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  • solivagant
    374 73 8

    short little shards of his mind. questions, ideas, and blurbs of life. all from the pov of a narrator. copyright 2016 by @anxmxly/maly. (lowercase intentional) cover by @wydsam

  • forehead star
    304 75 11

    sterling johanssen, meet lark. just lark. she has a tattoo on her forehead. of a star. for sterling, it's instant love. will they last? all readers will hope so. cover by @wydSam

  • scripturient
    7.9K 2.3K 107

    scripturient (adj.) having a strong urge to write. an anthology, a collection of my thoughts, ideas, and deepest eunoia. [ highest ranking #7 in poetry on 10.12.16 ] copyright 2016 by @anxmxly/maly. all rights reserved lowercase intended.