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  • Pokemon x reader!LEMONS!
    39.3K 267 6

    So, this isn't technically the actual pokemon x reader, but more so the characters, but I might do human pokemon x reader

  • Colress x Reader (Scenarios and AUs) DISCONTINUED
    16.3K 193 23

    A book of Colress x Reader oneshots Something awaits for you all...

  • °°° Pokémon X Reader And Random Shit Ni??a °°°
    58.4K 766 97

    This will be a first for me, since I never really wrote Pokémon fanfics before. Wish me luck, I guess.

  • Pokémon Oneshots
    1.6M 25.2K 132

    My collection of Pokémon characters x reader oneshots - a place where it's OK to kiss strangers. Some of the stories contain spoilers to the anime series, generations episodes and the games. At the moment, the book contains the following characters: - Alain (3x) - Ash Ketchum (2x) - Barry - Ben - Black/ Touya - Blue O...

  • Pokemon x Reader
    328K 4.3K 32

    For the people who want to get even closer to their Pokemon partners! Requests are always open! Comments and votes are appreciated!

  • Pokémon Villains x Reader (REQUESTS OPEN!)
    9.5K 85 5

    A series of One-shots featuring you and the Villains from Pokémon.

  • Pokemon Villains x Reader One shots (REQUESTS TEMPORARILY CLOSED)
    1.2K 6 3

    wH E EZE anyways henlo u frickin fricks. Welcome to our first X Reader (oneshot) fanfiction(s). Uhhhhhh i really dont have nothing else to say so um... Enjoy i guess- ?Lily?