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  • Joker The New King
    319K 9K 91

    In a world where power is the only thing that matters, Joker climbed up rank out of hatred. Living as a cripple was proven impossible, and he had enough of it. But he didn't know... that his one and only friend was watching What will happen to the school? How will Seraphina handle the truth? However... A bigger threat...

  • Throne of Glass: unOrdinary Fanfic
    31.9K 890 14

    In a world where Hierarchy reigns supreme and dictates the lives of all those unfortunate souls who are controlled by the system, Unordinary -a controversial book- causes a rise in opposition. Self proclaimed superheroes begin to fight for the weak and support their rights, going against the mold of what the Hierarchy...

  • unORDINARY Chat Fic
    156K 4.8K 56

    This is a chat fic... Yeah thats about it. It has John, Sera, Claire, Remi, Blyke, Isen, and Arlo to begin with and will have characters added later on.

  • Never Let Me Go (Jemi) unOrdinary
    636 20 2

    Characters may act slightly out of character so I can do more with the story, but I'll try to keep their personalities... kind of the same? All credit for unOrdinary goes to Uru-chan, check her out on Twitter, webtoon, or Instagram! Enjoy the book, or don't. :D

  • ExtraOrdinary: An unOrdinary Fanfic
    49.2K 1.9K 39

    John's missing. He disappeared from school a few weeks after becoming King. His whereabouts remain unknown, and nobody knows if he's coming back. The school year ends in a blink of an eye as Blyke, Remi, and Isen become the new Royals. Arlo graduates, hoping that he has left the school in good hands. And then a new tr...

  • To Know
    82.3K 2.2K 38

    John was late home the day that his dad first came to visit. Very late.

  • irReplaceable (an unOrdinary fanfiction)
    119K 1K 9

    At Agwin High, power means everything. John has the most power of anyone at Agwin, yet he frames himself as a cripple. One day however, his power is discovered by the school's royal team, and they decide to use him to get back at their school rival, Wellston. (DISCLAIMER: THIS STORY CONTAINS THEMES OF SUICIDE AND DEP...

  • Just Some unOrdinary Crack
    121K 2.8K 26

    When you put a bunch of teenagers with superpowers in a school where they can use said abilities freely, of course weird crap is going to go down.

  • |unOrdinary| New Start
    157K 4.5K 40

    Seraphina watches as John destroys the Royals falling to her knees knowing he had lied, in frustration seeing that John had lied she activates her ability regaining it unconsciously but incidentally time-traveled back to the day John Transferred to Wellston. She doesn't know that she had time traveled nor does she kn...

  • 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭 | 𝐉𝐨𝐡𝐧 𝐱 𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐚
    92K 2.9K 28

    "He's the one person I hate the most! So what's this feeling that I have right now?" A John x Sera fanfiction where they are just about to begin their university life, and met each other for the first time

  • UnOrdinary: What if?
    174K 4.7K 63

    What if John hadn't learned from the Readjustment Facility? What if, instead, he felt a need for revenge on all who wronged him. What if, he came back to the people who specifically hurt him? What if, Seraphina had enough of her lack of freedom? What if, instead, she decided to do something about it? What if, she be...

  • Fractured- UnOrdinary
    42.6K 2.7K 57

    For John, he always thought he had two options in life; break down your problems, or let them break you. He had always shattered whatever challenge came his way like glass, unwilling to let such small, insignificant matters affect him. Yet, he was unaware of just how much damage their broken shards did to him, how m...

  • unOrdinary...Jane?
    4.1K 224 4

    Honestly, I don't think there will be any difference with John being a different gender with involving incredible sass, constant mood swings, or terrible gossip... So I don't think the story will be much different from others, trust me, totally. Notice: None of the characters nor the concept of the story or the art u...

  • The Death of Joker | unOrdinary Fanfic
    116K 3.2K 40

    John has been confronted by Sera and calls him out about being Joker. After a few days Sera ignores John to which he commits suicide. What will be the reaction of the students to John's death. Or is he? (This story happened after chapter 155) Old Cover is not mine. New Cover is owned by me. All right's belong to Uru...

  • this chat was a mistake, just like arlo || chat fic
    202K 6.1K 78

    ❝ *CALID. ❞ Arlo doesn't deserved to be attacked like this. It's all Remi's fault. Or: In which Elaine's choking on orange juice. -- Achievements We've Reached !!: #1 in unordinary !! #1 in Elaine !! #1 in Arlo !! #1 in Seraphina !! #1 in Despacito !! #1 in Chatfic !! #69 in unOrdinary ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  • Clairvoyance Corruption (Discontinued)
    8K 269 8

    New Boston is where it all starts. Pain. Betrayal. Trust issues. Everything. That is if Claire's vision actually came true. What if instead, her vision was false and didn't show what really happens and leads her to her own ambush? What if Zirian wanted revenge against her for starting this mess to begin with? What if...

  • No Escape: Unordinary
    176K 3.8K 41

    This story takes place episode 62 of the webtoon unordinary. What if John hadn't come home in time? What if his dad had spilled his secret by accident? COVER BY: Book_Mage They're awesome, check them out!!!

  • Who You Are To Me (unOrdinary)
    72.3K 2K 56

    (BEAUTIFUL COVER BY Book_Mage!!!) Hello returning readers and new readers! This is Myristica here with a new UNO fanfic! You may know me from my last fanfic, Puppet Under Strings (which is completed btw), and that I started a new one. Reminder that all characters belong to uru-chan, the creator of the original unOrdin...

  • NIGHTMARE - unOrdinary
    52.6K 2.3K 16

    Nothing's changed. The hierarchy, intact. Seraphina still trusts him. He's still a "cripple". But for how long exactly? John wakes up from the worst nightmare of his life only to find it wasn't just a nightmare. Now he must put aside differences and reach out to an old friend, to avoid a terrible future that seems ine...

  • My Unordinary Academia
    64.4K 1.9K 21

    John Doe, former King of Wellston and was known and feared as Joker, was suddenly transported into the world of Boku no hero academia. How will John handle this new world? This new life he has to live now? Will he try to find a way back to his original world, or remain in his new one instead? Only time will tell. [Th...

  • Searching For Air (Jeraphina) (UnOrdinary Fanfiction)
    43.8K 1K 15

    Seraphina arrives from her suspension to find John outside the house. The bloodied figure is enough to spiral her over the edge. For once, she decides to press him on the topic, to express himself to her. To rely on her. When she dials Elaine over, she doesn't exit the room. And the truth about John, completely uncove...

  • UnOrdinary Fanfic: John's Girlfriend & Sister; {Enter GRASS}
    28.6K 960 165

    Cover Edit By Me Mia Doe a.k.a John's Sister & Oliva Morlas a.k.a John's Girlfriend arrive in Wellston. As events begin to unfold. A new evil rises. EMBER is no longer the main threat. Enter GRASS! A evil organization that has appeared in Wellston. Beware as they target everyone who stands in their way. They have plan...

  • Joker's Aftermath and Transition
    155K 5.4K 48

    John was officially declared King due to his recent exposition, now everyone knows his past, and everyone knows that he has an ability. Even after knowing that fact, everyone still rejected John. Weak or Strong, it didn't matter. Everyone thought that he was a Monster anyway. And now, he doesn't have anything to keep...

  • Redemption | Unordinary |
    44.6K 1.7K 20

    He was raised as a cripple, but later got unthinkable power in his hands, making him stand among the strongest individuals the world had ever witnessed. Enrolling to Wellston as a cripple, John hoped to avoid repeating the mistakes that haunted his past.But the system forced him to establish his place among the rankin...