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  • The Love Of Tigers (A StingYu & Rogura Story)
    172K 4.3K 45

    Things around Sabertooth are pretty normal. Except for one thing. Mermaid Heel is staying with them. After the Mermaid Heel guild hall gets destroyed, they ladies have to go to Sabertooth for a bit while they rebuild. Though, will some of their members decide to stay? And what else is going on around the guild? Is the...

  • The One and Only (On Hiatus)
    112K 1.9K 28

    Follow Kia as she deals with her 5 protective brothers...

  • A and D
    45.1M 816K 51

    Nerdy Dakota Evans makes the biggest mistake of her life by falling in love with her best friend, Aaron Ford. Despite coming from entirely different cliques in school, will their relationship have a chance? *** In a high school where everyone belongs to cliques, nerdy and boyish Dakota Evans' friendship with basketba...

  • HE IS MY DOCTOR NALU (FT) *Currently under grammar editing*
    163K 3.9K 35

    AU NALU FANFICTION IS HERE!!! ~~ What'll happen when a patient and a doctor fell in love with each other? Or rather, what happen that makes them head over heels with each other? NATSU, a charming billionaire doctor that had finally found his important someone, but love had never been easy right?

  • Leaving Hurts, Hate Burns, Love Heals (A Gruvia Fanfiction)
    19.7K 534 23

    What happens when Gray Fullbuster, husband of Juvia Fullbuster and father to Storm, leaves his two loved ones for a special mission without any needs to tell his family where he is going? Heartbreak, that's what happens. He left his wife with no reason to where he was or where he was going, who wouldn't be sad if a l...

  • Natsu's twin sister
    253K 3.9K 21

    Natsu has a twin A twin sister to be more exact She's been gone for 9 years on a SS-class mission that was posted as a 10 year quest What happens when she comes home? Gray x OC Takes place after the 7 year time skip, before the 3 month training camp COMPLETED ----------- I own nothing except for my OCs

  • My overprotective brothers
    195K 4K 47

    Don't read this book right now it's shit and is undergoing EXTREME well needed editing !! however if you do decide to read that's your choice but thanks for the support !! I love you

  • Me and my 12 brothers. YES....12 brothers!
    4.4M 117K 86

    ~STORY COMPLETED! just in process of editing~ Lexi Walker has 12 brothers. Twelve irritating, annoying, bossy and protective brothers. The only female contact she has in her life is her mom and has to cope with all the pranks, arguments and play fighting between the two of them. Having to move suddenly to another st...

  • The Light To My Darkness (Nalu) Complete
    83.7K 2.2K 19

    Father's gone, Friends backstab, Random people gossip, Girlfriend takes pleasure without asking, And darkness takes over without notice. "People are sick, and you can't trust them" That's what Natsu thought...until he meets a beautiful blonde headed girl. Her smile, Her energy, Her beauty, And her light, Draws Natsu i...

  • Older Brother (Fairy Tail) IN EDITING
    34.9K 895 16

    Everyone know the story of how Gray Fullbuster had lost his parents to the demon Deliora. But have you ever wondered if he had any siblings. This story takes you on a journey with Grays little sister Gwen Fullbuster. Will she show herself to her brother after so long. And will she join Fairy Tail or a different guild...

  • Fairy Tail: Next Generation - Volume I
    230K 4K 28

    Over two decades after the events in Fairy Tail, witness the adventures of the original heroes' children as they journey through Fiore seeking adventure, glory, and enough money to pay the month's rent. Meet the children of Natsu and Lucy, Nashi and Liddan, as they befriend Marigold and other new characters in their n...

  • Broken (A Fairy Tail FanFic)
    368K 13.5K 42

    Jellal, Gajeel, Juvia, Lucy and Romeo were the siblings of the Heartfilia family. They were a pretty close knit bunch until, Layla, their mother, died in a car crash and their father, Jude, ran off with money. Their lives ultimately came spiraling down. That is, until the new next-door neighbors, the Dragneels, moved...

  • You Don't Understand
    32K 1.1K 7

    What was love? Was it meant to be this painful? If it was then she didn't want it. If love was supposed to be as cold as ice then she didn't want it. If love was supposed to make her cry all night about it she didn't want it. If that was what love was then Juvia Lockser didn't want it. Even if it meant her own life. D...

    10K 418 18

    Gray Fullbuster is a 25 year old man with two kids,Storm and Silvia.Gray's a very busy man it's really hard for him to move back and forth between his job and the kids.He's not interested in finding another woman like how he lost his first wife Ultear but all that changed when Juvia came into the kids and Gray's life.

  • Nashi
    74.6K 1.6K 6

    What happens when Lucy is threatened to leave Fairy Tail to protect the ones she loves, and then 4 years later theres a rumbling outside her house? And...Wait,...LUCY WAS PREGNANT!

  • Its A Fairy Tail Christmas. (Edited)
    4.1K 100 14

    This is a story about four best friends who lost their loves during Christmas. They all find four guys who are also best friends and they start to fall for each other. CHARACTERS BELONG TO HIRO MASHIMA

  • Mixed Signals (Gruvia)#WATTYS2019
    24.5K 719 15

    Gray Fullbuster. Just the mention of that name makes Juvia want to weep. She was always so kind to him, and he was always so cold to her. Eventually she gave on Gray. It became apparent to her that he didn't want her around. She found a new partner, Lisanna Strauss. Lisanna and Juvia became best friends and of course...

  • Siblings(NaLu, Gruvia, Jerza Collab)
    20.8K 694 23

    ANNNNNNNNOTHER COLLAB xD And with @thediamondwolf4 again!! Yayayayyayayayy!!! Enjoy! P.S. I don't own Fairy Tail or it's characters, I only own this story line concept.