catching up with almost everyone, her friends invite her to a concert of one of the most popular bands in the Boiling Isles. So, what are the odds that her crush is the lead singer of the ban...

  • The Barista AU (Luz X Amity) (Lumity) The Owl house
    2K 89 3

    (CREDIT TO ARTSIE CHEEP, ALL THE ART IS FROM THEM, I JUST WANTED TO MAKE A STORY ABOUT THIS AU) Amity is the captain and star performer for hexside's grudgby team, after one of her teammates suggest a tea shop that she has been going to for a while now, Amity meets Luz, a 16 year old girl who is the owner and the only...

  • Recklessly In Pain (Book 2)
    19.2K 641 8

    Luz Noceda and Amity Blight have been thrown around and pushed through so much. What they don't know is the big roller coaster they're about to go on. As Luz is finding her way without Amity by her side, she runs into complications, finding herself thinking about Amity more than she'd like. Amity wants to be a better...

  • Our Little Star (Future AU)
    23.7K 595 6

    Luz and Amity are going to have a journey towards parenthood.

  • Advanced Roleplays
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    Originally started in July 2020, until I remade it in December 2021 This is a Advanced RP book, please read the rules page first and foremost. Grammar and literacy is required.

  • We're Just Friends (Luna x Sam story)
    40.6K 908 22

    After accidentally sending a love letter to a girl named Sam, Luna felt an instant affection to her. She tried to hide her affection, and just tried to be friends with Sam. But sooner or later Luna's interest to Sam would show up. (Sorry for bad description XD)

  • Recklessly (Lumity)
    202K 6.9K 33

    Life isn't easy for Luz or Amity. They've both been abused, been hurt, been traumatized. They've hurt each other multiple times and yet they love each other greatly, strongly. Luz spends years chasing after a crush and only ends up falling, breaking her own heart. She doesn't understand what this feeling is that she h...

  • Individual Roleplay!
    4.1K 74 74

    Hello! Welcome to my Roleplay! Please, read the rules, and follow them. I really do not wish to block or report anyone. WARNING! THIS IS NOT A SMUT BOOK. MAYBE ONLY A LITTLE BIT OF ROMANCE, BUT ONLY HUGGING, HOLDING HANDS, AND KISSING. PLEASE, I DO NOT WISH TO BLOCK ANYONE. Please, and thank you! Please, I do not w...

  • Individual RP
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  • Descriptive and literate Roleplay With My OC's
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    I'm a pretty literate role player and i love making my own OC's so after seeing a few people post them here i thought why don't i do that as well. I love finding literate role players and making my own roleplays. Cx just so you know I'm a big fan of YAOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But i do any type of role play to be honest

  • Individual RP
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    Read the tittle

  • Love, What Is It?
    4K 137 12

    What happens when it's time for a new ladybug and chat noir? Read the brand new adventure staring Marinette and Adrien's daughter Emma and her new friend Charlotta as they become the new Ladybug and Chat Noir!