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  • The Lost Princess
    1M 2.7K 3

    *As of 4/25/21 this story will exclusively be on Galatea by Inkitt* Everly has had a hard life, orphaned by her parents, sold by her hateful aunt to a vampire master. But everything starts to change when she finally escapes and finds herself in the territory of The Red Moon Pack. Will she finally find the life she's...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bite Me Alpha
    123K 4.2K 26

    "It was her smile, her laugh. Those little things that make me realize I wanted to see that everyday of my life. I wanted her for the rest of my life." ________________________ She belonged to him just as he belonged to her Ocean Penha: a sarcastic, overly guarded, observant human, who's determined to figure out the n...

  • Alpha Eron
    111K 3.1K 23

    I frown. "So you didn't want to kiss me, then?" Whoa there, why do you sound so desperate? "You wanted a kiss?" he smirked. "I didn't see you as the type of girl to ask for it. If you wanted one, why did you not just do it yourself?" "God, you are so confusing!" My eyes dart around the room. This has to be one of the...

  • His Second Chance | ✔
    30.1M 907K 56

    "Stop eye-fucking me, little one." Jax's voice was loud and clear through the mind link. I watch as he never looks at me but continues to laugh away with his pack members. How did he know I was completely checking him out? "Unless you want me to actually fuck you, then I think you should stop." I blush furiously and l...

    Completed   Mature
  • Isabella
    823K 15.2K 24

    Isabella, The definition of innocence The light in everyone's darkness The only one pure enough to save a monster herself But who knows? What if she gets swallowed into the darkness as the saves everyone What if she becomes the monster she was meant to save? Who knows what could happen at this point. Read to find o...

  • Royal War: Sequel to Royal Secret
    978K 43.9K 50

    Celina, the pure blood princess, is placed in the middle of two battlefields: one for her heart and one for her crown. Trevor's and Korin's skirmishes over her threatens to tear her apart. Can Celina survive the war of the two most important men in her life and reclaim her throne? Or will more secrets threaten to des...

  • Moira
    570K 15.5K 28

    Moira ~ A person's destiny ************************************ I was holding the photo tightly in my grasp when I felt a presence behind me. Ace came closer to me and reached around me causing his chest to press into my back. Before I could control myself, a breathless gasp escaped me from feeling the sparks from th...

  • My Dreams, His Reality (Sample)
    4.4M 38.4K 16

    This is a sample novel. The full version is available on ireader and Amazon Kindle. *** I cleared my throat with more force. Harper opened one of his eyes and looked at me. He still didn't let go of her nipple. He raised an eyebrow but didn't stop thrusting. Oh God! "I, um, was j- just l- looking for some cleaning su...

    Completed   Mature
  • Gideon
    1.4M 13.6K 5

    "We are nothing alike. He's hard and I'm soft. He's worldly and refined and I'm...well, me. I'm a human and he's...not. He's fire and I'm water. Wait, maybe I'm not water. Maybe I'm gasoline because when we're together, we combust." A successful career, a soul mate to grow old with, a happy, drama-free life - that's a...

  • Klaude (Octavius Sequel)
    441K 21.5K 29

    The boy with the golden laugh Finally found his golden girl But she was broken and haunted By pitch black dreams (OCTAVIUS SEQUEL) ranked #42

  • Hunting Love
    755K 30.8K 29

    Sabrina Jade lived during a time where vampires were the dominant species on Earth. The royal family controlled everything within the area and no one was brave or strong enough to go against their laws. Sabrina broke one of the laws the second she was born. She knew that it was illegal for her to be alive, so she keep...

  • The King's War
    304K 14K 43

    The long-awaited conclusion to The King's Choice. __________________________________________ Avery Crawford is trying to take her new relationship with vampire king Nathaniel Bryce one blissful day at a time. But paradise can't last. The death of a foreign king throws the vampire world into chaos, and Nate is forced...

  • Queen of Nothing
    153K 10.4K 32

    In a world where vampires rule, Sabine Ambrose wants nothing more than to become one. Disgraced and despondent from her failure to win the heart of the Northern Territories' King Nathaniel Bryce, she sets her sights on the New Orleans, the capital of the post-war South. There she meets Tristan, the prince with the tar...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bittersweet Rejection (Werewolf Novel) Ongoing Editing
    691K 22K 36

    Bond is a connection Fates made them for a reason Even despite the rejection Recognized Omega at the innocent age of 10 years old, Alyssa Carlton bears her family's shame while her good female twin, Isabella flourishes as a strong pack warrior. Her eagerness to earn love and affection from her family and her hopes of...

  • A Goddess In Disguise
    117K 3.5K 10

    Katrina had a secret she was the most powerful wolf ever but she never let anybody find out. She also had special powers that are suppose to use at times of troubles. She thought it would cause some trouble. So she rarely used them. She then pretended that she was weak and worthless then became the pack's maid. Then...

  • Rejecting a Child of the Moon
    433K 11.2K 22

    🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫DONT READ IT SUCKS 🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫 16 year oldSky smith was loved till the day of her parents death. Abused and forced to take care of the packs needs. Her own brothers blamed her. She is rejected by the soon to be Alpha Jay Slade. She runs away. But no one knows that she is the ....... read to find out

  • Payback Sucks, So Do You!
    330K 11.1K 40

    I will give you hint, that douche bag that just ditched me, his own mate, for soccer practice is the guy that I am talking about. That should have been the warning signs of an unfaithful mateship (is that a word? Oh well), but I made the terrible decision of meeting him behind the pack house in the woods. *-* My name...

    Completed   Mature
  • Special and Rejected
    50.4K 1.7K 7

    Just read it you'll love it. if you've read any of my other books I am sure you'll love this one. Love ya BadGirl9151

  • I Am Queen
    147K 5.2K 12

    Genevieve was a shy, nerdy, weak, and abused 14 yr. old girl. She always hoped to meet her mate. The mate that is supposed to protect you no matter what happens. Jeremiah is the soon to be alpha. He's supposed to find his mate on his 16th birthday. When Jeremiah realizes that Genevieve is his mate, he does the only th...

  • The Possessive Boyfriends.
    50K 996 4

    Meet Aaliyah & Sabrina, they been best friends since they were in diapers. Aaliyah was a smarty pants while Sabrina was sassy. They both did everything together. It was just them, they didn't need anyone else in their life. They we're 2 happy teen girls having fun. Until they bumped into Adrian and Liam the schools b...

  • The Alphas Kitten
    79.1K 1.6K 4

    "Kick and claw all you like. Scream. Hit me. Curse the fuck out of me. You won't sleep anywhere but with me tonight."

  • Rejected? As if I care
    408K 16.2K 40

    The first book in The "Infinite Love" series Jem Carter, a girl with attitude. But most of the time she's a shy loner, who walks the halls of her school. Or should I say...hell. She's been bullied all of her life by everyone she's ever cared about; her own older brother included. She has waist high purple hair, with...

    Completed   Mature
  • Emotionless (ON HOLD/EDITING)
    340K 9.8K 24

    Ten years ago, Rylee Willows was in a car accident where her parents died and her twin brother disappeared. Since then she has never shown emotion to anyone. Because of her lack of emotion, she was constantly abused by the other pack members. Not knowing that she is the daughter of the real deceased alpha.Eight years...

  • The Alpha's Daughter
    2.9M 13.6K 3

    Ebony Evers' parents are madly in love and want nothing more for their daughter. Intent on Ebony finding a mate, they send her to a summer camp notorious for pairing up young wolves. With reluctance, Ebony agrees to go and is astonished when she finds just what her parents wanted her to find, a mate. Unfortunately, a...

  • Reject me??? Bring it!!
    436K 14K 28

    WARNING: Bad language!!! Having your heart ripped out by the one person who's suppose to love you forever, isn't good right? Imagine that one man, destroying a sweet innocent girl I use to be, and putting one bad b**ch in her place. ------------------------------- My names Carson and to say I was a helpless good girl...

  • The Female Alpha
    166K 5.2K 24

    Kaylee Anderson is in the Misty shadows pack. She was found one morning as a child, covered in the blood of her two dead, and unrecognizable parents, whom saved her from the jaws of the rogues who murdered her former pack in cold blood. The rogue leader left a deadly message with her, one she would remember forever; "...

  • Reject me, I dare you....
    360K 12.4K 22

    "Go ahead Aaron, reject me like you always said you would your mate! Reject me, I dare you!" I screamed in Aaron's face with my eyes pure white. "U-um I Aaron Cole reject you Raina Shadow as my mate" he spat after collecting his emotions then smirked thinking I'd cry. Hell no, not here in front of everyone! "Ok, I Rai...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm the Alpha's Mate
    12.3M 410K 22

    (Completed) Young werewolf, Evangeline, can do something no other can, hold communication with someone far beyond her realm. Always at her side, the Goddess of the moon has guided her through the toughest of times, but when the truth starts to bleed out, when an Alpha claims Evangeline as his own, and when the most da...

  • A Mate's Revenge
    336K 8.4K 42

    (Re-edited)Hell hath no fury like a Mate scorned. When Lily finds out that future Alpha Holden Knight is fated to be her mate she is over the moon. Finally someone to love her unconditionally. For Holden rejection isn't an option, Lily is hot and sexy and wanted by the male population but he isn't ready to give up h...

    670K 24K 30

    My dearest father hoped his son would run the pack once he stepped down. Too bad the fates had other plans. Because my brother doesn't bare the mark of an alpha - I do. **Disclaimer: This story is incomplete! Read at your own discretion!!**