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  • blossom ↣ joshler ✓
    413K 18.2K 62

    "Why in the world do you have a babysitter? You're a teenager." "I have zero idea but my mother is paying you to watch me do my homework so you might as well just deal with it." ©nicosniners

  • The Pajama Kid
    1.1M 44.2K 26

    Chronic fatigue syndrome is a state of profound fatigue that is not improved by bed rest and that may get worse with physical or mental activity. This fatigue significantly interferes with daily activities and work. I have that syndrome. My name is William Elijah Brookes and I haven't left the house in over two month...

  • Gentle, Please! [boyxboy]
    1.7M 67.8K 30

    Elliot Warren has a chronic disease. It all started back at the end of middle school. He started losing his steps in places no one else would. Then, he had problems moving his legs properly, he couldn't run, walk and eventually stand anymore... It went that far that it bound him to a wheel chair in the beginning of hi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sexy One Shots
    277K 863 10

    There will be LGBT sex scenes in this. You've been warned 0_0 #25 in boyxboy #139 in yuri #854 in girlxgirl

  • Master, Master {ManxMan} {BDSM}
    676K 21.7K 28

    Jason is rich, has a great home, and anything he could possibly ask for. He has everything. That's how it seems anyway. In reality, Jason has very little. No family, hardly any friends, and no one to share his wealth with. That's what he thinks anyway but his world is about to be turned upside down by the waiter he ne...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Kissed A Boy [boyxboy]
    7.5M 231K 16

    (Book 1) It was just an accident. I had never meant to kiss Blake Patterson, supposedly the school's biggest douche bag. He wasn't supposed to be the good guy, the guy who made me happy, the guy who made my stomach flutter, but here we are, fighting the world. Together? (boyxboy love story) [Cover by: NattyKat]

    Completed   Mature
  • What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know (Boyxboy)
    7.3M 262K 43

    Nathen Dawson is so in love with his girlfriend, Tracy. The two of them are as happy as any couple can be, and there is literally nothing that can get in the way of their love. least that's what Nathen thought. That's what he thought until someone who has been there for him his entire life starts to end up...

    Completed   Mature
  • BoyxBoy Recommendation Book
    908K 4K 96

    L o o k i n g F o r S o m e G o o d B o y x B o y/ M a n x M a n S t o r i e s...? You've come to the right place! •G R A M M A R 💯 •P L O T 💯 •C H A R A C T E R S 💯 •C R E A T I V I T Y 💯 T A K E • A • P E A K • i N S I D E ☄️U L T I M A T E ☄️ ☄️F A V O R I T E S☄️ ⭐️...

    27.2K 893 5

    Monkey D. Luffy, the man who wants to become the King of Pirates. Everybody he meets finds him adorable and likeable. Roronoa Zoro, the man who wants to become the greatest swordsman in the world. He despises everyone who tries to take away his Captain especially his attention. The Straw Hats finds Zoro's panicking st...

  • The Mosshead of a First Mate and The Idiotic, Strawhat wearing Captain
    46.5K 1.3K 6

    Zoro being over protective for 5 chapters and Luffy being overprotective for 1

  • Luffy Gets Sick [ONE PIECE] SanjixLuffy
    59.8K 1.6K 15

    When Luffy gets sick both Chopper and Sanji have to help him. Sanji later realizes that what Nami had said about liking a curtain someone, was true..... Read more to find out who Sanji likes and if the other person likes him back...

    Completed   Mature
  • Roommates
    108K 4.1K 32

    Sanji lives alone in his two bedroom apartment and a little someone is there to accompany him.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Unknown Love(Bon X Rin)
    45.2K 1.3K 12

    Rin and Bon were not always friends but they did get along sometimes They both secretly liked each other What will happen when Ryuji finds out Rin is a demon Will Bon loose feelings for Rin?

  • BonxRin (yaoi)
    105K 2K 10

    Ron goes to school with bon and they fight all the time until...... read the story to find out peeps.

  • In a heartbeat
    48.1K 1.4K 3

    A soulmate was someone you had a natural affinity for. Someone that'd compliment you and feel deeply connected to, they were like another part of your soul. Law didn't want something like that. Wasn't sure he deserved to have it. Who would want someone like him as a soulmate?

  • No more waiting (yaoi)
    219K 3.9K 11

    The story is about .... SasuxNaru to be honest this story is not for non-hardcore readers. In the story Naruto is tired of waiting for Sasuke to come home so he tries to move on but someone comes back to the leaf!

  • There's A Boy in my Bed (BoyxBoy)
    15.1M 462K 32

    "We can't do this." I whisper as our lips re-connect, a tingling fire surging through my body as his hands ravage unexplored lands; my innocence dissipating away with every peck he trails down my neck. "I know we can't. That's why it's so exciting." He replies through kisses. His effortless charm intoxicates me;...

  • His Gorgeous Boy (BDSM) (DDLB) (ManxMan)
    2.9M 118K 41

    It began with a kiss. It was a New Year's Eve kiss that he wouldn't forget any time soon. - Bram doesn't like a lot of things. He doesn't like the fact that his boss is always calling him topside to switch on his computer. He doesn't like the way his boss stares at him. Bram doesn't like letting his little self go...

    Completed   Mature
  • Man Or Monster
    750K 25.2K 33

    Callum Black. That was Callum's name, his identity, yet he was never called that. His family, his pack, his peers, and just about everybody else called him weak, pathetic, ugly, faggot, worthless. So that had become his identity, not Callum Black. Callum's father was the pack's Beta, and his siblings were the sort tha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Royal Blood | Complete
    292K 14.3K 35

    In need of an escape Nika moves away from her family to severe Royal Bloods. She then finds herself in a scuffle. Trapped in the middle of it all. She has to untangle herself from the little mess of cords she got into. ↩ "If I can't keep my hands off of you," he gives her a once over. "Don't be oblivious a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bayside Queens (BoyxMan)
    2.7M 126K 31

    "All CJ knew was that Quinn was different, and in Bayside, different didn't come around too often." A police sergeant at age 25, CJ Thomas was always destined for greatness. Every man wanted to be him, and every woman wanted to be on him. But that really wasn't CJ's thing. Nothing was really CJ's thing. Until the ki...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Beta's Choice
    342K 12.2K 30

    Imogen is her pack's runt. She was a surprise to her family, and a disgrace. Her father is the gamma of her pack so her existence as the runt is a disappointment and disgusting. Her family wait for the moment when she can find her mate, leave the pack and be erased from existence. Imogen dreams of her mate for a diffe...

    Completed   Mature
  • Only His (COMPLETED)
    973K 24.3K 34

    The only thing they have in common is their jobs.His name is Ace. He gets what he wants when he wants especially if its a specific some one he wants, and he's very protective when it comes to family. He's arrogant and rude. He got everything a guy would ever want money, the looks , the girls and the family. She's S...

  • Absolutely His ✔️
    2.7M 82.5K 49

    He took a deep breath. Than began to lower his hand further south, down my neck, stopping at my cleavage. He took an even deeper breath, closing his eyes tightly for a moment. "I'm going to have to teach you how to behave." He whispered softly in my ear and the next moment his lips hovered above mine. We were a millim...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wrong Number [18+]
    5.4M 189K 43

    Against my better judgment, I answer, "Look I told you, you have the wrong number," I say a bit too harshly. "I wish I was the girl you were looking for but I'm not." "You do, huh?" His husky voice fills my ear again and I shiver. What the hell is he going on about? "What are you talking about?" I ask confused. "T...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hired To Love
    55.2M 1.8M 67

    Henley agrees to pretend to date millionaire Bennett Calloway for a fee, falling in love as she wonders - how is he involved in her brother's false conviction? ****** Henley Linden's brother is in jail for a crime he didn't commit, and she'll take any job to raise the money needed to free him. Soon, she's agreed to pr...

    Completed   Mature
  • Knowing Xavier Hunt ✓
    10M 518K 43

    || Featured FREE story with exclusive paid chapters - previously a paid story || When Haley discovers the truth behind Xavier, whose silence holds a deeper meaning, she sets her mind on making his life better one small step at a time. ***** Haley Ro...

  • A Dash of Demise
    5.9M 308K 84

    In the kingdom of Vanderdash, there is no more feared warriors than that of the Scarlet Guard. Protectors of the royal family, skilled assassins trained since childhood, They follow the crown, they enforce the crown. To many, the group cloaked in red is a greater symbol of the royal family's power than the kings crown...

  • Second Hand [manxboy]
    1.6M 74.5K 23

    Nico is reclaimed by his biological father, a Russian mob boss. Nico develops a crush on his father's second hand man, Miroslav. Spoken parts in italics are in Russian in the story. Reworked 2023 to address age gap. Cover art by 0Dauntlesstribute0

    Completed   Mature
  • Mates of a Human
    4.9M 213K 72

    His world was completely grey. Not a drop of colour entered his eyes and he told himself that he really didn't miss it. Until the day he saw the most vivid blue eyes. Werewolf/Shifter story Man x Man x Man 18 + with graphic descriptions of a sexual nature Author's note; I made the cover, even though it is not brilli...

    Completed   Mature