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  • Story Title ideas
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    Ideas for story Titles, you may use any you like. Have fun! 🤓

  • Story Title Ideas
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    Ok so I like to think of random titles for just random stories that I will probably never create since I'm probably the worst writer ever and the least creative of anyone, lol. So I wanted to share them with whoever is reading this that needs help with story titles. Feel free to comment which ones you like and which...

  • story ideas
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    just me & my trashy ideas

  • Advice to Young Writers
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    I am asked several times each day to read the stories written by young writers here on Wattpad. As there is no way that I could possibly read and offer quality feedback to all who ask, this book is my Advice to Young Writers, based on my own 20 years of teaching writing to junior high to university students, on my 20...

  • The Guide to Wattpad (& Creative Writing)
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    From 2013 this Wattpad Guide has offered writers like you helpful writing tips & techniques, through 60+ chapters, to raise your exposure and writing ability.

  • Writing POC 101
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    An advice book on how to successfully write POC characters by Wattpad authors. [Highest rank: #1 in Non-Fiction]

  • Your Guide to Writing the Perfect Story
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    As the title states, this is your tutorial, created by me, to writing a story to the very best of your abilities. By carefully reading through the following pages, you can enhance your skills and clear your path to becoming the great author that you wish to be, uncovering your potential each step of the way. For tips...

  • How To Write a Fight or Battle Scene
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    YOU WANNA FIGHT? FIGHT ME! Or we could have a cup of tea and a biscuit if you prefer. Ever found it hard to get to grips with how to put together a fight scene, or a battle sequence? This guide runs you through the basics, talks about different styles of fighting and weaponry, how to put together fight scenes, plan ou...

  • 8 Tips for Writing Better FanFiction - A Simple Guide
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    Interested in writing better fanfiction? Then you've come to the right place! This concise and helpful guide to writing fanfic proves that by just following a few key tips, you can see a dramatic difference in the quality of your stories. Regardless of who or what your story is about, this "how-to" guide applies to al...

  • Writing Prompts
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    Here are a few ideas to help inspire creativity and to get rid of writers block. Enjoy! -Got a suggestion for a prompt and want to get your ideas out there? Message me and I'll include your phrases in the next chapter!- •New updates every Saturday• •#80 in Writing Help as of 7/20/18• •#1 in Writing Prompts as of 7/20...

  • Secrets to Getting More Reads
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    The age-old question of how to get more reads has been around since any Wattpadder can remember. We searched far and wide for answers, and after much digging, we've finally uncovered the secrets to the art of writing on Wattpad. What occurred to us was that these 'secrets' aren't really secrets at all -they're simple...

  • How To Get Reads, Votes, and Comments - A Guide
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    How do I get more reads, votes, and comments? If you find yourself asking that question, then I have some answers for you. What can you do to reach out to readers and potential readers? How can you encourage readers to comment and vote? What are all the different ways you can promote your stories? This #1 ranking...

  • Tips & Tricks to Writing on Wattpad
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    Part guide, part rant. Everything I've learned on writing, from Wattpad, experience, or how-to writing books. Leave requests on the second chapter :)

  • How to Write Fiction
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    The advice you will find here follows the Chicago Manual of Style which is widely used by American publishers. There are some variances in style from country to country (and even from American publisher to American publisher.) **It may be easier to search the Table of Contents, as there is no rhyme or reason right no...

  • Five Tips on How to Write a Good Story
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    Lots of people have asked me for advice on writing. And so I thought I'd offer five simple tips that a beginner (or even a more-seasoned) writer might find helpful. Hope you find something useful here.

  • How to Write a Book
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    A lot of people are wanting to write a book. But not all knows how. So in this book, I will be showing or telling you how to make a good book with a great title, great cover, and a great info. Hope this will help!!!

  • 10 tips on How to write a story
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    Ten simple tips on how to write your own story... This is just a guide for beginners. (every once in a while, i get sudden influxes of notifications from here and I'm just?? People actually read my work omG) By Jami

  • How To Write Poetry
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    Principles on how to write powerful poetic passages, with explanations of how and why these rules work. I'm not saying I write great poetry by any means, but I do take pride in it. I've read on poetry in a few places, but Edgar Allan Poe's "The Poetic Principle" was the best; most of the following tips are based on th...

  • How To Write a Story
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    This is about how to write a story of your own, a detailed guide on what you should do. I am no professional, this is all based on my experience and from what I have read online, I will be siting some of my information if you'd like to get more details on topics. This is strictly informational, and isn't intended to b...

  • How to Write Fanfiction
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    How to Write Fanfiction is a writing resource that contains tips and tricks on crafting fanfiction stories - by the community, for the community. This guide will serve as a helpful point of reference for fanfiction writers both old and new. We ultimately hope to encourage Wattpadders to immerse themselves in the limit...

  • How To Write Like A Boss
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    Writing tips, help, and general, often meandering, thoughts about the writing process. Cover by yours truly. :) Copyright © 2016 @chocfudgeO All Rights Reserved

  • How To Write A Good Book
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    This book holds the deep secrets and mysteries of how to write the best book possible. With all this advice, ideas and tips you can create yourself the most amazing book and probably give yourself 1K views in a couple of weeks. It worked for me, it'll probably work for you. Good luck!

  • How to write a book
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    Have you ever wanted to start writing a book, but wasn't sure where to start? Then come read this article which will teach you everything from plots, to genres, and more. Plus, just in case you don't understand something on here, we give examples! We are here to help you. Don't be afraid to ask any questions through P...

  • How to Write a Novel
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    A quick and easy guide outlining my novel writing process. If you'd rather watch a video about this and other writing tips, please visit my website or my YouTube channel.

  • How to Write a Book
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    A guide to helping you with your writing skills. These are a few of my tips and tricks to writing.

  • How to write a song
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    This is not a lame book that says to have inspiration. There is real helpful plop here. I figured it out from some class and some other stuff. Just read and get the tips! There will be a lot updates but as I post them it might get slow. I have to come up with ideas. P.S. I'm a professional photographer. -kidding- READ...

  • How To Write A Book
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    Do you want to write a book but you don't know how? Well, I will help you. I will give you tips on how to write a book.

  • How to write a book
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    My method will help you with everything you'll need in order to write a book or a story. The beautiful new cover is by shining-diamonds! CONTENTS Why this method was created How this method was created Inspiration Creating conflict The pitch Inventing characters Mapping your world Making a story over...