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  • True Power(Betrayed Male Reader x Highschool DxD)
    85.7K 736 5

    After all you did to them they played your feelings and use you for their own desire making you build great hatred towards them Rias and Her peerage made a huge mistake as they sealed their fate An:Boring description I know T-T

  • The Silver Dragon v2 (Highschool dxd x Male Reader)
    3K 53 4

    As the Great War raged on two dragons decided to fight in the middle of the battle grounds and killed anyone that got in their way. However the three factions called a temporary truce to deal with the scaly distractions and that they did by turning them into sacred gears. But when news of their loss spread and reached...

  • The Saiyan of the Supernatural
    13.2K 119 7

    This will be a story of an OP saiyan reader in the world of DxD

  • Betrayed Male Oc x Highschool DxD
    6.4K 35 8

    You were a pawn in the peerage of rias gremory you thought they cared about you but did they of course not your weak.....or are you? Maybe someone here can fix you. Can they help? You are broken and want to get revenge on these bastards.

  • KiLL la KiLL - Preternatural!
    506K 6.5K 41

    Ryuko vows to crush Satsuki's ambitions in order to get the answers she seeks... However, another transfer student simply walks among their fray.

  • Harem Asylum
    163K 1.6K 11

    (Y/N), framed for murder; finds himself detained in a asylum filled with notorious killers, lucky for them they are all females thirsty for cock, you know what they say....when in doubt; fuck your way out.

  • 🌹Rose of blood 🌹( male betrayed demon reader x highschool dxd&Fairy Tail)
    39.3K 420 5

    first off it's harem i ran out of space ;-; -ahem- A Rose presents beauty by it's form and also a sign of love,hatred...betrayal, Y/n was innocent cause being half demon to try have friends and was too Easy only to backstab by the same ones including His parens who created a Fake evidence of there own son and sentence...

  • Esdeath x Young Male Reader
    84.5K 842 9

    Sorry if it's bad, certain fetishes will be present.

  • I Know What Comes With This Great Power
    164K 3.4K 14

    Y/N L/N. A boy born with an incredible quirk, but has suffered through so much pain and loss in his life. This is the story of how Y/N L/N became the greatest hero of all time. Disclaimer: I do not own Spider-Man or My Hero Academia. Feel free to point out any mistakes I've made and constructive criticism is welcome...

  • Neglected and Abused Male V Reader X Harem
    23.1K 208 9


  • The Abused Black hole Evolto X Highschool Dxd
    402K 4.4K 55

    Akira, the brother of Issei hyoudou the biggest pervert in Kouh. Akira was abused and tricked by his brother but the lowest point in Akira's life was when he was arrested for protecting girl and was falsely accused of assaulting a powerful individual and is now currently on probation and becomes a outcast in school. H...

  • Predator (High School DXD x Ghoul Reader) Vol. 2
    16K 196 5

    After Y/N killing Riser Phenex during Rias Gremory's marriage, The marriage has been cancelled and Y/N became SSS+ ranked criminal. Tons of devils are after him. Now Y/N has to run away from his hometown (Kuoh). His normal human eating life was back for a while. He killed his former Creepy Personality, Being the Depre...

  • (Betrayed male reader x Cheater HSDXD) I've been show the way (ON HOLD)
    92.8K 504 11

    Y/N is on a tight rope for some reasons that will lead to the destruction of his enemies and the ones he hates

  • The Devil Ninja Shota(SK/DxD x Shota Male Reader)
    72K 939 6

    (Y/N) was just a regular boy with a normal life, but when he discovers that there are shinobis and devils. His whole world changes.

  • hazbin hotel Harem x male Reader
    146K 1.3K 10

    Y/n L/n, a boy who got murder by a demon while trying to save His friends, Y/n was unlucky person but change that luck around like nothing,he Thought he was going to heaven but instead when to hell, but a hell very different with strange beings, monsters and...a hotel? the first human who manage to arrive hell without...

  • (Rosario + Vampire) x Kryptonian Male Reader: God among Us
    9.6K 158 13

    Y/N L/N. A lost Kryptonian who is being raised by L/N married couple from a small certain village. One day, he is forced to make a decision and he decides to attend to one of the schools that he received an offer from. Will he able to keep up on the school he attend to? What kind of life awaits him there? Read to find...

  • 𝐸 𝒳 - 𝒟 𝐸 𝒱 𝐼 𝐿
    471K 10.5K 26

    Y/n was Rias' former and only Pawn in her Peerage, but when he realized that he can't get what he desires in Rias' Peerage, he left. After Issei's arrival things didn't get better, they got even worse than before. Not having any Sacred Gear or anything, Y/n decides to get power at whatever cost. But then something h...

  • Twisted Shadows (Frozen & How To Train Your Dragon, Hiccelsa) COMING SOON
    422 2 1

    It was years ago when the Haddock family suddenly disappeared. No one talks about what happened all those years ago in the small town Mountain Green, Utah. But we know it was the reason they left. Years of Mysterious Murders ripped our town apart, and our town's secret died with the last remaining member of the Haddoc...

  • The Golden King of DXD
    62.6K 979 8

    This is a rewrite of my King of DXD. High school DXD and Fate series belong to there respective owners

  • I'm not a Phenex,not anymore
    10.7K 64 6

    highschool dxd x male reader. you're a pure blood devil (or maybe not? ;) ),you're a part of Phenex's family and a big brother to Ravel and a little brother to Riser. You hate your family because they treated you like shit and abused you since you were little. Yubelluna,Riser's queen,is the only who cares about you an...

  • The sorcerer and devils. (Highschool DxD X male sorcerer reader; Vol 1)
    123K 1.7K 24

    Appearances can be deceiving. What will happen when Y/N discovers that what he had believed for his entire life is just a small chunk of the truth. How will a newfound power affect his life? I do not own Highschool DxD or marvel. Pictures are also not mine, unless otherwise specified.

  • Descendant Of The Ancients (Highschool DxD x Male Reader) [SLOW UPDATES]
    19.4K 304 14

    Long ago before humans and devils emerged, there are two ancient races known as the Forerunner and the Nasods. Both boasted extreme technology which can overpower even God himself. In order to "keep the balance", God killed them off. What happens when the powers of both races falls in the hands of a normal looking hum...

  • God's Saiyan Devil (Male Saiyan G.O.D Reader x Highschool DxD)
    151 3 2

    DISCLAIMER: I do not own Highschool DxD, Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, or any other anime brought into this. I only own parts of the plot that I add. Please support the official release. I have no idea what I'm doing and this is my first story, soooooooooooooooo You are the next God of Destruction Candidate of Unive...

  • [ON HOLD] Betrayed OP MaleReader! X Highschool Dxd
    579K 4.9K 39

    Y/N betrayed by Rias and her peerage but how will they react if they find out that the presumed to be dead Y/N is alive and stronger than before planning for his revenge against them if your curious just read the book and join us in Y/N story (my first book hope you enjoy it 😁) I do not own any of the character they...

  • Highschool DxD x Betrayed OP Character
    60.9K 515 8

    Kazuki Yoso is old friend and member of ORC, even if he isn't a devil and don't have Sacred Gear, he still have fun with his friends there. But did all members of ORC are his friends ? Read and find out. 07-02-2020 - 1# opcharacter

  • Red vs Blue x Highschool DxD male reader
    8.7K 112 5

    So let's get this straight. My name is (Y/N) Gremory and I am the forgotten son of the Gremory house. When I was born my parents loved me. They took care of me and everything. I got my Peerage set or rather sets. My parents and brother was busy and so they couldn't go with me. I got five sets. I decided to make one...

  • Evil pokemon god of dxd
    16.1K 181 6

    Cheater, yandere Highschool dxd harem x Male OP reader x Pokemon harem x human Pokemon harem I own the story j don't own the pics or the videos the Highschool dxd characters or the Pokemon characters